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Nijil tr'Korjata

Bonds and Bands

Bonds and Bands

[Joint log, Nijil/Jylliene/Ramson - takes place immediately before the sim of 9/8/2017]


Arboretum, Aegis


Though there were a number of venues they could have used, including replicating myriad others via holosuite, once the idea of the arboretum came up, there was no further deliberation. The arboretum itself was an oasis of calm in the midst of the station’s bustle, of greenery within the metal and glass. What better venue for a celebration of two creating that same respite for each other?


Ramson stood before a flowering cherry tree, awaiting the couple’s arrival. Behind the seated guests, the Vulcan quartet Annisha had hired played quietly. Small white silk banners highlighted representations of the elements set upon pedestals around the area. A pair of stones - one from ch’Rihan, one from Trill - stood upon one; a forcefield generated within another suspended an orb of water above it from the nearby creek. The music itself accented the air bearing it, while a lit censor beside Ramson (“somewhere neither Annisha or I will knock it over,” Nijil had recommended) finalized the honoring of the elements.


At Annisha’s cue, the musicians stopped. Nijil and Jylliene approached Ramson on pathways from either side of the waiting captain. Jylliene smiled warmly at him, nervousness largely swept away now that they could focus on each other.


Nijil was nervous as ever, but did his best to not show it as he did around the station. He looked deep into Jylliene's eyes to see if she felt the same, or if, not, to draw strength from her. His smile was more like a wide boyish grin. Before her he never imagined bonding with anyone, but now...now he couldn't imagine otherwise, or with anyone else. Lucky for him, he found a warmth in her eyes.


(“But what about Trill traditions?” Nijil had asked as Jylliene pieced together the ceremony. “Well, on Trill, the couple enters in unison, in silence. Focus is on them.”

“Not one at a time?”

“No. The idea is that the guests try to watch both, and recognize that it is more difficult to look back and forth at the individuals, and how much easier and more natural it is once they’re together in front of the prie- well, officiant, in our case.”

“Do we need to get a priest from Trill?” Nijil asked.

“Elements, no,” came the woman’s immediate reply. “They’d drone on and on about history and symbionts being like a bonded couple and don’t even get me started on the ritual blessings. Just… no.”

“No Trill priest. Got it.”)


Now in front of Ramson, the couple joined hands.


“Throughout all the varied and different peoples we have made contact with in the universe, a desire exists to find someone else to share one's experiences with. Committing ourselves to a bond with another so that we do not have to face the universe alone is one of the most common ceremonies found. Today we have two who wish to do exactly that.  And they come forward now to make that known to their families, their friends, and their comrades.” Ramson nodded to the couple, signaling them to state their vows.


“I, Nijil, take you, Jylliene, as my ailhun.

    I promise to lead you through the darkness to the light.

    I promise to carry you when you falter.

    I promise to protect you from threat.

    I promise to provide for your needs, in body and spirit.

    I promise to give to you all that I am, reserving nothing aside.

    I will stand by you from this day to the end of our lives;

        In witness thereof, I give you this ring, as a visible symbol of my vows to you.”


“I, Jylliene, take you, Nijil, as my deyhhan.

    I promise to accompany you through the darkness to the light.

    I promise to support you when you falter.

    I promise to stand by you when you are under threat.

    I promise to provide for your needs, in body and spirit.

    I promise to give to you all that I am, reserving nothing aside.

    I will stand by you from this day to the end of our lives;

        In witness thereof, I give you this ring, as a visible symbol of my vows to you.”


Accepting the bands from Ramson, the couple slid them upon each other’s fingers, then clasped hands. Ramson nodded toward Niilan, Nijil's father, who approached with a register. Opening it upon the pedestal, he presented Nijil with a pen.


“In keeping with tradition, inscribe your bondmate’s name in our register,” Niilan spoke. Nijil wrote her name beside his own, exhaling quietly in relief as he put the pen down. Niilan looked up at Jylliene and intoned, “We accept you into our house. May it increase in honor, strength, and number.”


“With the authority granted me as Commander of Aegis and in accord with the wishes of Nijil Keihv tr’Korjata and Jylliene Kital, I declare them husband and wife.”


With visible expressions of both joy and relief, the couple retreated together from the arboretum toward the reception hall, the guests following. Jylliene had not seen the plans for the reception, leaving those to Nijil and (with some trepidation) Annisha. She was unsure what to expect, but was pleased and surprised to see the area highlighted in bright colors and dancing sparkles of light from a reflective orb suspended from the ceiling. Brilliant jewel tones outlined a dance floor, the band Annisha had hired stationed nearby. Tables of desserts, including numerous cakes of different flavors, awaited the hungry arrivals (At Jylliene’s suggestion, there were also gourmet doughnuts). An Andorian stood at the ready behind a counter, gleaming glass decanters and bottles ready for those desiring something a bit stronger than what was partaken of on duty; a silver urn and coffee cups were also available for caffeine needs. For Annisha and her friends, as well as for other guests so inclined, bottles of sweetened non-alcoholic beverages nestled temptingly within bins of ice. A holo-recorder was tucked away in one corner for guests to leave messages for the couple, a drape available to muffle some of the sounds from the celebration.

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