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RES Talon Mission Briefing 51805.31 - Season 23 - The Talon is currently docked at ch'Rihan shipyards for repairs while the crew enjoys some well deserved leave.
Laehval tTemarr: Questions?
m_k_tksa: I was going to ask a question, but I can't remember what it is.
Laehval tTemarr: The answer is yes, whatever it was.
Laehval tTemarr: TBS is whatever you want it to be.
m_k_tksa: Muhahahaha
Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM
Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM
Laehval tTemarr: BEGIN SIM
m_k_tksa: ::gone swimming::
STSF Seiben: ::on his water skimmer cruising around the lakes by his villa::
m_k_tksa: Maec>::watching the one who's gone swimming::
m_k_tksa: ::pops her head up as she swims to the side of the pool, grins and tickles the foot Maec has dangling in the water::
Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval frowned at the ocean waves as they rolled in over her toes.:: I don't like cold water.
STSF Seiben: Hmm cool
Lerak trPexil: Au were born of fire, of course au'd not like it. We could take the RAC somewhere warmer.
Lerak trPexil: (wow, only 10 seconds later)
Laehval tTemarr: The sun is warm, but na the water. ::She enjoyed the beach, except for all of the sand and the screaming children, and the freezing water. But other than that, it was nice.::
Lerak trPexil: This is just the wrong time of year, na that we get to pick. I for io am glad the Othan are gone for us to enjoy this, perhaps a place they did na touch.
m_k_tksa: Maec> ::jerks his foot back:: Hey! ::grins, gently splashes her:: Stop that.
Lerak trPexil: :: Sees an open bar up ahead and motions them towards it :: A drink...I could sure use one.
m_k_tksa: ::folds her arms on the side of the pool, idly kicking and floating:: Are au coming this evening? ::looks up at him:: I know that au's mother would like au to stay to visit longer and au should. Au do na have to go with me?
Lerak trPexil: :: Pixel finds a table for two off to the side, but in the sun ::
Lerak trPexil: (or Pexil)
STSF Seiben: ::casts his line and did some fishing ::
m_k_tksa: Maec> Au are na going to get rid of me that easily. ::smirks, letting a brief silence develop:: Actually. How do au feel about some company on au's search?
Lerak trPexil: :: to the server :: Two specials please. :: He says with a grin :: Shoreleave should be able *na* moving.
Laehval tTemarr: Ie. It is na as busy as it once was. ::Probably because everyone was dead. She didn't say that, though. Instead, she joined Lerak at the table and ordered an icy drink. Icy drinks were one thing. Icy water was another.::
m_k_tksa: Company? ::raises a brow:: Who?
Lerak trPexil: :: The drinks were brought to their table. Pexil met the server with a nod :: Io cannot simply get what the Othan did out of io's mind. However, it is best to think of those we saved rather than focus on those we lost. :: raises his drink :: To those that will na return.
m_k_tksa: Maec> My di'ranov and Aron.
m_k_tksa: Why--
Lerak trPexil: :: keeps his glass raised :: And to my superior, that made our recovery possible...
Laehval tTemarr: ::She lifted her glass in response and nodded somberly.:: Ie.
m_k_tksa: Maec> Au are shikaen, they want to help.
STSF Seiben: A E I O I U and sometimes Y
Laehval tTemarr: (( The drinks are flowing, I see. ))
STSF Seiben: (for me)
m_k_tksa: I understand that they want to help, but they don't need--
m_k_tksa: Maec>I know they don't need to go, but they insist. Au are as much part of our House as we are au's.
Lerak trPexil: :: Pexil stared at Laehval for that moment past what he should. He paused between questions rattling around in his head ::
STSF Seiben: (ah karaoke night.. Fun fun stuff)
Lerak trPexil: :: He finally just settled on a simple question :: So, how are au feeling, after all this?
m_k_tksa: I'm honored but....::looking uncomfortable::
Laehval tTemarr: Me? Tired, more than anything. I am enjoying the brief rest from chasing down Othan scum. There will be others to save, I am sure. We will be moving into Othan space again. Command is talking about a small strike team.
m_k_tksa: Maec> Let them help, t'Ksa. Please.
