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 RES Talon Mission Briefing 51803.22 - Season 23

 RES Talon Mission Briefing 51803.22 - Season 23

The Talon is making its way back to the Justarus Shipyards to report in their findings on the planet and to leave additional stores at the shipyards before heading back to chRihan.






[11:11 pm] STSF Seiben: (4 celsius = 277 Kelvin & 39 F)

[11:12 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (( If we switched to the metric system, we couldn't have quarter pounders any more. ))

[11:12 pm] Lerak trPexil: ((That would be bad why?))

[11:12 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (: gasp:: right there is why it should never happen!)


[11:13 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: On the oria ::

[11:13 pm] STSF Seiben: ::piloting the ship back to the shipyards::

[11:13 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: turns watching the door close behind t’Temarr and t’Ksa, and goes back and sits at her desk::

[11:15 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval strolled to her usual seat on the bridge and sank down, feeling a bit tired, but thankful they were back in motion and making progress.::

[11:16 pm] m_k_tksa: ::heads to the lift doors, casting a glance at the Oira and the crew there as she waits for the lift to arrive::

[11:16 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looking over the engine stresses. Even though the ship would do it continually and more precision than himself, tr'Pexil always felt he'd find something it couldn't. ::

[11:17 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: begins compiling the department heads reports into her overall report which she wanted to file both at Justarus and to have them forward on towards ch’Rihan over tight beam::

[11:18 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Hears a miss in his head ::


ACTION: As the Talon has changed its course back towards the Shipyards, a small blip is picked up near a small asteroid nearby


[11:21 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looks over to t'Temarr who looked a tad weary from her usual self ::


Action: Be-de-beep.....Be-de-beep


[11:23 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Switches his screen upon hearing the be-de-beep ::

[11:23 pm] m_k_tksa: ::enters the lift and heads back down to medical, going through the sequence of events needed to disembark the patients::

[11:23 pm] STSF Seiben: Detecting something nearby in the asteroid field. Can't tell what it is as of yet.

[11:23 pm] Lerak trPexil: Rerouting sensors to gather more detail.

[11:24 pm] STSF Seiben: It's a blip

[11:25 pm] Laehval tTemarr: What sort of blip? ::Eyes narrowed.:: Is it moving?

[11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: It's a small blip.

[11:26 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (Leah, you have permission to shoot him for that)

[11:27 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (Heh heh heh_

[11:27 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She sighed.:: Take us to intercept.

[11:27 pm] STSF Seiben: (pool)

[11:28 pm] STSF Seiben: OK... Taking us in to intercept. ::does so::

[11:28 pm] STSF Seiben: (I have a bit of Baileys in me )

[11:28 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (lol.. define 'a bit'!)

[11:29 pm] STSF Seiben: (250-300 mL?)

[11:30 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (what's a mL?  )


Action: As the Talon turns towards the reading, they suddenly pick up readings similar to the Stinger, but this was not their escort ship, unless the Stinger had turned off its transponder code::


[11:30 pm] m_k_tksa: ::enters medical, motions for io of the nurses to follow her::

[11:31 pm] Lerak trPexil: The signal matches that of the Stinger class of ship, but it is na ours.

[11:31 pm] STSF Seiben: Is it another Othan ship like the Stinger?

[11:33 pm] Lerak trPexil: They may have procured some of our vessels from various sources.


ACTION: Long-range sensors pick up the small Othan ship for a siruen, as it turns and starts to speed away. It obviously engages its cloak as it turned from the advancing Talon.


[11:34 pm] STSF Seiben: I think it ran off. It looked similar to the Stinger

[11:34 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (Same class of ship as those that had hunted us, and had been difficult to track until we got our improved tracking device from the miners. Same type as the Stinger we had captured)

[11:35 pm] Laehval tTemarr: If the signal matches, it could be another of their ships. Shields up and ready the weapons. +t'Rexan+ Rekkhai, we might have an Othan ship on sensors.

