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Tifa Kvar

Merry Christmas!

In her quarters, a small package sat quietly on top of Audraya’s desk. It was beautifully wrapped in shiny red paper with a neatly tied green bow and ribbon. The tag read “Merry Christmas!” with a big red heart and was signed by Tifa.


Inside the gift was a rolled up scroll and a small jeweled charm. The charm was a Centauri Star Pearl set in a simple chain. The Pearl sparkles brightly whenever light shines upon it. The scroll had a story elegantly written on it.


There once was a simple fisherman out at sea. One day while fishing, he caught a strange sea creature, the likes he had never seen before. “I am a guardian of these waters. Please kind sir, release me. If you do, I will grant you three wishes.”


The fisherman pondered a moment. He thought about his family and what it meant if he could give them anything they wanted, from money to any kind of riches possible. But it didn’t take the man long before he replied. “I could ask for anything, but I am just a simple fisherman. There is only one thing that I desire, and that is for my family to be happy. Be free now.” And so the fisherman released the creature.


The creature then began to glow in a bright, blinding light as it’s shape began to change to that of a fair maiden. The maiden smiled upon the fisherman. “You are indeed a kind man. You could have wished for unimaginable wealth, and yet you did not. You shall be rewarded.” She held out her hand to the man. Resting in the palm was a bright star pearl set upon a chain. “Take this charm and place it within your household. There it will shine forevermore and bring joy and happiness to your family.”



The tradition of the Centauri Star Pearl has been passed down for generations of Centauran families. The pearl is typically procured by a family member, and placed within a new home so that it may be blessed with eternal happiness.

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