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Rue and Jax had wisely spent the night at the shuttle, warmth, holovids and wine, while our intrepid mountain campers, stuck about 3.5 miles away up on a mountain in the cold dark night without any of the appropriate supplies., received a care package from the ship containing camping and survival gear via a torpedo tube. Holly has also sent some interesting notes to Rue regarding the anomylous readings.






August Jax Robinson: :::Snooring:::

STSF Seiben: ::sleeps as well::


ACTION: As the sun has just started to color the horizon a brilliant orange, the Republic's care package for Rue and Jax land with a thud beside the shuttle.


August Jax Robinson: ::Will snores louder then the Thud::

August Jax Robinson: ::Pulls blanket over her head, no kids to jump on her face for once::

Rue Wydown: ::glances from the movie to the snoring Jax before catching (and hearing) the sight of the package from Republic:: No, no, don't get up. I'll check it out. Really, it's okay. ::slinks to the exit::

STSF_BluRox: @ Holly> :: back on the ship in astrometrics, working to solve those readings she'd been investigating....

STSF Seiben: ::curled up in his space blanket::

Heather Jamieson: :: Bundled up in her blanket ::

Rue Wydown: ::stretches once outside, glancing up the mountain and shakes her head:: I still don't understand why they made the decision to push ahead. ::frowns:: And I hate not being able to anything about it.

STSF_BluRox: @ Holly> These readings, are similar to what we'd see with a collapsing star, but there have been none in this sectors since...... for some time (

STSF_BluRox: @ Holly> Inputs the readings again, and then pulls up a terrain overlay of the planet.....

STSF Seiben: '::slept close to Heather to converse body heat::

Heather Jamieson: :: muffled :: Seiben, you asleep?

STSF Seiben: Mm? Wha? Barely...

Heather Jamieson: I'm still a bit cold... :: looks up at the stars ::

Rue Wydown:;: approaches the crate and bends down to examine it for a place to open it:: Maybe it'll have some snacks for once.

STSF Seiben: The sun is starting to rise, still early though.

August Jax Robinson: :::Snores, mumbles:: go back to bed

Heather Jamieson: Yeah... :: gets closer :: I couldn't dream..it bugged me


ACTION> Rue's package is emanating the sweet smell of warm pancakes


Rue Wydown: Heehee, Breakfast. ::heads inside the shuttle::

STSF Seiben: Yeah, we really should've stayed at the shuttle.

Heather Jamieson: I do not get along with Jax, so this is a bit better.

STSF Seiben: Hmm. No regrets then?

STSF_BluRox: (sorry, dc'd)

Rue Wydown: ::sets the crate down:: Wakey wakey, we've got eggs and bac-ye

Heather Jamieson: Only the cold... :: covers her face ::

August Jax Robinson: huh? food

Rue Wydown: Hungry?

August Jax Robinson: Totally

STSF Seiben: Hmm. I could start another fire

Heather Jamieson: Do you have anyone, back home that is? :: yawns ::

STSF_BluRox: (actually it’s pancakes and toast)

STSF Seiben: I have lots of family around'


STSF_BluRox: @Holly>+com+ Cmdr Wydown, I've been studying the information sent back from the dam and the information given us on the damn structures. I've also pulled up a terrain map of the planet.. I think I may have a partial explaination

Heather Jamieson: Hmm :: shivers :: Perhaps you should start that fire you spoke of.

August Jax Robinson: ::Sits up and grabs a pancake:::

August Jax Robinson: ::talks with her mouth full:: we hear from the others?

STSF Seiben: Yes, yes. ::gets up and gathers up some wood and kindling and lights it up:: We still have some leftovers from that care package if you're hungry.

Rue Wydown: +Holly+ ::Settling back in her chair with a plate:: Don't keep me in suspense. What did you find out?

Heather Jamieson: Sounds good..

STSF Seiben: We can warm them up in the fire..

Heather Jamieson: :: Looks out at the horizon, then down to where the others likely were ::


Rue Wydown: And no, I haven't heard from the others yet. ::glances at Jax:: How's breakfast?

