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The crew wants to look more into the strange readings that they had been picking up as well as those that the workers at the dame had informed them about, that had been picked up in the mountainous region above the dam. The team is now setting out to go investigate






Rue Wydown: ::is hoping that they can land the shuttle successfully...aka not hit a tree or something::

Heather Jamieson: :: Going over in her mind what the issue could be ::

August Jax Robinson: ::Looks over the report on the area::

STSF Seiben: ::follows along::

Rue Wydown: ((Follows along? Weren't you driving the shuttle, Seiben?))

Heather Jamieson: :: Glances at August ::

STSF Seiben: ::yes yes... driving shuttle::

STSF_BluRox: (Seiben, you into the fridge again tonight? Or fermented cheese sauce on your poutine?)

Rue Wydown: Anything on sensors, Heather?

STSF Seiben: (maybe  )

Heather Jamieson: Some EM readings similar to the dam, but more faint


ACTION: As they move up towards the region they had been told had caused trouble with electronics adn such.....the readings get stronger


STSF_BluRox: (oops! check again Heather...lol)


ACTION: The ship's navigation system is starting to act up and sensor readings are becoming erratic


STSF Seiben: \What’s with all this interference?

Heather Jamieson: Readings similar to those around the dam, but more intense.

STSF_BluRox: (if you've received PM's from me the past few weeks, perhaps a quick review of what I sent! lol)

Rue Wydown: Seiben, find a place to land if you could.

STSF Seiben: Aye sir. Checking for landing spot

STSF Seiben: ::does so;:


ACTION: As the ship's navigation and stabilizers are going haywire, this is becoming a more urgent idea


Heather Jamieson: The signal is too strong for accurate readings

STSF Seiben: ::struggles to compensate for the interference but manages to land the shuttle:: OK. We landed

STSF_BluRox: (so anti-dramatic)

August Jax Robinson: did hit any birds did you?

STSF Seiben: Not this time.

STSF Seiben: ::powering down engines and opens the exit hatch::

STSF_BluRox: @Republic +com+ Commander Wydown. We are noting that your shuttle was having difficulty and have landed in a mountainous region away from the population centers or dam. We were having trouble picking you up. Is everyone ok?

Heather Jamieson: I have to place some filters on the incoming signals.

Rue Wydown: +Republic+ We're just fine. Just a bit of an issue with the navigational controls. We'll get up and going again shortly.

Rue Wydown: Jax, can you see if you can work on the shuttle's issues? Seiben and Jamieson, I want you to take readings over to the north. Be back here in twenty minutes. I'm going to take the southern route with Ens Kenny

STSF Seiben: Aye aye

STSF_BluRox: @ Republic +com+ Just be advised, We cannot confidently get a transporter lock at your current location, so keep us informed.

STSF_BluRox: (oh oh)

STSF Seiben: (oooh)

Rue Wydown: ((Guys, Blus going to walk you through the rest of the sim. I'm sorry, but I really need to duck out))

STSF_BluRox: (feel better Rue, be well)

August Jax Robinson: wonderful

Heather Jamieson: Ready Seiben?

STSF Seiben: Yep, ready when you are

STSF Seiben: (night Rue))

STSF Seiben: ::begins his scans northward::

Heather Jamieson: :: Walks north :: I think I can feel the electricity in the air...


ACTION: Tricorders are experiencing some interference


STSF Seiben: Sure can ::now he follows along:: It's weird isn't it?

Heather Jamieson: I can't be sure any of these readings are accurate..

August Jax Robinson: no, it makes me think someone is jamming us...

August Jax Robinson: but Will has made me neurotic

STSF Seiben: With all this interference, one can't be so sure

Heather Jamieson: :: quickens her pace ::


ACTION: The team has about a 7-mile hike over increasingly mountainous terrain (hope you didn't wear your heels)


August Jax Robinson: we are in the middle of nowhere! we couldn't get closer?

STSF Seiben: Sadly no. We were losing altitude pretty quickly.


STSF_BluRox: (Luckily for Jax, Rue ordered her to stay and work on the shuttle's nav system -- scroll up!)

STSF_BluRox: (however, she is welcome to hike as well!)


August Jax Robinson: ::talking to herself, grabs a spanner::

August Jax Robinson: ::Mumbles:: we don't need pilots... none of them know what they are doing

Heather Jamieson: :: huffs :: Hard to localize the signal with this interference.

STSF Seiben: ::keeps going on,, thought Heather said something but continues but nope..:: Oh well.

Heather Jamieson: :: Stops and turns to scan another direction ::

Heather Jamieson: I bet there is something in all this mess. I thiink we need to walk further.


ACTION: As they had spent the majority of the day at the dam before heading up towards the mountains, it is obviously a short while to sunset. The team must decide to head back to the shuttle and start fresh in the morning, or push on in the dark, in a rocky mountainous hike.


STSF Seiben: It'll get dark soon. Think we can go on ahead still??

STSF Seiben: All right. I've got my flashlight. If you want to press on.

Heather Jamieson: Let's...

STSF Seiben: Okay

STSF_BluRox: Let's?

STSF Seiben: Let's?.. Go or Head back to the shuttle?

Heather Jamieson: Is there a reason to head back to the shuttle?

STSF_BluRox: (waiting to pause)

STSF Seiben: Getting pretty late, but I'm sure we still have time.






Heather Jamieson: I'd like to get to the bottom of this..

Heather Jamieson: :: paused ::

STSF Seiben: ::Paiused::

August Jax Robinson: ::paused::

STSF_BluRox: (things I've noted tonight...ya'll have never camped or hiked in the mountains)

August Jax Robinson: nope

August Jax Robinson: I am on an Island

STSF_BluRox: Hush you, you know about camping

STSF Seiben: I'm a city boy.

STSF_BluRox: Let's just say, there will be a substantial negative roll versus .....oh say....surviving

STSF_BluRox: lol

August Jax Robinson: I must be off

August Jax Robinson: nite nite peeps

STSF_BluRox: ok all, see you next week, have a great week and talk with you soon! Think of the clues you've been given.

STSF_BluRox: have a great week. Crew Dismissed


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