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A Personal Update

In which CTHuskyMan updates all his friends on where he's been, and what he's been doing.  :)

(Sorry if this reads like a religious testimonial....didn't plan it that way)

As I have already stated, some of you may know me as "FairBol" from the old SFOL forums on AOL (circa about 2000).  At the time, I was a senior in high school....so yeah, that was a long time ago, LOL.  I'd be around for what seemed like five times a week, simming and talking to others.  Got as high as Lieutenant in SFOL, but never higher. 

Anyways, I graduated from high school in June 2000.  IIRC, I was active for a bit more on the Trek scene, but eventually started to sim less and less.  Then 9/11 rolled around, and changed my entire world and viewpoints.  I ran the gamut of emotions, as I went from shocked, to angry (and wanting vengeance) , to honoring the memory of the dead.  Soon after, I fell into a deep depression.  I can't remember the exact way that I felt, but I was going through my "trial by fire".  At times, I even felt suicidal....I think I may have tried that once or twice. 

Then a funny thing happened.  My father got sick, coughing up blood and mucus like nobody's business.  He was hospitalized, and diagnosed with TB.  The doctors said that my father was in bad shape, and may not have lasted the week of his hospitalization.  That's when I took some advice that my father gave me, and turned to God and religion.  Being a Catholic, I prayed the "St. Jude's Novena" for eight days.  I asked God to heal my father, and help me with my life by giving me friends to turn to. 

The day after I finished the prayer rolled around.  Lo and behold, my father's doctors said that he had gotten better, and was going to be released.  The doctors said that they had no explanation for his sudden recovery....they "didn't know what happened".  Also, soon after this, I found a good female friend who helped me see things in a different light.  I had a hot temper back then, but it cooled down considerably.  My life did indeed drastically improve, and I believe it is because of the prayer that I said.  I count this apparent divine intervention as a legitimate miracle....if it hadn't happened, I don't think I would be writing this right now. 

Well, my father finally passed two years ago, at the age of eighty.  I think about him every day, and miss him greatly.  We spoke at length before my father passed, and he told me that he was very proud of me.  That's one of the greatest compliments that I have ever received in my life....I'll always remember it.  I have grown from a boy into a man, and couldn't be much happier with my life.  I guess sometimes, you have to go through the storm to see the blue sky ahead.  I've done that, and believe myself to be better for it. 

Getting that out of the way....I'll have another update coming soon.  :)


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Now that my initial post is over and done with....here's another update. 

For those of you that know me, you probably remember that I live in Southwestern Connecticut, USA.  After high school, I got involved in my alma mater's basketball program, taking a role as manager/unofficial assistant coach.  Then, I decided that I needed a change of pace, and so moved to South Florida (West Palm Beach area....I think it was around 2005 that I moved there).  Needless to say, I experienced a bit of culture shock.  South Florida is a very different place than Connecticut...there are palm trees, warm weather year-round, and people that say "git 'r done!", LOL. 

Anyways, I spent a few years in Florida going to school, as well as looking for a broadcasting job (almost had a major one, but the media company reneged on the deal...."you don't fit in here").  At this point, I decided to return to my home state of Connecticut, doing so just after the 2012 presidential election.  I have spent the last five years freelance writing, doing other media things such as broadcasting, and being active on the political scene (I should point out that I am a candidate for my hometown's town council this year...I'm not sure if I'll be elected, but we'll see how it goes).  I've also visited many different places recently, including Dallas, Chicago, and Philadelphia.  Dallas was awesome....if I ever had to move out of Connecticut, I might consider moving there.

Anywho, for those of you wondering where in the universe I've been....that's your answer, LOL.  I hope all of my friends, old and new, are living the dream...."live long and prosper".  :)

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