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Rubeum Allec, in primo

Delphic Expanse


As the last Sphere Builder ship detonated, the RRW Mahery† and USS Yorktown began pulling away from the Sphere. Charges placed at the key junctures that 0718 directed them to detonated, collapsing the sphere and thermobaric barrier the Sphere Builders were attempting to reconstruct around the Expanse.

“That’s not right,” Daniels muttered from his console, watching the shockwave from the sphere’s implosion race towards the two ships. “Something’s preventing us from going to temporal warp.”

“Emergency power to shields! Helm, get her bow into the wave!” Malaelys Valreos, the ship’s captain hit a soft stud on her command chair. “All hands, brace for impact.” The Ha’nom-class warbird shuddered as the plasma wave struck the science vessel under her starboard wing. The impact sheared the wing right off, warp plasma erupting as the lights went dim. “Daniels, what the name of the Elements is going on?”

“Unknown, Admiral,” the temporal agent replied. “Something blocked our ability to engage both the temporal drive and the Borg temporal beacon Mr. Drake had installed on your ship during the Devidian inci...Ngggggh!”

“Daniels!” Mala shouted as the temporal agent was hit by a wave of shifting temporal energy.

“I’m fine. We need to get out of here. The Sphere Builders aren’t going to appreciate what we accomplished today.”

“We better hurry, there’re several cruisers closing on our position. They match Sphere Builder profiles. Weapons and shields are offline,” tactical and helmsman Tovan Khev announced, an edge of panic in his voice.

Veril, the ship’s Reman engineer looked over from her station. “Singularity containment is becoming unstable. Shock damage from the loss of our starboard wing.” This was accompanied by a rather pleasant voice announcing singularity breach in thirty seconds

Mala hit the comm stud on her chair again. “All hands- abandon ship. Man your evacuation shuttles and escape pods. Shuttle and runabout crews to retrieve pods.” She looked at Tovan. “If I don’t survive, you’re to request asylum from Admiral Garrett and the Federation, and resettlement on one of the Vulcan colony worlds. Starfleet’s Temporal Prime Directive is in force with us, they can’t know a lot about what the future holds.”

“Captain?” Tovan, Veril, and Satra*, the ship’s science officer all asked simultaneously.

“This ship cannot fall into the hands of the Sphere Builders or the Federation of this timeline. Her last duty will be to allow our escape. As for asylum, do you really think we could prosper in this century’s Empire? They’re even more secretive and warlike than when Romulus was destroyed. You, and our crew, would be imprisoned, interrogated, and tortured by the Tal Shiar to change the future. Daniels, will that…Where did he go?”

“He stepped into the lift. I’m guessing to evacuate with the rest of the crew.”

“To your man your escape pods. And if I don’t see you, Ambassador Spock’s customary saying is appropriate- Live long, and prosper.” As her senior staff, crew that was with her since the days after the Tal Shiar and Elachi attacks on Virinat, evacuated, Mala moved over to the helm console, and began guidance into the autopilot. Unlike LCDR George Kirk, the last captain of the USS Kelvin, the autopilot and auto-nav features of the ship hadn’t yet been knocked offline.

Autopilot enabled; maximum thrust enabled. WARNING: Collision Course.” Feeling the momentary lag of the ship’s inertial dampening, Mala watched the center Sphere Builders’ cruiser closing, before running for the escape pod cluster off the bridge. Two jets of flame, and her pod rocketed away from her doomed ship, brilliantly lit up in the night; her accolades and awards glowing on her bow.

She watched as the bow of her ship plowed through the shields of the Sphere Builder cruiser, heartbeats before containment on the singularity failed. With a burst of plasma and gamma rays, the Mahery gave her life, destroyed by her own power core and taking the three ships that meant to do her and her crew harm.

The Yorktown returned, to investigate the sudden gamma ray burst, and began retrieving the Romulan crew from the future. Mala looked around in her one man pod, trying to see why her subspace beacon was malfunctioning. With a flash, the Yorktown, her crew and her hope for immediate rescue warped out of the Delphic Expanse.




RRW- Romulan Republic Warbird- The identification prefix of ships of the post-Romulan diaspora,in opposition to Empress Sela’s Tal Shiar-dominated Romulan Empire. The Republic is aligned with both the Federation and Klingon Empire, and provides a home for both Romulans and Remans fleeing the more oppressive Empire. Along with the Federation and Klingon Empire, the Republic is a playable faction in Star Trek Online



* Tovan, Veril, and Satra are the initial bridge officers the PC gets following the first few missions along the Romulan faction track in STO





Audraya Wesley, CAPT, Starfleet

Commanding Officer

USS Comanche Creek, NCC-214

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