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Caitlin Townshend

Name: Caitlin Townshend


Species: Human

Age: 28

Height: 160 cm

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Identifying features: Scar along her upper left forearm. Tattoo of a small bird on her right ankle.


Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Current Assignment: USS Challenger, Acting Chief Science Officer

Last Assignment: USS Brisbane, Assistant Science Officer


Service History:

  • Entered Starfleet Academy
  • Graduated academy with honours
  • Posted to USS Galway as assistant exobiologist
  • Leave of absence (3 months), request to transfer
  • Transferred to USS Brisbane as assistant science officer
  • Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
  • Transferred to USS Challenger as chief science officer (acting)


Interests and Qualifications:


Degrees in exobiology (with a specialist in biomedical systems), bioethics, and linguistics.

Certified Instructor in Vulcan Meditation

Earth classical music, Vulcan classical music, contemporary classical composition

Amateur solo athletics including track and field, gymnastics, etc.

Visual arts, particularly painting and printmaking



  • Mother: Deborah Townshend
  • Father: Gabriel Deschamps (estranged)
  • Stepfather: Vijay Dalal
  • Brothers: Clark, Christopher

Biographical Information

Caitlin is what is colloquially known as a "Starfleet brat". Her parents met aboard a starship posting. After deciding to start a family, they transferred to Starbase 11. When Caitlin was 8, her family transferred to Vulcan, where she spent her formative years of schooling among predominantly Vulcan peers. This instilled in her a knowledge and respect for Vulcan culture and tradition that informs much of her adult worldview.


When Caitlin was 12, her parents separated and later divorced, with her father transferring to a deep space research vessel. She has since fallen out of touch with him.


Caitlin excelled in both sciences and the arts, and her heart was always set on joining Starfleet and following in the footsteps of her parents. Originally planning to enter the Academy at 18, Caitlin deferred for three years to study first meditation and then linguistics and bioethics at the Vulcan Science Academy. She finally entered the Academy at 22, older but with a better awareness of her strengths and skills.

Caitlin retained a somewhat jack-of-all-trades approach to her studies, often devoting inordinate time to esoteric fields. As a result, while she maintained high grades and a place on the honour roll, she never made a mark on any one particular field. However, Caitlin continued to gravitate towards scientific specialization.


Her first posting was aboard the USS Galway, where she served as an exobiologist. She distinguished herself during a first contact mission with the Strathcori. One of the Strathcori delegation took ill while visiting the ship, and Caitlin played a significant role in reviving and stabilizing the delegation member. However, Caitlin and her superior officer did not often see eye-to-eye, and after several months of ongoing conflict, she took a leave of absence and then requested a transfer.


Posted next to the USS Brisbane, Caitlin soon flourished among her new crew. Along with the transfer in ship came a transfer in department--the Brisbane's personnel disposition placed her under the wing of the science department, and Caitlin quickly felt at home. She soon earned a promotion and participated in a variety of scientific and exploratory missions.


After nearly two years aboard the Brisbane, Caitlin was transferred somewhat abruptly to the USS Challenger to take over its beleaguered science department.

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