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USS Manticore, 11/27/17, 10:00 PM ET

= /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #970, STARDATE 51711.27 = /\ =
The Manticore was pulled through a black hole while the engines were 
shut down.  Just as we breached the event horizon, Erich jump 
started the warp drive and we found ourselves stuck in a pocket of 
Hyper Subspace. It protected the ship while allowing us to travel 
at unbelievably high speeds.  We "popped the bubble" with a photon 
torpedo and the ship took terrible damage slowing down to high warp 
speeds from the extreme of the bubble.  As ship and crew got fixed, 
we attempted to send sensor probes out to expand our view, but the 
launch tubes were damaged in the sudden slowdown and the attempt 
destroyed the Science labs and killed all on duty there at the time. Only 
T'Prise, Bren Faliver and SciGuy survived the devastation.  Three weeks 
later, the ship was fully spaceworthy and we began to fly in a direction, 
hoping to find familiar stars.  What we found were unfamiliar ships on an 
intercept course with us.  Somehow, this is actually familiar to us, yanno?
= /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #970, STARDATE 51711.27 = /\ =


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