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O Captain! my Captain! me Captain?

[Jylliene - Sometime during TBS of 2/12 - 2/19/16]


It had been a very unusual turn of events that had led to Jylliene being in command of the away team. She was used to holding down the CnC from time to time, but there was a distinct difference between “You have the conn” while the captain or commander were accessible and taking command when they were not.


She liked seeing how everything fit together. It was why she had chosen to pursue Operations versus Science. While she enjoyed studies in science as she grew up, she also tended to be a gofer when it came to her teachers, family, friends - always willing to go fetch whatever. Though it seemed petty, over time, she came to anticipate what was needed in familiar situations, and would be the one to remind her parents that they were out of this, or low on that, in anticipation of a coming event. She was a planner, and taking care of such responsibilities led to learning more and more of the network of needs that had to come together for a larger purpose. It wasn’t that far removed from what she liked best of science, all told - seeing the interconnectedness of things.


Operations, then, was her choice. She saw it as a logical extension of those proclivities. Make sure everything is coming together, is prepared for whatever may come, as best one can determine it. She was nearly wishing for something akin to Commander Jorahl’s bank of screens - it would come in handy given life on Aegis, which had been a lesson in expecting the unexpected (understatement).


She had to consider where she would go from here. Eventually, there would be opportunities (if she didn’t screw things up, that is). What did she want to do, beyond Aegis and/or beyond Ops? What would she say if she had the chance to advance in command? And how would such opportunities affect or be affected by a husband and child? Nijil and Annisha would limit her options.


Cold, she thought. No, just admitting the obvious. What you do about it, that’s what makes it cold. She supposed she hadn’t really thought about any of that before pursuing their relationship to this level. She would not sacrifice her family for -


Her family. She smiled slightly. It was a welcome and a sobering realization. They already felt like family, acted like family, were family, save for official vows and signatures and paperwork (and dresses, and food, and guests, and making sure Annisha doesn’t get herself into trouble during the event, and…)


Stop. Anyways. She would not sacrifice them for advancement. If opportunities arose that she could accept with them, fantastic, whether on Aegis or elsewhere. But she knew anything of a more typical Federation posting would likely be out. And when it came down to it, she liked serving here, whether it had been under Captain Chirakis or under Captain Ramson. Two very different styles, but both effective, and ones she meshed with. Where else would she experience sentient tree peoples, droid cores, Horta, past civilizations blasting them with some Elements-forsaken mix of disparate musical styles (she could have done without that), and so on? Things could never be described as dull here.

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