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Rhan K'hal

Nice Work & Never Expect a Cat to Follow the Rules

((takes place 2 hours after end of 2016-07-17 sim)


Rhan walked into his quarters and headed straight for the replicator, a minor luxury after the powered down days when the Klingon cloak was operating. With refreshing drink and nibbles in hand, he slid into an armchair and lazily munched his way through the plate. When finished, he left the plate on the nearby table and slumped down in the seat.


"Computer, begin encrypted message, no priority markings, recipient: Commander Ithene Vallorn." The computer chimed its compliance, and Mreh began reciting his message, in that lazy California surfer boy accent that seems so out of place coming from a Cait.


"Well, that was fun, wasn't it? Hopefully you're already sleeping off that headache as I speak, or will be shortly. In any case, I thought I would drop you this message for a few reasons.


First I wanted to thank you for the work you did during the transit of that area. Working as navigator through all of that would have been impossible without your work on the backend. I may have been able to suss some of it out on my own thanks to everything I learned from my father, but not while trying to keep up with the real-time craziness of those gravitational eddies.


I know we have a rather," he paused momentarily, looking for the right word. "Unpredictable working relationship due to our own individual informalities, but I do greatly respect your work; and you, even if my irreverence sometimes seems to indicate otherwise.


I also respect your stubbornness, but in this case I can pretty much guarantee that the Doc is not going to clear you for anything but light duty for a while. You probably shouldn't have been up there to begin with, but we needed you. And I can see that satisfied smirk.


Anyway, I might have a solution that will keep you busy and out of trouble for a bit. Even though this is another one of those zipped-lip missions, I took the ah... liberty of recording the data on the Groundhog Hole Patch (my own pet name for the area, 'Gravitic Navigational Hazard Area Γ003' doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, even a nimble Cait's tongue such as my own). All of the data is encrypted, so I'm including the encryption key as an attachment so you can access it.


No Starfleet officer has had a chance to study a region quite like that before, as I'm sure you know; I'm also sure you'd like to get back into your lab and do some real science instead of running around on espionage missions, falling on unsuspecting Caits (no I will never let it go), or testing the tensile strength of your own skull. It will make for quite a paper. Wouldn't be the first time a Starfleet officer had to submit to a journal with the data redacted, either.


In any case, I imagine since we're barreling head-on with the Starfleet banner flying in the solar wind toward a hostile base, we're not going to be needing much on-site science. Plus if we manage to rescue our charges, we'll be +2 on scientists anyway.


Do you think it would be in bad taste to tell Lieutenant Abronvonvich how much of a jackass his father is? Well, he probably already knows." Rhan waved it away before taking another liberal sip of his beverage before closing out his message.


"Rest that pretty head of yours and don't get any more lumps on it, and enjoy the data."


"Computer, end message. Attach encryption key K'hal τ48β6. Encrypt and transmit." With the satisfying sound of an affirmative chime from the system, Rhan took the remnants of his last meal back over to the replicator and recycled them before chucking off his clothes and falling into bed. Like any good Cait, he had no trouble falling asleep.

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