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The away team had returned to the ship and had done a quick debriefing with t'Vatrix hrrau her chambers. Shortly into the discussion, she dismissed them to go shower, rest and eat, and get their reports completed and turned in. And really, she wanted them to shower......peew.....






[11:11 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: sitting rhae the oira reading through some of the reports from the dheno team::

[11:11 pm] STSF Seiben: ::returns to his quarters and after taking off his dirty clothes and tossing them into the reclamator, steps into the shower::

[11:12 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: pausing a siruen, she reread io section, about how and altercation with a young Othan ended with t'A in a shed::

[11:13 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: she made a note to forward the file to the Kheinsa for review::

[11:15 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Crouches on the ground to take the shot towards the compound. Finds the target. Fires... :: plink :: A miss! Finds the target. Fires... :: plink :: A miss! Fires...:: Plink :: A miss! :: Plink :: A miss!....miss!....miss! ::

[11:16 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval had changed, showered, and grabbed a bite on the run, but didn't take the time to rest. There was still much to be done. She took another bite of fruit as she read her ISD on her way down the corridor.::

[11:16 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Lerak took another sip of his family's wine he brought on board. It was a strong fruity blend of various grapes. The portrait on the bottle looked a lot like him... if he was more buff ::

[11:17 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: The missed shot down on the planet played over and over in his mind. Each time it played a sliver of doubt crept in ::

[11:18 pm] STSF Seiben: ::finishes his shower, dries off and changes into some clean clothing::

[11:18 pm] m_k_tksa: ::making an inventory of the items that need to be replaced in her medical kit for away missions, noting the depletions and damages::

[11:19 pm] STSF Seiben: Ahh, that feels better. ::walks over his reclining chair and picks up an ISD, reads it over and continues to write his report on their mission, their findings notably what they found when they landed, the Othan resistance force they took down and the base of operations for the local resistance force::

[11:20 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: His shower was short. Just enough to sonic away the grime, the dust, the guilt. Well, it didn't wash away the last one. Perhaps the wine could smooth his mind of his near mission fatal mistake ::

[11:21 pm] STSF Seiben: ::opens his refrigeration unit and takes out a cool bottle of ale from NDak's family vineyard, or was it one of its subsidiaries? Pours himself a glass and puts the bottle back in the fridge::

[11:21 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Somehow, out here at the near edge of ch'Rihan space another message awaited him. He was surprised anything got to him now. ::

[11:21 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: He checked the sender. Nalia. ::

[11:22 pm] STSF Seiben: ::proof reads the report and sends it on when he's happy with it, looks out of his window and enjoys the rest of his ale::

[11:23 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: She seemed nice enough for someone he met by chance. He knew so little about the woman...or what she was doing to his ch'Rihan home ::

[11:25 pm] KhreRiovtRex: ::nodded to Ops 2 responding to his indication of additional ships arriving from Justarus::

[11:25 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Then he thought of Laehval. It was ironic, or tragic that she was right there, literally within reach, but as far away as Nalia. Perhaps some routine engineering reports would set his mind at ease ::

[11:26 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (Pexil...who takes a partial glass of ale? It will go flat if you don't finish it...live a little!)

[11:27 pm] Lerak trPexil: (Hey, I'm the guy with the Moscato in his frig for several months, unopened)

[11:27 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Finishes the rest of his ale so it doesn't go flat::

[11:27 pm] Lerak trPexil: (And it was wine...  )

[11:28 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops....take us back to the shipyards. We can drop these more serious patients off at their medical facility and let their families help tend and comfort them.

[11:28 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: He took another larger sip of wine. The sweetness swirled around his mouth, over his tongue, then down his throat. Was Nalia drinking this too...his entire batch? She seemed the type that would ::

[11:31 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She stopped in the middle of the hall and then scowled at the officer that nearly ran into her. Taking another bite of her fruit, she took a hard left and continued on down the hall, then wandered into engineering. It had been a while since she'd visited and inspected her old department.::

[11:31 pm] STSF Seiben: (ah, Rihannsu wino lol)

[11:31 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Pexil finished off the glass and placed the bottle back in the climate controlled box it came in. He imagined an even sweeter vintage with Nalia's form on plastered on the label. Then some more tart formulation with Laehval's. He laughed out loud at the thought, for how it made him smile, even if it seemed cruel to think so. ::

[11:31 pm] STSF Seiben: ::decides to head down to the mess hall for something to eat::

[11:32 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops, let the department heads know that we'll be heading back to the shipyards. and to have a preliminary list of vial replacements, but only what is vital, That station was badly hit and are awaiting supplies themselves

[11:32 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Decides to both eat with others while eating along and headed to the mess ::

[11:33 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Moments, minutes passed. Who knows, this ship is more a city than anything. A home for years ::

[11:33 pm] m_k_tksa: Maec> ::pokes his head inside the supply storage:: t'Fournier has finished updating the preliminary patient files and I proofed the causality report. Are we ready to send it on?

