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After the team had pressed upon the main holding compound, realizing they had already taken out many of the guards, some help evidently came from inside, with those being held prisoner, overcoming the remaining guards while they were focused on t'Ksa, Pexil and Koga.

After a few tense words, a spokesman called t'Ksa forward, and he moved forward to meet her as well, the others covering him with the obtained weapons to make sure these supposed "Galae' members, were not an Othan trick.

Torek tr'Nalus has moved towards the gate to speak with tKsa.


[11:17 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM

[11:17 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM

[11:17 pm] KhreRiovtRex: BEGIN SIM


ACTION:: A scream is heard from within the prisoner's compound.

ACTION:: A woman's voice is heard calling for help....a stray shot had hit her daughter, and she needed help.

[11:19 pm] STSF Seiben: ::with the others:: Au hear that?

[11:20 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Looks at Koga :: Ie.

[11:20 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> ::looks at tKsa:: Au claim to be the Daise Maenak aboard the Talon. Show us au good will....someone needs a maenak.....the others...they will wait here for au....

[11:20 pm] STSF Seiben: ::knows if anyone can tend to the woman, t'Ksa can::

[11:21 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> :: nods to two of the others to get the gate open, while he ushers tKsa into the compound to see to the injured party. I will remain fahd, and will have words...with these others to determine their sincerity...... ::Go....watch her:: Nods to one of the armed women to take tKsa to the child


[11:23 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ACTION> An RAC approaches from the Southeast and sets down near the camp in a swirl of dust and debris


[11:25 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Wonders if he shot was one of theirs, or worse, one of his ::

[11:25 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> ::Notes the approach of the RAC and motions to his people with the commandeered weapons to take defensive positions in case the approaching ship was full of soldiers

[11:26 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval stepped out followed by a contingent of security forces and strode to where the others waited outside of the gate. Her dhenos had weapons at hand but were not actively targeting. She paused first near Seiben and Pexil.:: Report.

[11:26 pm] KhreRiovtRex: (or your gong shot that ricocheted?)

[11:27 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> :: sees the armed guards and motions for his people to move back. He himself moves back to be closer to some minimal cover should they turn and fire upon his people.

[11:28 pm] STSF Seiben: They seem to be fairly well organized for a group of this size.

[11:31 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: to Koga :: This is only the first place we have encountered...

[11:31 pm] Laehval tTemarr: And where is the Daise'Maenak?

[11:32 pm] STSF Seiben: She went with what appears to be the leader of this group to treat someone who was apparently injured

[11:33 pm] STSF Seiben: ::nods to Pexil:: I don't have too much information about this place

[11:35 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Feels like he may have to wait for a while ::

[11:35 pm] STSF Seiben: I

[11:35 pm] STSF Seiben: I'm glad they at least trust her.

[11:36 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::Eyeing the armed prisoners, and the man commanding them, Laehval approached the gate with a slight flick of her hand to indicate that the dheno should remain behind.:: Are au leading these people? ::Addressing tr'Nalus.::

[11:37 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> For the siuren, they have decided to heed my advice.

[11:38 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> I presume au are with the Daise Maenak, as au spoke with her compatriots


[11:41 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: to Koga, making small talk :: (w) I got a message from that woman now living at my place with the rest of the Pexils.

[11:41 pm] STSF Seiben: (w) The flower girl?

[11:41 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie. The Talon is my ship and these are my crew. I am Laehval t'Temarr. We are searching this sector for the remnants of the Othan scum that tried to destroy our homeworld.

[11:42 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus>  I am Torek tr'Nalus, once the administrator of the food distribution center for this sector (this planet and the shipyards. Do na worry, au Maenak will na be harmed. She is assisting io of those injured during the revolt.

[11:43 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> Au Maenak said au were from the Talon, yet we were told that the Talon started this war. Words from the Othan, the same Othan that imprisoned us, and made to attack our families that work at Justarus Shipyards. I am inclined to believe au side.

[11:44 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: Nods ::

[11:45 pm] STSF Seiben: (w) That's nice. Things are going well with you both, I take it?

