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The Away Team lead by t'Ksa after freeing those that had been taken on the work detail, have went back to stop some of the others from alerting the camp cards, and to try and overtake them. Laeh, NDak and tA are off investigating other sites or chasing down escapees so they don't alert the others too soon

When we left off, Koga had made a fantastic shot, shooting a whistle from a guard’s hand and mouth, while

Pexil's shot missed and hit a metal plate next to his guard's head, making a loud gong like sound.......








STSF Seiben: Ooh that's not good.

Lerak trPexil: :: courses and reloads ::

STSF Seiben: ::reloads as well::

KhreRiovtRex: (wait….you’re reloading an energy based laser weapon?)


ACTION: As there had been several shots ringing out, and a few squeals and yells, the guards turn their attentions to the noise of the gong.... and from there, look for who made the ruckus


m_k_tksa: ::is rather upset about the missed shot because it calls attention to them::

KhreRiovtRex: @ Camp Dheno 3 (1 and 2 already dispatched) .....looks around, realizing that whatever had caused that noise, must have come from outside the fencing

m_k_tksa: ::is cutting through the underbrush on the other side of the dispatched guards, trying to see if she locate the rest and somehow herd them towards Pexil and S'Bien

KhreRiovtRex: @ Camp Dheno 3> Quickly...... it came from over there... focus your fire there past gate 2

Lerak trPexil: :: realizes hid


ACTION: Several of the lower level guards turn their attentions towards gate 2 and lay down some cover fire around that area towards the woods


Lerak trPexil: :: realizes history position isn't compromised ::

STSF Seiben: ::peeks his head above the thing he's hiding behind and scans the area and guards::

m_k_tksa: ::makes a sharp whistle to distract the guards with their fire::


ACTION: Camp Dheno turn their attention towards the sound of the whistle, and start laying down heavy fire....


KhreRiovtRex: (koga, give me a number between 1-6)

STSF Seiben: 5

m_k_tksa: ::lays flat on the ground, covering her head:: If I die, I'm going to kill those two.


ACTION:: AS Koga peaks his head up, one of the perimeter guards is standing right on the other side of his cover, and reaches over and grabs Koga's collar.


KhreRiovtRex: ((Quick Koga...what do you do, count of 5)

Lerak trPexil: (having issues)

KhreRiovtRex: 5

KhreRiovtRex: 4

KhreRiovtRex: 3

KhreRiovtRex: 2

KhreRiovtRex: 1

STSF Seiben: :decks the man::


ACTION:: Guard is out like a light.......


STSF Seiben: ::Grabs his disruptor and moves in closer, whilst ducking to avoid fire::

Lerak trPexil: :: takes cover with Koga ::

m_k_tksa: ::careful to belly crawl along, hoping that the thick vegetation will keep her hidden::


ACTION:: Koga ...whilst ducking...manages to avoid fire and closes in on Pexil's position., and had a visual on where they last saw tKsa, but do not see her anymore


STSF Seiben: ::Ducks beside Pex:: I think I saw tKsa over there somewhere. Did au get a visual on her?

Lerak trPexil: :: scopes out the camp through the rifle sight :: Na, I've botched this operation.

Lerak trPexil: She's likely circled around

STSF Seiben: It was an unlucky shot

KhreRiovtRex: (Early estimate was about 20 guards....minus 10 from the work detail... and 3 dispatched and 1 unconscious here......)


ACTION:: There is a commotion that has begun within the fenced compound, followed by more weapons fire and yelling....


STSF Seiben: So many of them... \

Lerak trPexil: :: is unsure of his ability to hit another ::]

KhreRiovtRex: (20-10=10, 10-4= estimated 6 remaining

m_k_tksa: ::frowns, had hoped that trPexil and S'Bien had taken advantage of her distraction to take out more guards, now trying to regroup::

Lerak trPexil: It can't be that many, but they have taken cover

STSF Seiben: ::fires back at the guards::


ACTION:: Shots spray around Koga and Pexil' s position..... followed momentarily by some more commotion within the compound.....


Lerak trPexil: :: looks for the target Koga fires at and squeezes the trigger ::'

Lerak trPexil: :: ducks his head ::

STSF Seiben: ::quickly fires a return volley::


ACTION:: More weapons fire from within the compound, then nothing.....


Lerak trPexil: We may have to...

m_k_tksa: ::checks the pack the dheno gave her before leaving, finding a smoke bomb and prepares to lob it towards the compound until she notices it's gotten quiet::

KhreRiovtRex: Voice:: AU.....would be advised to get back to au ships, and go back to where au came.

