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Cptn Swain

Infections and Apostates

These are springs without water and mists driven by a storm, for whom the black darkness has been reserved.


First Romat’la restrained himself from the reflexive instinct to look as heard the door to the sanctum open. “Yes?” he remained focused on his mediation “Why do you disturb me, second?”


“The Alpha Quadrant ship has entered the spatial disturbances,” Second Etherin’Ka said flatly. “I have dispatched two fighters to deal with them.”


“Very well,” Romat’la said, his attention still focused on the shrine before him. “Was there anything else?”


“Yes,” the second said. “We have secured additional ketracel supplies with the raid on Nepon-J4. Would you like to distribute them or...”


“See to it yourself.”


“Of course, First.”


“Then go with the blessing of the Founders. Victory is life.”


“Life is victory.”


The doors slid shut behind the second, leaving Romat’la alone again in the dimly lit sanctum that had once belonged to his Vorta overlord. A frown creeped across the stony features of the Jem’hadar. Vorta he nearly spit the word. They had lost their way. They had led the Dominion astray, forsaken the will of the Founders. They had allowed the infection of the Alpha Quadrant races to spread to the Dominion. They had retreated in the face of the mortal enemies of the Founders and made deals with them.


In time, he said to himself, the Vorta apostates would be dealt with but first we must rid ourselves of the infections. He paused, considering something that had not occurred to him until now.


“Second,” Romat’la rose, tapping the communicator on his wrist. “Withold the White from the Alphas. They too are afflicted and we must purge them from our ranks.”


“Yes, First Romat’la,” came his second without hesitation. “As you will it.”


“It is the will of the Founders.”

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