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 RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51803.15 - Season 23

 RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51803.15 - Season 23

The crew had returned to the ship after assisting on the planet to get basic systems up and running again, and the injured to the medical facilities. Those that were severely injured, had been brought to the ship for healing.

After a quick debrief and sending them off to get some sleep, a shower and prepare reports.

After reviewing more fleet movement charts, t'Vatrix has asked t'Temarr and t'Ksa to meet her at her chambers.






[11:11 pm] STSF Seiben: ::in the mess hall, eating his meal with Pexil as far as he remembers::

[11:11 pm] m_k_tksa::: gotten as far as the oria, had na made it to the Khre'Riov's chambers quite yet::

[11:12 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: Spreads a number of ISD's about her desk, and turns to stare at the map positioned upon the wall

[11:12 pm] Laehval tTemarr::: Having just entered t'Rexan's chambers, she gave her a nod.:: Rekkhai, au summoned?

[11:14 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: half distracted by the map, she looked back over her shoulder to tTemarr::: Ie.....I wanted to speak with au, and the Daise Maenak. I trust au were able to get some rest before I bothered au?

[11:14 pm] m_k_tksa: ::taking a deep breath, straightens her uniform tunic before ringing the chime::

[11:14 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: to Koga :: Did au ever meet Nalia? Wait, au must have.

[11:15 pm] STSF Seiben: I believe I did, when we were in ch'Rihan yes. She seemed nice, but I didn't talk to much if at all.

[11:16 pm] KhreRiovtRex: I am deeply worried about our current troop locations

[11:16 pm] Lerak trPexil: Au stay away from her :: laughing ::

[11:17 pm] Lerak trPexil: So, what of our next adventure?

[11:17 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval waved the door open to admit t'Ksa and then took a seat.:: Ie, I had a shower and a brief bite. ::She glanced at the map.:: What of the troops?

[11:17 pm] STSF Seiben: ::chuckles:: All right, I doubt she'd want to be with some retired keve'shrek fighter anyway. She's probably not the type to be into it much.

[11:17 pm] STSF Seiben: ::shrugs:: I don't know yet. Haven't heard anything regarding that. Hopefully, we can be able hunt down these Othan scum

[11:17 pm] m_k_tksa: ::following t'Temarr and taking a seat as well::


[11:20 pm] KhreRiovtRex: As you know, we were losing ground back home, it wasn't until that extra wave of ships that turned up that we were able to turn the battle to our cause. However, many of those ships, were from this sector and protecting Justarus. They lost many here in the first attack that was made here but held. it's a good force. However.......many are still at the home world, reinforcing and checking small outposts for Othan traitors.

[11:20 pm] KhreRiovtRex: If we were to continue our mission, to follow the Othan and try to cut them off...I foresee two critical issues at he moment:

[11:22 pm] KhreRiovtRex: 1) In our efforts to liberate and help both the last colony and Justarus (the station and colony world), we have given the Othan the time to slip away. They are no doubt far from our reach by now.

[11:23 pm] KhreRiovtRex: 2) If we were to pursue, we have ships coming back here to defend this sector, but they are few. I would hate for us to pursue, meet a poor end, and then leave an open corridor for them to slide right back in.

[11:24 pm] Lerak trPexil: A lonely path we walk.

[11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: Indeed it is. It's fortunate you were able to find someone okay with you being away so often. That's pretty rare.

[11:26 pm] Laehval tTemarr: So... we must either continue to provide aid to the colonials and give up the pursuit, or we can pursue and hope we find them, but abandon the outer worlds and hope that others come to their aid.

[11:26 pm] STSF Seiben: ::takes a bite of some food::

[11:27 pm] KhreRiovtRex: More or less in a nutshell....ie.

[11:27 pm] KhreRiovtRex: As I know many on the home world, myself included, and I'm sure many here as well, seek vengeance, I think that this is na the time nor place for it. However, some may see it as taking an easy way out, or accuse us of fearing to face the Othan. Personally, :: turns and points at the map:: I think from a strategic position, we should not push on.


[11:29 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Eats ::

[11:29 pm] m_k_tksa: ::watching both t'Temarr and the Khre'Riov closely::

[11:29 pm] KhreRiovtRex: I wanted to first hear both of your thoughts on this. and then I had a follow up from the Daise Maenak on the status of those that were injured. Can they all be handled here, or would the facilities at the shipyards be better? Are any severe cases that need to be taken to the home world?

[11:29 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She turned to give Ksa a look.:: And au? Do au think we should abandon the pursuit?

[11:31 pm] m_k_tksa: IT is my opinion that is better for us to gain our strength then to continue as we are. We know the Othans and what they are capable, and their resources will be cut off. We need to rally our own people.

[11:32 pm] Lerak trPexil: How many other ships do are pursuing the Othan.

[11:32 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: nods to tKsa::

[11:33 pm] KhreRiovtRex: And au tTemarr?

[11:33 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, I agree. ::Firm nod.:: As much as it pains me to allow the Othan scum to live a moment longer, there are people in need here that are more important than a blood quest.

[11:36 pm] STSF Seiben: I don't know off hand, but it wasn't that many

[11:36 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Very well...... Then we all agree and will explain it to the crew that we will hold this line for now until we regather our strenght.

[11:38 pm] KhreRiovtRex: They have a fully functioning shipyard,.ours..is just getting back on its feet. Our two ships could possibly be flying into a major trap, or just overwhelming forces. Though, we did injure them badly ourselves

[11:39 pm] Lerak trPexil: How long would au wait...for someone Koga?