[11:33 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Enters the mess, sees Koga ::

[11:34 pm] STSF Seiben: ::enters just behind Pex:: Jolan try again. Away teams are hungry work, eh?

[11:34 pm] Lerak trPexil: I did not want to miss a meal, even if I miss with shots or women. :: Goes to the replication unit ::

[11:35 pm] m_k_tksa: t'Ksa> Ie, fhaen. ::nods, adjusting the packing in her bag::

[11:35 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Brings his meal to a table ::

[11:36 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Gets a message on his ISD :: We are heading to the shipyards.

[11:36 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Gets his meal and brings it to the table Pex is sitting at:: Au do need to work on your shots, but au seem to be better at women now than I am... oh, are we? Hmm.

[11:38 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops> :: inform Justarus we're on the way

[11:38 pm] Lerak trPexil: Better with women? Hmph. I did not kidnap Nalia to have her as my mate when I return. She simply needed help and I was in a position to offer it.

[11:38 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She strode through, inspecting and being inspected. It was fun to remind the crew once in a while that they were still under the scrutiny of the most demanding taskmaster they'd ever had.::

[11:38 pm] m_k_tksa: Maec> Something a wrong? ::tilts his head, watching her pack:::

[11:39 pm] Lerak trPexil: She is sleeping in my bed while I'm away. :: he smirked ::

[11:39 pm] STSF Seiben: I see.. Of course. I didn't mean to sound condescending or anything. I mean, it must be nice to have someone like au for au, not just for fame, or your family's fortune.

[11:39 pm] m_k_tksa: t'Ksa> Na, just tired. ::snaps the lid closed and signs:: I need to go check on the patients in bay re and thi. Would au care to go with?

[11:40 pm] Lerak trPexil: My family did not come into anything until that flush of latinum.

[11:40 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods::

[11:41 pm] Lerak trPexil: I'm just an engineer that pursues routine and items he cannot have.

[11:41 pm] Lerak trPexil: Na matter how badly he wants them.

[11:41 pm] STSF Seiben: ::smirks, takes a bite of his meal:: Still though, how are things with au two going?

[11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: coded several messages to be passed to the incoming ships to update them from the last status report for this sector, and has Ops2 transmit to the incoming ships

[11:42 pm] Lerak trPexil: Laehval and I-- Err, no change.

[11:43 pm] Lerak trPexil: I mean she met my family, but I never got a sense of what she thought.

[11:44 pm] STSF Seiben: Ahh.. and that flower girl? Nadia?

[11:44 pm] Lerak trPexil: I imagine they were a stark contrast to her own experience..

[11:44 pm] KhreRiovtRex: :: looking at where the fleet was stationed at the moment, and frowning at the major holes due to ships they had lost during the altercation with the Othan::

[11:44 pm] STSF Seiben: Hmm. ::nods knowingly::

[11:44 pm] Lerak trPexil: Nalia... she's doing well...sending me correspondence. Getting better, albeit slowly.

[11:45 pm] STSF Seiben: That's good to hear. She seems nice enough.

[11:45 pm] Lerak trPexil: She is like the flowers she arranged.

[11:45 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She paused by the AQS -- her baby -- and patted it with a tenderness that she'd never shown another sentient being. Helping all of those people, getting her hands dirty, repairing things ... it made her nostalgic for days past, long before the Othans and the devastation of their home planet.::

[11:46 pm] Lerak trPexil: (Aww Laehval....)

[11:47 pm] Lerak trPexil: I need to write Nalia back. If she expends the effort to contact me, I should at the very least return the favor.

[11:48 pm] STSF Seiben: Ie, au should score some brownie points if au do that. I'll bet she's expecting au to write back to her.

[11:48 pm] Lerak trPexil: Au should have seen how Laehval looked at her. A streak of contempt I think. Perhaps that's why we have not spoke of it much.

[11:49 pm] Lerak trPexil: Ie, and in holoimage form. She enjoys the live log.

[11:49 pm] m_k_tksa: Maec> Ie, of course. How bad is it?

