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Rhan K'hal

Time Is NOT On My Side

After Rhan handed off Ambassador T’Salik to Commander Admiran, the blond-furred Cait made his way back to the console he’d appropriated in Camelot’s Command Center. It seemed that no matter where he ended up working, multitasking was the order of the day.


With Swain’s rather vague order to “assist with the evacuation,” Rhan chose to pack up his figurative bags and assist Lieutenant Commander Sprint over on the station rather that subject himself to working remote from the Excalibur. The Cait was more than ready for a change of scenery after the last hectic mission. Not that the evacuation was a calm, controlled affair. Yet.


His short conversation with station XO had been interesting, and informative. Part of what Rhan brings “extra” to his position at operations is being able to take a small data point and extrapolate from it. The Commander’s slips of calling Swain “Asher,” with a clear familiarity that indicated much more than just officer camaraderie, and the fact that the Captain would have talked to him at all about a certain Caitian officer when Swain wasn’t known for a wagging tongue all made Rhan think with a high certainty that those two were intimate. Not that it meant much in the overall scheme of things, but Rhan collected levers for possible “in case of emergency break glass” scenarios.


As far as his current assignment… every time he thought he was narrowing down on an official count and timeline more evacuees arrived in the system, forcing him to re-work the data. It wasn’t a simple case of one ship equals Y time, count the ships and then do some multiplication.


If a ship was carrying wounded and needed medical assistance, that added an almost incalculable variable because there was no way to say how long it would take to treat a patient. The station’s medical bay, and every Starfleet ship in orbit of the station was taking on injured; the few hospital ships that had been able to make it to the Gamma Quadrant were piling in the longer term cases that would require facilities back in the Alpha Quadrant; the Klingons and the Romulans were only taking select cases from select species, and their turnaround time was any time from now to the galactic merger with Andromeda.


If a ship required maintenance or a quick refit to be able to make it through the wormhole, that added another nearly incalculable variable. Depending on the availability of an engineering crew, the parts required, and the scale of the work the time could also be any time from now to the galactic merger with Andromeda.


Then add supply cost and time for food, a substance in shorter and shorter supply, and the calculations turned into a hot mess.


With all this in mind, Rhan was forced to take a rather circuitous route and try to fit a best case through worst case timeline, and then automate the calculations depending on what was where, who was where, and why who was at what and assign a competence multiplier depending on reports of previous performance and the reported supply availability. Then the computer had to take all of this and pick a time in between the best and worst case timelines.


In the end, it usually ended up between sometime next week through to the galactic merger with Andromeda.

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