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William Chocox

Fixing the Ardent

“Wait, you KNOW Captain Corizon?” William chuckled softly at Val’s tone when the realization hit her.


“Know is a fairly strong word, it’d be better to say that I have occupied the same area as him and have been in a meeting with him.” he said as he stripped the injector down. “And he was intimidating. Especially for a crewman such as yourself.”


After they got the injector stripped down they got to work setting up the jury rigged set up to get the Ardent back to civilization. Luckily the parts William had brought over from the Excalibur were enough to get an ugly, but effective, patch done.


“Well, that should hold you until you can get back to a proper spacedock.” William said as they put the panels back in place over the injector. “So, what’s next on our list of things that need be taken care of?”


“Replicators and communications.” Val responded.


“Communications should be the first one. I’m sure K’hal is tired of having to fax orders between the two ships.”


Val nodded as they walked towards the communications hub. Between the two of them they were able to make somewhat quick work of the damage, chatting along the way.


“So, what was that about blowing up the EPS system?” Val asked. William laughed to himself before launching into the story, eventually finishing everything up and heading back to Excalibur.

Edited by William Chocox

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