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Recommendations and Reactions ...

Tch'Ana waved a datachip in front of Lt. Shalin's face. "How do you like this? The Captain will sign it, this will be the best ship in the fleet to serve on, and you can EAT IT!"


Shan snatched the datachip from her fingers in a swift move and plugged it into a monitoring station. The schematic read out her proposal: a recommendation exactly as the Captain requested. The proposed discotheque was massive, stretching through three decks and providing tons of space. He had to admit: she knew how to throw a party.


There would be a few small concessions, of course. Tch'Ana's plan eliminated *all* of the crew's quarters ( including the Captain's ), and it was clear from the layout that the dance hall was intended to supplant the functions of mess halls and ready rooms. There were sleeping arrangements depicted, which would suffice assuming nobody suffered from claustrophobia or otherwise minded being stacked like torpedo casings. Shan removed the chip and handed it back. It was what the Captain requested ... she literally asked for it.


He smiled pleasantly to Tch'Ana. "Good luck with that."


With a confident sneer she turned on her heel and dashed for the turbolift, leaving Shan to ponder the question of the Romulan's emblem. The Captain wanted it dated, and Shan was left to figure out how. Sitting back and pondering the question: time displacement and how to measure it. It was well out of his depth, but he needed to forge ahead. The Romulan claimed to have gone through a time warp ... to do so there had to *be* a warp ... an energy conduit with the necessary conditions ... including negative chronitons.


Shan began recalibrating his tricorder. Chroniton study was still very much in its infancy, but from what little he had managed to glean from the ship's computer, the influence of chronitons was detectable via a sub-atomic harmonic. The effect was harmless enough, but it was measurable. A few more adjustments, a few scans, and Shan was able to smile.


It wasn't much, but at least now he had something he could report to the Captain.

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