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They Are Coming

Tarisa had just entered her quarters and was in a pretty good mood. She had just had an interesting conversation with the station’s shadowy guest. “Hmm…” she stopped a moment, as she just had an idea for a name. She would have to run it by him the next opportunity. After the visit she had stopped by Nijil tr’Korjata’s quarters to discuss an idea for a training program. The engineer was very interested in helping, as he seemed to be quite bored. His experience in holodeck programming would be needed since Tarisa lacked in that particular skill.


As she entered her quarters, Tarisa braced herself. On many occasions her pet mechanical spider/turtle/thing, Skitters had a knack for trying to get out of the room to explore the massive station. This time, however, it seemed he was resting in his charging station. Smiling, the young Mithraan quietly walked by to make her way to her replicator. After ordering a hot tea, she sat at her private computer terminal and began hashing out ways to use her training program. Maybe she would pool from different race databases; Humans, Vulcans, Romulans, maybe even Klingons, possibly a couple others. Don’t want to overdo it at first. The being might gravitate towards a specific race to assist him in learning, or seeking as he put it.


Tarisa was quite relaxed as she sipped her tea, thinking of ideas, when she noticed at the bottom of her computer screen there was a blinking light, indicating a message. Pressing a button, the message popped open, revealing the symbol for the Mithraan Ministry of Science. Tarisa almost immediately began coughing as she almost choked on her tea, prompting Skitters to activate. The little mechanical critter made a few low toned beeps and blurts before moving over to Tarisa, slowly climbing up the chair to rest on her shoulder. Patting Skitters on his metal head, she began reading the message.



“Greetings Duelle Tarisa of Clan Laeda,


It has come to our attention that you have not yet completed your Keywah Evaluation. While we understand you now have obligations to the Federation and Starfleet, it is still important for every young Mithraan to complete the rituals that our patrons and foremothers have laid before us. With that said, though you may not presently be able to return to Mithra to complete the ritual, we can not overlook tradition. Therefore, we have sent a delegation to your Sky Harbor Aegis to begin the Keywah. Our delegates look forward to the hospitality you and the staff of your station will provide.


May Yuca and her children bless you in the days to come.”



Tarisa began sulking as she finished reading the message. This was something she had been dreading, and honestly was hoping to avoid since becoming a Starfleet officer. Unfortunately it was apparent it could not be averted. At least she had some time to prepare… Her eyes trailed down to the time stamp at that thought. “It was sent over a week ago?!” She shot straight up from her chair, knocking Skitters to the floor. He blurted a few tones, flipping himself upright and wandering off.


A frantic panic set in now on Tarisa as she was as tense as could be. There was no time now. No time to prepare for the inevitable. They were coming.

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