[11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: +tTemarr+ Hann'yyo, I will join au rhae the oira

[11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Fvaht, I thought we had rid ourselves of these parasites for at least a little while.....

[11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: puts down her ISD, and heads out to the oira::

[11:37 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: passes through the doorway onto the oira and joins tTemarr:: Status report fhaen

[11:39 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: takes a seat::

[11:39 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::: pulls over her monitor to view what they had been tracking on the oira::


[11:39 pm] STSF Seiben: It ran off away from us and cloaked, they may have seen us coming but can't confirm nor deny that at this time.

[11:39 pm] Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, engaged the tracker and see if au can pick up its heading. ::She sighed again and looked at t'Rex.:: It seems to have the same sensor readings as the Stinger.

[11:40 pm] STSF Seiben: Aye aye..

[11:40 pm] STSF Seiben: ::works on the tracker to pick up the Othan ship::

[11:40 pm] KhreRiovtRex: That's a tight little asteroid field, and na all of their ships, may know that we are able to more easily scan and pick them up if we are close enough.

[11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Perhaps we should force their hand...... fire some shots in there, start heading in ourselves. If we can make them panic, perhaps we can force them to give away their position. Of, if you have another idea, I'd be happy to hear it.

[11:44 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Na, if we make it difficult for them to stay hidden, we may be able to get a reading. I've already ordered weapons armed. They should be charged and ready.

[11:44 pm] KhreRiovtRex: No. Actually Enarrain.......Au found this, fhaen.... proceed as au find best. This will be au yy'a or cpature.

[11:45 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Au have already started the hunt, I will na take this away from au. Fhaen, proceed. Though if au do na mind, I will remain to observe. I tire of looking at star charts.

[11:47 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, Rekkhai. S'Bien, take us into the field. The shields can handle a bit of a battering. tr'Pexil, give us extra power to the shields.

[11:48 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods:: Very well then. ::engages thrusters to take the ship into the asteroid field::

[11:48 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Au may wish to inform the Daise Maenak, so she may secure any of her patients that may have need to remain still

[11:49 pm] Lerak trPexil: Diverting power to shields.

[11:50 pm] Laehval tTemarr: S'Bien, take us to Condition Red and inform medical of the situation.

[11:52 pm] STSF Seiben: Right, will do. Condition red. +t'Ksa+ Oira to Medical, we're about to enter an asteroid field to pursue an enemy ship. Please secure all loose objects and/or patients and prepare for possible injuries incoming.

[11:53 pm] m_k_tksa: +Oria+ Understood. ::glances at her nurse;: Well, first thing's first, I suppose. ::nods, then puts out the alert to batton down the hatches::

[11:57 pm] Laehval tTemarr: tr'Pexil, get on the sensors and scan for traces of the Othan vessel. It should have the same mineral content in the hull. ::She cracked her knuckles.:: S'Bien, it is time for us to have a bit of fun. Begin randomly firing into the field.

[11:57 pm] Laehval tTemarr: tr'Pexil will direct au to specific areas if he spots the ship.

[11:58 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods, activates weapons and begins to randomly fire around the asteroid field:::

[11:59 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: His sensor display shows the results of the scans of the field ahead :: I have ion dispersion, but the trail will not last long...





[12:00 am] m_k_tksa: ::paused::

[12:00 am] Laehval tTemarr: That was quick.

[12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: Very nice ya'll. Yea, that did run quick tonight. Time flies when you're having fun!

[12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: Ok, so next week, we'll see if you can catch this ship or at least blow it out of the sky

[12:01 am] KhreRiovtRex: Laehval, do you have anything you want to follow up on?

[12:01 am] STSF Seiben: oooh

[12:02 am] Laehval tTemarr: Nope. Everyone have a good weekend.

[12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: ok then...so Crew Dismissed!! Everyone have a great week!

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