STSF_BluRox: @ Holly> Concerned that there are possible fragments from a neutron star exploding,

STSF Seiben: ::warms up some of the food and makes some hot water::

STSF Seiben: I hope there's at least some tea bags or coffee in here

STSF_BluRox: @ :: starts to search further

August Jax Robinson: could use more butter, but good

Heather Jamieson: Coffee...

STSF Seiben: ::Boils up some water::

STSF Seiben: I have some instant coffee cubes in my bag.

August Jax Robinson: ::Grabs some OJ:: Where are awe heading to next?

STSF_BluRox: (Sorry Seiben, we do not bag the the milk in space....)


Heather Jamieson: I hope we can find out what's going on here... :: perks up :: You are a lifesaver

STSF Seiben: No milk though

STSF Seiben: (but it's so efficient)

Rue Wydown: I think we'll be on a rescue mission first to retrieve the knuckleheads on that mountain. And then we'll continue our research as planned.

August Jax Robinson: {{in school, was it still bagged or boxed?}}

STSF Seiben: (it was in a carton.. bagged milk only comes in 3 - 1 litre bags))

Heather Jamieson: Let's share the blanket while we drink the coffee you have....

August Jax Robinson: {{smh::}}

STSF Seiben: Hmm. OK ::Takes the food from the fire and pours some coffee into their canteen cups::

Heather Jamieson: (milk is pretty cheap here)

STSF Seiben: (here too)

August Jax Robinson: {{we are obsessed with milk LOL))


Heather Jamieson: I think what we are seeing is some natural event

STSF Seiben: The sunrise? Yes, it naturally happens every day.

Heather Jamieson: Ha ha

Rue Wydown: After breakfast, let's get ready to move out. I'm going to replicate some climbing gear and a few other supplies to pack.

STSF Seiben: ::sips the hot instant coffee::

August Jax Robinson: ::Sips her fresh coffee::

STSF Seiben: ::eating some leftover toast with butter::

Rue Wydown: How'd you sleep?

August Jax Robinson: I have a thousand kids... I slept like a baby

Rue Wydown: This is a vacation for you I see

STSF Seiben: I'm glad that Holly sent that care package.. made the night somewhat more tolerable

STSF Seiben: Sure beats sleeping on the forest floor, that's for sure.

August Jax Robinson: ::Grabs some toast::: have they tried to comm us?

Heather Jamieson: It sure did..

STSF Seiben: Was expecting a much worse night that day, so we owe Holly one

Heather Jamieson: Did the shuttle attempt to communicate with us overnight?

STSF Seiben: No. I didn't get anything, though the reception here is terrible.

STSF Seiben: I wonder if they think we're dead


Rue Wydown: No, Holly wasn't able to get us a connection on our end. I have no idea if they tried themselves. I thought I'd try this morning to see if sunup would make a difference. We at least know where they are.

Heather Jamieson: Something in the area is messing with the radio bands.

STSF Seiben: Want to try again?

STSF Seiben: ::has his mouth full of toast, not in much position to talk::

Heather Jamieson: :: Nods, tapping her communications badge ::

Heather Jamieson: +shuttle team+ This is Jamieson and Seiben to the shuttle team, do you read?


Rue Wydown: ACTION> Nothing is heard on the shuttle team's end.

STSF Seiben: ::finishes his toast and washes it down with his coffee:: +AT+ Seiben to shuttle do you read?

STSF Seiben: Hmm, no answer

Heather Jamieson: I'm not getting an acknowledgement

STSF Seiben: Neither am I.

Heather Jamieson: Should we head down or continue towards are mission?

Rue Wydown: Let's get packing. I want to move out in twenty minutes ::downs her coffee::

Rue Wydown: ((On a broken ankle?))


Rue Wydown: ~~~Pause Sim~~~

Rue Wydown: ~~~Pause Sim~~~


STSF Seiben: ::Paused::

Rue Wydown: Nice job guys

Heather Jamieson: Sadly I'm actually cold

STSF Seiben: Need to turn up the heat

August Jax Robinson: same

Rue Wydown: Winter is Here

August Jax Robinson: nooooooo


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