[11:46 pm] Lerak trPexil: (w) I..am na sure.

[11:46 pm] STSF Seiben: (w). Hmm, good luck.

[11:47 pm] STSF Seiben: (w) I think you'd make a nice couple

[11:47 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: turns to Koga, unsure what to think


[11:48 pm] Laehval tTemarr: Ie, that is very wise of au. They are adept at spewing lies. Do any of the Othan that imprisoned au still remain alive? We would take them for questioning, if so.

[11:50 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus>  Ie, we have five of them detained and are happy to be rid of them. There are dev unaccounted for, but we are assuming au teams have dealt with them all, as some of those on the work details came back without them.

[11:52 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::She turned to peer at Lerak and Koga and then blew a shrill whistle to get their attention, gesturing for them to join her.::

[11:52 pm] STSF Seiben: ::looks over and joins Laehval::

[11:53 pm] Lerak trPexil: :: goes to join her ::

[11:54 pm] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus>  As I said, we will be glad to assist au, by handing them over to au, but .... we need assistance too. We have been removed from vital areas that need to be re-manned. Power plants, irrigation systems related to the dam, and we need to know the status of our families at the Shipyards

 [11:55 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::To Koga and Lerak.:: Au dealt with the guards outside of the prison yards, ie? Are any still among the living?

[11:56 pm] STSF Seiben: ::Listens to the man:: We've managed to take them all out on the way here.

[11:57 pm] KhreRiovtRex: We also have others here that need care, we've been imprisoned in this yard and 5 warehouses, ever since they arrived. There are a few hundred of us left. But food has been rationed severely of late, many go hungry so the young can eat.


[11:59 pm] Laehval tTemarr: ::With a satisfied expression, she turned back to tr'Nalus.:: Au will receive all the aid that au require. We can transport au back to your communities and provide medical assistance, food, and other supplies. Organize yourselves and we can begin the transfer immediately.

[12:00 am] Lerak trPexil: I do na believe so

[12:00 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek tr'Nalus> Question, we knew Galae had increased the fleet fhad to protect the home world, I presume au presence here bodes ill for the enemy?

[12:00 am] Laehval tTemarr: Oh, ie. ::Laehval said darkly.:: We intend to crush each and every io of them.

[12:00 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> ::motions for the gate to be opened

[12:02 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> Take them to the Othan fvai...before our people yy'a them. Get those needing immediate help to the maenak or io of these Galae officers.

[12:03 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> :: holds the weapon out to Laehval::: I presume for au safetly, until au verify that we all are who we say, au will wish to confiscate these?


[12:05 am] Laehval tTemarr: ::She looked down at the weapon, then back up to Torek.:: Na, au may keep them. Consider it a gift in good faith. ::Confident in her own security to handle any trouble before it could get started.::

[12:06 am] Lerak trPexil: :: nods ::

[12:06 am] KhreRiovtRex: Torek> :: turns to Laehval quietly:: The Othan, told us many lies and half-truths. However we had heard news that the Daise KhreRiov had attached the Fhvillah. Is this true? It was he that had organized the defense of the station, and had requested that we send enough food to hold the shipyards through a lengthy siege.

[12:07 am] STSF Seiben: ::planning out the logistics of delivering supplies and crew to aid these people::

[12:08 am] KhreRiovtRex: (prepare to pause....will hold a sec in case au are typing)

[12:09 am] Laehval tTemarr: The Othan are to blame for all. ::Stating simply.::


[12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM

[12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM

[12:09 am] KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM


[12:10 am] STSF Seiben: ::Paused::

[12:10 am] KhreRiovtRex: iI think we lost Pex there at the end. Ok, think that will clear up most of this and we'll be able to move on soon to our next objective

[12:11 am] KhreRiovtRex: well done and now I'll let you both go to bed. Keep warm Koga, Keep cool Laeh, Sleep all around!

[12:11 am] Laehval tTemarr: Night!

[12:11 am] KhreRiovtRex: Have a nice weekend and crew dismissed


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