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For Your Records Dr. T`aral

Doctor T`aral,


I found myself exceeding 10 pages of documentation about my life and realized you probably didn't need all the info I was sending you. So I abridged everything. If you feel you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact me.


Some info about just myself you should know. As I mentioned to you earlier I was debriefed by Starfleet Medical and Intelligence Personnel during the Comanche Creek's rebuild at Starbase New Topeka.


I am a product of a cloning program used to produce a Nausicaan labor force for the Dilithium mines of Talega Prime and a "Bezerker" Nausicaan type for export for violent purposes.


My physical attributes, larger muscular structure and slightly above average height come from the latter type of Clone.



Myself and both Nausicaan types mentioned are the result of extensive genetic alterations of Basic Nausicaan DNA.


I should note it took me 15 years to reach maturity from my release from a "Birthing Chamber"


Starfleet Specialists who analyzed my DNA structure at Starbase New Topeka expressed great interest in the restructuring of sequences in my DNA. While finding evidence of cloned DNA, they expressed amazement that I had not succumbed to some sort of death related to known cloning processes. I must confess I do not have enough knowledge to understand their experience with cloning. Nor did I ask.


Starfleet Intelligence and Genetic Researchers were dispatched from Earth to evaluate me further. They were particularly interested in who was responsible for, if I may say, my creation.


And now about the Doctor who was responsible for me being me.


Starfleet Intelligence was able to construct a possible date of my creation from what they knew of Talega Prime's destruction. Given 15 cycles of existence on Talega Prime before the Doctor and I escaped the planet's destruction, my estimated age is 150 standard years.


This Doctor Smith appeared completely human. Yet, Humans had not reached Orion Space by that time. Hence, Starfleet Intelligence's conclusion was that this "Dr. Smith" was an alien who appeared Human.


Smith told me he had been employed by the Forerunners of what would be the Talega Cartel for over fifty years. His job was to create a labor force to excavate recently discovered Dilithium ore from Talega Prime's Mountains. And he said he succeeded and I was in part living proof of this.


When I disclosed to Starfleet Intelligence that Smith had visited a planet that had an interesting history and my name was given to me from a historical site that was being excavated there. With the name Byblos ..they clearly thought Smith had been referring to Earth. I think this has alarmed them, maybe that is why they want to interview me again.


Starfleet Medical wants more samples for Study of my DNA. They admitted to me they had not seen such a case of "advanced genetic modification." I find it curious they said that, because I was the product of Smith's work 150 years before they came across my "Advanced Genetic Material"


When I asked Smith what species he was when learning basic education skills on Talega Prime he described himself as a "Listener." During my debriefs I could not tell if Starfleet was aware of a humanoid race called the "Listeners"


I ponder if you are Doctor T`Aral.


As for Dr. Smith's fate after our evacuation off Talega Prime I cannot say what happened to him. He dropped me off at a rather small harbor on a world currently in Orion Space. From there he left me. I think his final words to me ...were "he had to move on to continue his work."


I will end this report to you here. Again I am available for further consultation, as I rather would not be questioned and subjected to further testing by Starfleet again back on New Topeka.

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