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The Visit

((Joint log, Jylliene and Jorahl. Log events transpire during the sim of 5/13/2016.))




With the station on lockdown, Jylliene had not anticipated going anywhere; the summons to the shipyard, though, was approved. The officer therefore soon found herself transported off Aegis, all appropriate documentation having been filed with security to cover herself as the investigation continued. Exhaling as she stepped off the platform, the Trill made her way to the shipyard command center. I wonder how many monitors he has here? she thought to herself with a slight smile as she neared her destination.


Jorahl stood by one of the holographic design stations. Work on the Aegean-class ships could be seen on all the monitors and down in the drydocks below. A different ship design seemed to have the SubCommander’s attention at the moment, though. Jylliene’s presence hadn’t gone unnoticed -- he waited for her to formally present herself before looking up.


“SubCommander,” she greeted. “How may I be of service?”


“Lieutenant Commander.” He stood tall, folding his arms behind his back. “I am needing preparations made for the assignment of a Romulan ship to this section. While their assignment will have them working throughout the sector, Aegis will be their home base.”


She nodded slightly. A Romulan ship? Perhaps to see to the security of the refugees? “Of course. Is Starfleet aware yet of their assignment?”


“The assignment is not going through the normal channels. Romulan Fleet Command has much of their time taken up with seeing to Romulus. Certain affairs are being left to Senatorial and other independently operated fleets.” He lifted an eyebrow waiting to see what deeper questions this might entice.


“It will draw attention, and tensions are slightly elevated with the investigation of the An-Ward representatives’ death and disappearances, not to mention the Nei’rrh’s mission. I am sure you have some idea in mind of how you would like this handled from my end?”


“The vessel has yet to depart Romulan space so I am quite sure we will be on to some other disaster by the time it arrives. In other regards I will be responsible for the upkeep and welfare of this ship and its crew. Repayment of any burden on Aegis will be handled by myself. This however is not to be publicly known.”


Jylliene nodded.


“You may speak freely of the matter with Captain Ramson. She is aware of the arrangement.” That unnerving look Jorahl could get crept onto his face. “This will not be shared with anyone else. Anyone. Understood?”


“I understand, SubCommander. Captain Ramson and no other,” she replied. Yep, there was the Jorahl she remembered.


Jorahl turned and took a PADD from the nearby console. Handing it to Jylliene, he explained, “These are the specifics of the vessel, her crew, and typical supply load outs. Please provide quarters on Aegis for those who wish to stay over when in dock. All other documentation will come through Captain Ramson.”


“Of course, sir. Is there anything more I should know?” she asked. I am going to need a drink when I get back. How the elements does he plan to keep this from Chirakis?


“Not at this time.” With that, the SubCommander returned his attention to his work.

Jylliene nodded again, even as he had already turned away. “Have a good evening,” she added, and proceeded back toward the transporter. Elements. This should prove interesting.

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