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Improving STSF.net Website Security

With the launch of STSF v3.0, I've taken the opportunity to go back and work on some things to improve the overall security of the website.  

Starting today, all communication with the STSF server will be encrypted via TLS (formerly known as SSL).  The benefits of this include:

  • Better overall security (someone sitting between you and the STSF servers cannot intercept/modify requests).  
  • Improved SEO (Google is starting to penalize sites not making use of SSL and ranking them lower in it's search listings).  

Now...  the only downside to this is that not all operating system and web browser combinations support this higher level of security.  (I'm using the same cipher suites and encryption protocols used by the major banks.)

As a result, the following browser/operating system combinations are no longer supported by STSF:

  • Android 4.3 or below
  • IE6 (Windows XP)
  • IE7 (Vista)
  • IE8 (XP)
  • IE 8-10 (Windows 7)
  • Safari 6.04 or below (Mac)

In case anyone is wondering....  we currently have an A+ on the Qualys SSL Labs scanner: 


Compare that to Bank of America who currently only has an A- with the same test:


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