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Cptn Swain

Good Work and Thanks

Excalibur sailed through the remains of the Ianlia Expanse and into open space. In the Ready Room, Asher Swain and Ah-Windu Corizon waited patiently as the operations staff completed an uplink to Camelot Station. “You sure you don’t want Aleksandr here,” Corizon said as Camelot insignia appeared on the screen, indicating the connection had been made.


“No,” Asher said, glancing away for a moment. “We’ll transfer him down to talk after we’re done.” Corizon nodded, though Asher wondered when Corizon had become the more empathic Captain.


A few moments later Misha Abronvoncih filled the screen, a tired, worried look on his face. “Captain Swain,” he said, then moving his head towards Corizon, “Ah-Windu. I assume you have a report?”


“Yes, sir.”


“Is he alive?”


“Yes,” Asher said after a moment. “He’s alive and well. A little shaken up, but all things considered he’s fine. He’s waiting for you on the other line once we’re done.”


Abronvonvich closed his eyes, muttering something even Corizon couldn’t make out, but that he thought might have been a prayer of thanks. “Thank God,” the admiral finally said. “Thank God, and thank both of you -- but especially you Asher. I don’t -- I don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to him. I... thank you.”


Asher nodded. “It was a team effort, sir. My whole crew is really to thank. Especially the team who rescued him and Arrain N’Dak from the Jem’Hadar base.”


“The Romulan survived as well?”


“Yes,” Corizon interjected. “Enarrain N’Dak is most grateful for our assistance, as you can imagine.”


“I can most certainly imagine,” Abronvich said, his voice crackly. “How he feels.” For a moment all three men let the conversation lapse, before the Admiral started again. “I get the feeling though, and maybe it’s because I’ve just sort of come to expect these sort of things, that not all your news is good news. How did the raid go?”


And now comes the hard part. Asher looked to Corizon, letting him take the lead. “From talking to both your son and Arrain N’Dak, it appears that after Excalibur dispatched two of their vessels, the Jem’Hadar leader -- I’ll have more about him in a written report for you, shortly -- decided to take the weapon and leave. He left them ‘as a show of mercy...’”


“Mercy?” the Admiral said incredulously, his usual crusty-tone returning. “That’s not exactly a Jem’Hadar trait...”


“I agree,” Corizon continued with Asher’s blessing of a nod. “It seems likely he wished to slow us down, knowing we’d attempt to rescue the hostages instead of pursuing them.”


“I see. So what’s the status of their weapon?”


“Unknown, but nearing completion. My people are going over the reports from your son and the Romulan officer now, as well as scans of the lab where the device was being worked on -- their initial findings will be included in Captain Corizon’s report.”


“Good,” Misha said, “Good. The sooner I can get that report -- the better. I have call planned with Starfleet Command in an hour -- they want to brief the president as soon as possible.”


“You’ll have it as soon as we can get it compiled,” Asher said with a nod. “We’re also attempting to track ion trails that could belong to the rogue Jem’hadar, but as you can imagine that’s not an easy task.”


“No, I can’t imagine it is.” Misha glanced towards someone offscreen handing him a PADD. “Captain, I want to thank you again, personally, for rescuing Aleksandr. I also want to thank you for your level head during all this -- both of you -- have done tremendously under the circumstances. Whatever happens after this, I want you to know that.


“For now, Excalibur should break off its pursuit of the rogue Jem'Hadar. Even if you could find them -- there’s a good chance you’d be in over your head alone. Report back to Camelot as quickly as possible. “


Swain nodded. “Of course, sir. Is there anything else I should brief my staff on?”


“Not as of yet, but if that changes I’ll let you know. Again thank you both, but if you don’t mind -- I’d like to speak to my son now.”


“Of course...”

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