Lerak trPexil: Small strike team? That can't be the Talon. She is na small ship.
Lerak trPexil: I like the Stinger.
m_k_tksa: ::Looking for a way to argue this...and then again na to argue it.:: Let me think about it, ie?
m_k_tksa: Maec> ::nods at the concession::
Laehval tTemarr: Small, as in a limited number of ships. We are still rebuilding. The Stinger is a useful ship. I wonder if N'Dak has lost her.
STSF Seiben: ::eats a hotdog ::
STSF Seiben: (lol drunken karaoke)
Lerak trPexil: I am na involved in those briefings.
Lerak trPexil: I for io am glad we can have this moment :: he paused :: though it's na exactly where I may wish, in light of what the universe has thrown at us I will take it.
Lerak trPexil: Any news from your father?
m_k_tksa: ::kicks her feet back, giving a gentle splash behind her;:: How did au's appointment with Galae Medical go?
Laehval tTemarr: Ie, I have heard from him and he is well. He has relocated to my older sister's place on ch'Havran. ::She did not, of course, speak of her mother.::
Lerak trPexil: :: He nodded understandingly :: My family is still at my place. Nothing has changed in that regard. They are expecting me....and au.
m_k_tksa: Maec> Well, I'm still assigned to Talon for the next tour, however long that will last.
Lerak trPexil: I figure tomorrow, once we get a solid rest, unless au had other plans, military or otherwise.
Laehval tTemarr: Why would they be expecting me? ::Slight arch of her brow as she took a drink.;:
Lerak trPexil: :: shrugs :: They know I am here on ch'Rihan, the figure au are here as well. I told them nothing is set in stone.
Lerak trPexil: It is entirely up to au. :: smiles and drinks ::
Laehval tTemarr: Hmmm.. I'll think about it. ::But she didn't look happy about it.::
Laehval tTemarr: ::But then, she didn't look happy most of the time.::
m_k_tksa: Menkha. Au will be around to bother me for another year or two. ::looking disappointed::
Lerak trPexil: It's all I can ask. I don't get to speak to her much, but how is t'Vatrix?
STSF Seiben: ::hadls some nice ale::
Laehval tTemarr: ::She sighed and shook her head:: Honestly, I do na know for sure. She is closed off. Grieving, I'm sure.
m_k_tksa: Maec> Think how I feel. ::frowns::
Lerak trPexil: I can't remember a conversation with her in a long while. I guess if I'm doing my job right, people will hardly know I'm doing anything at all.
Lerak trPexil: :: laughs :: Perhaps we should switch roles. I am sure she would enjoy my counsel.
Laehval tTemarr: Au are io of her Daises. Au are free to talk to her at any time. Perhaps she might even welcome a new ear.
m_k_tksa: Well, if you feel *that* way. Then perhaps you should go. ::pretending to be all haughty::
Lerak trPexil: :: nods :: I should bring her a bottle of the family ale, though I think my likeness on the bottle would be a bit much.
m_k_tksa: Maec> Well, maybe I will. ::sticks his tongue out at her, splashing her with his foot::
m_k_tksa: ::grabs said foot and yanks him into the pool with her::
Lerak trPexil: A tour of the repairs upon completion. The Othan have taught us a few things.
Laehval tTemarr: Ie, she would appreciate a tour, especially if our systems have been upgraded.
Laehval tTemarr: And the repairs to the armor that she pointed out.
Lerak trPexil: Sensor upgrade, reformulation of the ablative armor, na doubt the strongest vessel in her class.
Laehval tTemarr: (( Two minute warning. ))
Laehval tTemarr: Ie, she is an impressive ship, though she has been in operation for many more years than I care to count.
m_k_tksa: Maec>::comes up sputtering and laughing::
Lerak trPexil: Ie, while it would be something to move the flag to a newer class of ship, our break-in period would be too long.
m_k_tksa: ::giggles herself and splashes him - resulting in a splash war::
Laehval tTemarr: END SIM
Laehval tTemarr: END SIM
Laehval tTemarr: END SIM

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