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Admiral Atragon-9

Manticore Anniversary Party - Monday, 4/30/18 @ 10:00 PM ET

Come one, come all to the Manticore's 20th Anniversary party sim.  We will have entertainment, drinks, food and gifts - and all of them are simulated!!!  (sorry)

Monday night, April 30, 2018, come to the "Manticore" room for an hour of chat about why the heck we've been spending 20 years pretending to fly around the galaxy in a pretend starship that pretends to be a space tugboat, but is actually part of the Black Ops arm of the Federation (but we're all just pretending).

I'm hoping to lure some special guests to the room, some are GMs and some are crew members of old (looking at you, t'Tamarak, Escher, T'Prise, Eva, Garnoopy, EJ Pilot, Ganner, Precip, etc., etc., etc.)

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