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Cptn Swain

Excalibur, Season 7: The Proud Tower

Excalibur, Season 7   |  The Proud Tower

A tenuous truce has been reached in the Gamma Quadrant resulting in an end to major operations by the Alpha Quadrant powers.  Excalibur has been re-assigned to the Paimpont where they will be the lead ship of a new task force. 

Paimpont, a large swathe of territory on the edge of Federation space, is a politically important region bordering Xindi, Breen and Romulan space. This precarious alchemy has prevented either of the major powers from laying claim to the space leaving two smaller, yet important, races to rise as local hegemons competing for power and influence.  

For much of the last century, the Federation and Romulan governments have maintained a careful detente, with neither side committing military forces to the region. Both have extensive trading agreements with the two primary powers -- the Romulans with the Kaedwan Confederation, and the Federation with the Tamarn Empire -- however, owing to pressures from the ascendant, right-wing Sihhus Lakhraem (Preserve, Defend)  party, the Romulan government has recently established a permanent military presence in the region, assigning a new task force  based in Kaedawn space. Additionally, they have made new overtures to the Tamarn, who exclusively supply the Federation with biomimetic gel.

Domestically, both the Federation and Romulan Empire are themselves in moments of transition: President Nanietta Bacco has announced she will not seek a third-term, opening the way for a contested, open election in 2388. Though Bacco has remained generally popular, tensions between interventionist and isolationist factions have continued to flare amid the withdrawal from the Gamma Quadrant and the slow, turbulent recovery efforts on Cardassia. Her vice-president has also declined to run for office, leaving the field even more open.  On Romulus, the rapid liberalization in the post-year wars under the Enuar (Forward) government have been met with an equally passionate push back from the more conservative elements of their society.  Following the death of the Enuar leader, Praetor Kohlav Avfad in 2384, the last three years have seen the steady rise of the nationalist Sihhus Lakhraem. 

Both of these transitions are occurring as the Breen, after nearly a decade of isolation following their defeat in the Dominion War, begin to reassert themselves abroad. Meanwhile, the enigmatic and fractious Xindi have also taken a renewed interest in the affairs of Paimpont, ever cautious of Federation and Romulan influence on their neighbors and rivals. 

As we begin not only a new season, but for the first time in over a decade in the real world, a new meta-arc,  Commander Hawthorne and I hope to engage you with plots that involve both new and familiar foes across a broad spectrum of themes.  

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