Lerak trPexil: :: looks at Koga ::

KhreRiovtRex: Voice:: If au come back hrrau fahd, au will be shot.... We have all of au weapons now, and several of au men..... Leave or they will be shot. If au leave, we will na yy'a them ....yet...

STSF Seiben: ::looks back:: Hmm. What men?

m_k_tksa: ::waiting a moment or two before attempting to mimic one whistle calls she heard from one of the guards::

KhreRiovtRex: Voice:: We will na bow down to au invaders, we support the Homeworld.....

Lerak trPexil: They talking to the Othan?

m_k_tksa: ::yet, which "homeworld"::

STSF Seiben: CH'rihan?


ACTION:: Quickly, several of those that had been held behind the fencing, run out to check on the guards Sieben and Pexil had been shooting at, see's they are dead and take their weapons..... One furtively notices the io outside the fence, near Koga's position, but runs back to cover


Lerak trPexil: :: looking through his scope ::

STSF Seiben: ::scans::

KhreRiovtRex: (que's the Jeapordy theme music while we wait)


m_k_tksa: ::tilts her head, wondering if this change in direction means that they've disabled the Othan guards, calls out:: Who's speaking the Othan scum? Or those they oppress? ::wondering if this means she's going to get shot at::

Lerak trPexil: Perhaps they have regained control from them

STSF Seiben: There she is. We'll see

KhreRiovtRex: Voice: Who dares call us Othan? We are of ch’Rihan.... many of our family work at the Justarus Shipyards....who wants to know?

STSF Seiben: Rihannsus. Good to know

STSF Seiben: We're also from ch'Rihan. We're fighting a common enemy it seems.

m_k_tksa: Daise'Erei'Riov t'Ksa of the RES Talon. Daughter of ch'Rihan. Born in Mhiessan. ::calling out with conviction, although keeps herself flat on the ground to keep from being shot::

KhreRiovtRex: Voice:: Talon!! The traitors that started this from what we were told?....Yet..... au, we know au name....tKsa....au once stood hero to the Empire...where do au stand now?

STSF Seiben: Where'd they hear that?

Lerak trPexil: (w) Glad I did not use my name.

KhreRiovtRex: (umh..... Othan propaganda?)

KhreRiovtRex: Voice>> Who is with au?? How many more? Is au ship here as well?

STSF Seiben: (w) Same here>

STSF Seiben: (heh yea)

KhreRiovtRex: ( /thwaps Koga...they'd know your name too knucklehead)

Lerak trPexil: (w) The great Pexil, misser of shots...

KhreRiovtRex: (I sorta like that)

STSF Seiben: Heh

m_k_tksa: Oh Elements! ::rather pissed off now herself, would throttle these people, takes a deep breath to calm down:: We are and have always been loyal to ch'Rihan. *I* remain loyal to ch'Rihan. ::getting really tired laying on the ground::


KhreRiovtRex: Voice: Au....t'Ksa.... au may approach, au will na be fired upon.

m_k_tksa: (m)If I y'ya, I'm going to haunt these people for the rest of their natural lives:: I'm standing up now. ::tucks the smoke bomb back into the bag and then carefully stands::


ACTION:: An older man, and two women move closer to the fencing, yet remain close to cover. ....We would speak with au....


Lerak trPexil: :: keeping alert ::

STSF Seiben: ::watches::

m_k_tksa: ::is careful na to make any sudden moves, na even to dust herself off as she picks her way over to the fencing::

STSF Seiben: ::has his weapon ready just in case::


ACTION> The older man approaches the fence, weapon lowered. Jolan tru... I am Torek tr'Nalus, once the administrator of the food distribution center for this sector (this planet and the shipyards.


m_k_tksa: I am t'Ksa. Daughter of ch'Rihan. Daise'Maenak of the Galae.

m_k_tksa: ::nods, taking a deep breath:: The other guards are incapacitated?

KhreRiovtRex: tr'Nalus> Au can tell those 2 over there making all the noise, that they might as well stand up and come forward as well. I would hear their words as well, but na give any of au a chance to fool us with au words

KhreRiovtRex: tr'Nalus> How many more of au are there? Enough to force these Othan thugs off our planet and back to where they came from?






m_k_tksa: ::paused::

STSF Seiben: ::Paused::

KhreRiovtRex: We'll pick up there next week..... well done, nobody got shot, except a badguy

KhreRiovtRex: well played all

STSF Seiben: yay

KhreRiovtRex: (Koga picked his number and his action well....)

KhreRiovtRex: Ok, I know you are all very tired, so will keep this short...

KhreRiovtRex: See you next week... Crew Dismissed... Have a great weekend, see you all Monday


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