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Cloak and Haggered

[Joint log, Jylliene and Nijil, shortly after the events of the sim of 1/22/16]


Jylliene sat at the captain’s chair, sorting through her thoughts, recording them in a personal log for the later report that she was sure she’d be making to Captain Ramson, at the very least. Though the tree people and cores had been friendly on the planet, they had entrapped Ramson in order to communicate with her. As they found her back where she had originally been held, Jylliene inferred that the droid core was already impersonating Ramson when “she” had helped them out of the chamber and accompanied them out and to the Aegean. Captain Ramson was not a hostile person, in her experience, and Jylliene could only assume that the Tree people would have, had they asked, been told what kind of aid the Federation could lend. Either they didn’t ask, she presumed, or they didn’t like what they heard.


Their actions seemed to be of a desperate people trying to fight back against the attackers, but in doing so, they had kidnapped/held Ramson, impersonated the officer and attempted to persuade Aegean to attack - no, not persuade, but coming from the apparent captain, order.


Hm. Well, no, not quite that. The core had not ordered an attack as Ramson, but had said it was their - no, your only chance. You could set back their war effort, it had said, and that it would lead if they would follow. It did stop short of actually just ordering Aegean to attack, though such a suggestion carried a different weight coming from the impersonated captain versus, say, an impersonated Ops officer.


The droid cores had infiltrated Aegis previously. And they stole the cloaking technology, decloaking Aegean in a very vulnerable position. At least they did try to shield Aegean from the blasts from the attackers while the captain was recovered, but… well, at least they did do that.


Jylliene regretted not having caught on a bit faster, as well as not having tried to ask the core for some explanation before it fled. Now, with the additional security of the task force escorting, they were heading back toward Aegis and leaving the newly found race to their fate. Not knowing what led to this fight, she just could not have imagined jumping in the middle. They may have sent cores elsewhere, and had been seen as aggressors, triggering such a retaliation. Surely the past events of the miners vs. the Horta were a reminder that there were at least two sides to each story.


Taken out of context, their actions could indeed have been grounds for an attack, and yet, she was still seeing them as the victims of the attack they had just witnessed. Who were these other beings? And when back on Aegis, would they someday find themselves regretting not having gone along with the core, who would have known more about the others’ strategies and weaknesses, and seizing the opportunity they had?


Jylliene hit the com. “Bridge to engineering. Status of the cloak, Subcommander?”


A hint of frustration slipped out in Korjata's response. "It will be a few more minutes. Beaming out something is easier than placing it exactly where you found it. The device shut down as it was beamed over there, which is good since as active it could overreact. Clearly they knew a little bit about how the technology operates." A crash was heard in the background. He spoke to someone away from him.


"Hey, <muffled> to watch that. Sever that connection and this repair is ten hours."


His voice was louder. "Sorry about that...engineers," he huffed. "You should have the cloak at 90% function in 15 minutes."


She smiled slightly. Engineers like you, e’lev, she thought. “Intact and reliable is more important than fast in this case. We’re under escort; there’s no rush. Thank you, Nijil. Bridge out.”


Moments later, just enough time for Jylliene to sit down, a message came to her on the Captain's station.


Nijil: The cloak technology was copied and likely reverse-engineered. Let's hope these droid cores are on our side, or not captured themselves. Please note this in your talks with Captain Ramson once she returns.


Jylliene: Already planned to. So far, they seem to be non-hostile, but it will be noted.


Should make for an interesting talk, Jylliene thought, and wondered what she would learn from Ramson about her experience.

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