[11:49 pm] STSF Seiben: (q) Ooh, a love triangle perhaps? Very interesting, those are always exciting but often doesn't end well.

[11:50 pm] m_k_tksa: t'Ksa> The io in re is the io I'd like au to observe. We'll use the io in thi as an excuse. Just tell me what au think, ie?

[11:50 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops 2, please send a message to tTemarr and t'Ksa seeing if they are available for a quick meeting, and if na, find out when they may be available for a few siuren

[11:50 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Laughs without the quiet:: If only. I had not considered that. A bizarre love triangle for sure.

[11:51 pm] STSF Seiben: But one nonetheless.. what is a typical love triangle anyway?

[11:52 pm] Lerak trPexil: That I do na know. I'm more of a love line kind of Rihan.

[11:52 pm] STSF Seiben: Ie, I try to be too. Much easier that way.

[11:53 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Ops 2> Ie Rekkhai... :: quickly puts together the short message, and forwards to tTemarr and tKsa, asking if they'd be able to meet the KhreRiov shortly

[11:54 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She broke from her reverie as her ISD buzzed, indicating a new message. Sighing, she flicked open the messaging program to view the request. Tapping out a quick note of acknowledgement, she indicated she would be on the bridge in a few minutes.::

[11:54 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Eats more of his meal ::

[11:55 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Continues with his meal as well::

[11:55 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She started for the lift, taking another bite of the sweet fruit. An ensign jumped at the crunch and she hid a smile at his nervousness. Yes, it was always fun to remind them how lucky they had it now. Pexil knew his business and ran an efficient department, but he was... soft.::

[11:55 pm] Lerak trPexil: I guess we will be hopping from system to system to stop the Othan.

[11:55 pm] m_k_tksa: t'Ksa>::frowns as a message is broadcast to her ISD:: Might have au just go look on au own. I'm being summoned. ::tapping a quick response:: Perhaps take tr'Paine with au? ::glances at Maec::

[11:56 pm] m_k_tksa: Maec> Don't worry, I can make due. I'll let au know what I find out when au return.

[11:56 pm] Lerak trPexil: Farther from home... my flower girl :: smiles ::

[11:57 pm] STSF Seiben: Ie as far as I know that's the plan. ::Smiles:: Ie, I know what au mean.

[11:57 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Stops himself :: She is not my flower girl... gads, even I'm repeating it.

[11:58 pm] STSF Seiben: WAsn't that an old song or something?

[11:59 pm] Lerak trPexil: Not from the music I listen to...perhaps you are thinking of a non-Rihan something.

[11:59 pm] STSF Seiben: Perhaps. Sounds like an old Earth song or something.

[11:59 pm] KhreRiovtRex: TWO MINUTE WARNING

[11:59 pm] m_k_tksa: ::ill at ease with going to the Oira, but had noticed that she was na the only one who got the message so perhaps it wouldn't be as disastrous as the last visit:: Menkha luck. ::steps on the lift::

[12:00 am] Lerak trPexil: Earth? Even further away. Doing some spying on the enemy?

[12:01 am] Laehval tTemarr: ::Back in the lift, she sent it up to the bridge, resting her head against the back wall.::

[12:01 am] STSF Seiben: I dabbled here and there..






[12:02 am] Lerak trPexil: That was fun

[12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim, thank you for coming everyone

[12:03 am] Laehval tTemarr: Question.

[12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: Yes

[12:03 am] Laehval tTemarr: It is a triangle if the 3rd person doesn't know she's in it?

[12:04 am] Lerak trPexil: Only to the outside observer

[12:05 am] Laehval tTemarr: I'd call Lerak's dilemma just a line. Maybe one of those dotted loopy ones.

[12:05 am] KhreRiovtRex: ::shrugs:: lol

[12:06 am] STSF Seiben: lol

[12:06 am] Lerak trPexil: A line that misses its target

[12:06 am] Laehval tTemarr: Nice sim, all. Relaxing.

[12:06 am] Lerak trPexil: I'll write another letter. Night all

[12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: Ok, we'll pick this up next week. Have a nice weekend everyone and I hope you all are feeling better now. Oh, and I believe tksa had an annual trip around the sun complete.....

[12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Happy Birthday

[12:07 am] STSF Seiben: Yay happy birthday

[12:07 am] Laehval tTemarr

[12:07 am] Laehval tTemarr: Night, everyone.

[12:07 am] KhreRiovtRex: Anyway, Crew Dismissed


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