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John Randall

Rescue In Hostile Territory


   (Personal Log Stardate 11805.25)

The Challenger crew assisted the Klingons in hunting down some of their own. A renegade Klingon house had kidnapped a Federation starship crew and were holding them against their will at a secret base located deep inside an asteroid field. The officers of the Challenger set about learning their posts and stations aboard the Klingon bird of prey ship, the Klongat. The mission actually went fairly smoothly; the only outbreak of hostilities was when the Klingon search party, led by the Klongat, found the renegades' base hidden in the asteroid field. A battle ensued between the Klingon factions, and the Klingon search party emerged victorious.

Several of the Klingons and some of the Challenger crew beamed aboard the base, where they found the Federation starship crew, captained by a Vulcan named Sivok, relatively unharmed. Everyone beamed back aboard the Klongat and the Klingon ship, along with the search party, returned to the Klingon homeworld of Qo'nos. Gronk, the H'oD (captain) of the Klongat thanked the Challenger crew for their help during the mission. Captain Ja'Lale acknowledged the Klingon captain, then asked his crew, when they all met in the quarters assigned to them on the Klongat, whether they wanted to tour the capital city of Qo'nos, or return to the Challenger. The crew elected to beam back aboard the Challenger, and John, for one, couldn't wait to get back aboard his home ship.

The Challenger's chief engineer had not had an easy time of it in the engineering department of the Klongat, but he wasn't about to tell anyone that. Randall had been on guard the very instant that the senior officers had beamed aboard the Klingon vessel, and he relaxed only when he materialized on the transporter dais of his home ship. He stepped off the pad after a brief conversation with the helmsman of the Challenger, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Hunter Matheson, and exited the transporter room. He strode down the hall to the turbolift and stepped into a car when it arrived. "Deck 3," he said, and the lift sped off. He arrived a few moments later and made his way down the corridor to his cabin.

He walked into the cabin and deposited his duffel bag on the sofa. He then let out a huge sigh of relief; he was home, and could relax again. He stripped off his uniform, which he vowed to trash, it still reeking of the smell of Klingon, and went quickly to the head. He activated the shower and stayed in it for 25 minutes, savoring the time spent. He then stepped out, toweled himself dry and went to his bedroom to put on civilian clothes.

He then went to the computer terminal and pulled up the schedule for engineering. His friend Lieutenant Steve Davis was on duty, it being evening on the ship. He contacted Davis, informing him of his return, and said he would see his friend in the morning. Randall looked over the charts and graphs of his crew's performance while he had been gone, and sat back in his chair, pleased with what he saw.
He then yawned hugely and got up from the chair after powering down the computer. He went into the bedroom and stripped off his clothing. He got into bed, told the computer what time he wanted to be awakened, and was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


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