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Command Notifications and Contemplations

Audraya stepped into her and TIfa’s quarters, and peeled out of her undersuit, leaving it on the floor for after her shower. She’d always disliked extended EV missions, the confines of the suit weighing down on her shoulders, the sound of her own breathing amplified in her ears. Ever since the Battle of Vulcan, darkness compounded her problems. Irrational they may be, but they were her terrors- they brought back the memories of being trapped in the Entente’s emergency bridge after the attack by Nero. No lights, no air, no gravity, no heat; vacuum just on the other side of the bulkhead. No hope of survival… Audraya shook her head, trying to get those morose thoughts out out of her mind.


Steam billowed billowed out of the bathroom as she entered, and slipped into the stream of hot water. Sure, Shalin was going to yell at her for water wastage, but she didn’t care. The hot water pounded her back, washing the perspiration and tension out of her. It was probably the second best tension relief she could have.


Wrapped in a robe, she left the bathroom and moved towards her office. “Message for Admiral Coyote. Post refit shakedown at Sigma 759 proving grounds has been suspended. We’ve run into an abandoned ship that drifted into the exercise area. Quantum scans indicate the vessel is around two hundred thousand years old. Yes, Crash, I said 2 hundred thousand years old.


“WIth negative lifesigns and heavy carbon scoring on the hull, we slowed the ship’s tumble and docked. Investigations are ongoing, however we discovered remains onboard the vessel- human, or human-derivative; synthroids and pure mechanoids. It’s speculated that the synthroids are both infiltration and command unit, with the mechanoids their centurions. Doctor T’Aral’s autopsy and analysis reports are appended.


“The vessel itself doesn’t comply with standard ship design. The bridge is buried deep within the armored hull. There are no visible FTL drives; however Commander Shalin’s team is currently conducting deep analysis of the vessel’s engineering section. Weapons systems seem to be comprised of solid and explosive shot railgun rounds and conventional and nuclear tipped missiles. We’re currently have teams looking over the small craft bays. That report will be appended upon completion.


“Commander Shalin has got power and life support operational by tying in three fighter power plants into their power grid. Doctor T’Aral and her staff are currently monitoring personnel for unidentified microbial infection. Appended is Commander Kvar’s report and translation matrix of their language, as are all sensor logs of the ship.


“I just have one question, Admiral- Can we keep her?”

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To: CPT Audraya Wesley

From: RADM Shauna Walking Coyote

Re: Sigma 759 - Salvage Operations


Captain Wesley:


I’ve received your report.


Excellent work - as usual - from you and your crew. Salvage operations will move forward; continue to gather what information and equipment that you can.


Yes. We may keep it.


- Admiral Coyote


PS: Captain Calestorm says, and I quote, “ooooOOOOOoooo…sounds like fun!”, unquote.

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