[11:40 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Morganna, on the status of your patients. I know au have done extensive work with au team to get their systems back up and the medical facilities. Many of their families also work at the shipyards. They are sending ships here with engineers and medics. Do au have any cases that need to be taken to the shipyard medical, or more severe back to chRihan?

[11:41 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: drinks ::

[11:41 pm] m_k_tksa: Na that need to be transferred back to ch'Rihan. I'd like to transfer the rest of the patients to the shipyard when they're ready.

[11:42 pm] STSF Seiben: Someone? As in that special someone? I don't know, those don't come by too often. But, I think it'd wait at least another 5-10 years. I'm still young enough.

[11:42 pm] STSF Seiben: ::drinks his drink::

[11:42 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: glances at his isd and the workload ::

[11:44 pm] KhreRiovtRex: That is easily enough done. We can also leave some of our supplies at the shipyard to supplement their stores. We can restock back home.

[11:44 pm] STSF Seiben: Did au manage to get some decent rest yet? ::watches him look at his ISD::

[11:45 pm] KhreRiovtRex: I'd also like for au to discuss with the Kheinsa, any recommendations he'd make for the crew. Many did na get to deal with their personal losses before we had to so quickly leave

[11:45 pm] Lerak trPexil: Na... and I'd like a massage... but I'm not likely to get it. I'll ask t'Temarr. I'm sure after I do I'll be escorted to the brig...or airlock.

[11:46 pm] STSF Seiben: I'd pick the latter.

[11:46 pm] Laehval tTemarr: (Or the morgue. )

[11:47 pm] m_k_tksa: Understood ::nods::

[11:47 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (lol)

[11:49 pm] Laehval tTemarr: What of the children? ::Looking again at Morgana.::

[11:49 pm] KhreRiovtRex: I want to thank au both, for being so strong and helping the crew get through this. I do na believe we'd have made it through everthing without au both....... Pexil and Koga too........

[11:50 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::turns to tKsa::

[11:50 pm] STSF Seiben: Hope to get some decent sleep when I retire. At least I'll get a chance to sleep in some.

[11:51 pm] Lerak trPexil: I'm na sure what awaits me.

[11:51 pm] STSF Seiben: You and me both.

[11:53 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::turns back to Laehval:: Did we na leave them at the medical facilities at the shipyards?

[11:54 pm] KhreRiovtRex: If they have na been found someone to be with, we could feasibly pick them back up, and take them back to chRihan. I'm sure Galae medical would be interested to find out what the Othan were doing to them.

[11:55 pm] m_k_tksa: There are three remaining. I'll know for sure if we find a familiar match in the morning.

[11:56 pm] KhreRiovtRex: have au and the kheinsa been able to gleen any information from them?

[11:56 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Alright. I suppose that is the best we can hope for at this point.

[11:57 pm] Lerak trPexil: Back home I mean. Perhaps a bit of motivation for me to press on.

[11:57 pm] m_k_tksa: Na much, other than they are very comfortable with the maenkenn and nurses. This has been a part of their life for a very long time, maybe since birth.

[11:59 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::frowns, displeased with that information:: The day will come, were there will be retribution...... :: turning and pointing to a few areas on the map:: But I'm afraid that today is na that day. We have way too many holes....in our net......that predators can make their way into unseen.

[12:00 am] KhreRiovtRex: Hann'yyo for both of au opinions. If the crew feels we are making the wrong decision, we will just have to explain it to them.

 [12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: Laeh, can au get us back on course for the shipyards. We will be making a brief stop, then heading back to chRihan. I'd also like to turn over those th'ann, that NDak interrogated for us

[12:02 am] Laehval tTemarr: I doubt any of them will deny the logic of it, nor the chance to help those in need.

[12:02 am] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, Rekkhai. ::Another nod.::

[12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: I honestly think many would like to check in on their own families as well. We had little time for them to do so before we left

[12:03 am] STSF Seiben: Ah. Maybe I can be a Keveshrek commentator on one of those sports holo-networks.

[12:03 am] Lerak trPexil: Are au ready to get out of here? Perhaps a holoroom form of relaxation...if we are afforded it.

[12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: I do na wish to take up too much of au valuable time. I know au both have been busy. That is all for now. Hann'yyo for coming by

[12:03 am] Lerak trPexil: As an expert?

[12:04 am] STSF Seiben: That would be nice. Au could get that massage au wanted? And ie, I still know a lot about the sport and I still follow it regularly.

[12:04 am] KhreRiovtRex: :: picks up io of the ISD's and turns back to the map starting to make indications rhae the map for troop moment senarios....

[12:05 am] Laehval tTemarr: ::She rose and turned, making her way to the bridge to carry out t'Rexan's orders.::

[12:05 am] m_k_tksa: ::nods, and heads out the door, still na sure what to make of that meeting considering their history::






[12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim guys, and thanks Pexil and Koga for keeping yourselves busy while we had a mini staff meeting

[12:07 am] STSF Seiben: No worries, was fun

[12:07 am] Lerak trPexil: Nalia...err, I mean no problem.

[12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: We'll pick up next week heading back, and we should let Laehval go enjoy the rest of her birthday....she still have time for more ice cream

[12:08 am] Laehval tTemarr: I just had some cake, so on the right track. 

[12:09 am] Laehval tTemarr: Night, guys. Have a good weekend.

[12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: lol....ok all...thanks and have a great week.....

[12:09 am] Lerak trPexil: Night..

[12:09 am] m_k_tksa: Happy Birthday!

[12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: Crew Dismissed


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