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Nijil tr'Korjata

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle


by Jylliene and Nijil, after arrival on the Aegean, before the sim of 1/8/16.


The Aegean was indeed a beautiful craft. This seemed even more so to Jylliene when returning after an away mission, and more still when it was a challenging one. Admittedly, the team’s safety really had not been under threat; more possible would have been an innocent misunderstanding that might have left them unprotected on the surface with no way of contacting the Aegean before succumbing to exposure to radiation, the elements… whatever. One wondered what those who might eventually have found their naked corpses would have thought.


It mattered little now. Their experiences would be logged, and hopefully, the next group to explore this place would be prepared. With ropes. And signal boosters. And extra clothing, just in case. Failing that, with a Caitian who was ridiculously good at parkour, even if her eagerness frustrated those who were trying to ensure that they didn’t lose another crew member. Though Jylliene had, in the moment, planned to write her up, the relief of finding Captain Ramson, as well as the passing time between then and their return to the Aegean, gave her a chance to reconsider. A talk at some point, perhaps, just to make sure she understood Jylliene’s concern and why the Trill was upset by the Lieutenant’s rush to action.


Later. Right now, a quick cup of coffee would be most welcome.




Everyone single-filed off the shuttle onto the more solid deck plating of the Aegean's bay, relieved to be done with whatever that last mission turned out to be. Sentient crystals, intelligent tree branches able to move Rihan engineers with no effort, or perhaps something they were not yet supposed to understand. Regardless many of the team would head to freshen up with a sonic shower or brighten up with the hottest coffee the replicator could muster. Nijil had decided to shower while drinking his coffee, but...


"Commander Kital," a roughed up looking Nijil spoke as she walked a few people ahead. "something I wish to show you back at the shuttle." He waited for the perked up eyes, nod, then turn around.


“Of course,” Jylliene replied. Coffee. I hope it involves coffee.


Nijil walked quickly back inside the shuttle they had just arrived in and waited deep within it for Jylliene. No nosy engineer, merely performing their duty, was starting flight maintenance. Just her and him.


“What is it?” she asked him.


He wasted no time reaching at the back of her head with one hand and bringing her in for a long-awaited kiss. Nijil locked lips for the better part of 30 seconds before letting her go. "I've waited a long while for something like that Jylliene, work and all. Our duties take up so much time, I thought I could stop time, if only for a little while." He then caressed her shoulders with each hand, then tugged her in for an embrace. "This is far better than having a tree hug you. Are you hungry at all?"


“For a few things, thanks to your greeting, but most of that will need to wait. A quick meal would be good,” she replied.


Nijil released her from his hold. "Not these replicators," he said, tilting his head towards the shuttle replicator. "Besides, they will report us as missing. Let's go."




They both had their small trays of food and drink from the Aegean mess hall in hand and searched for a place to sit. On a ship relatively small the place was packed. A center, but familiar table stood unoccupied. Nijil nodded his head in the direction of the vacant table and chairs.


"Look at this, just like old times. I think this is the same table."


Jylliene chuckled. “It may be,” she agreed. “It’s been a while since that day. A lot has happened.”


"You can say that, not to mention a bit of our bonding planning has taken a back-seat." He smiled in a don't-worry look, then he did worry. "I think Annisha said she'd finished the arrangements, surely she does not have access to our files." His eyes went wide as he stared into Jylliene's eyes for reassurance.


“Where it concerns Annisha, I’d suggest she quite possibly could, unless you locked it down very well,” Jylliene replied with a grin.


Nijil started to speak, but reached for his cup instead, merely nodding. "Jylliene, you were quite impressive on the away team, and I'm not just saying that as someone who has certain connections with you." He cleared his throat. "I knew you were capable, but seeing you in action out there I'm sure the rank of Captain can't be far off, if you desire that."


With a slight blush, she smiled at him. “Whether or not that’s true, it can wait. I’m sure there’s quite a bit more to learn before that kind of advancement.” She took a sip of her coffee, then added, “Thank you.”


"It involves wearing a lot of black and seclusion in your office collection of daggers," he laughed. "I'm just glad you did not have to bring home my upper half and my lower half. I knew I was being held by something more powerful than any of us and that I was powerless to do anything about it." He paused while munching on bread. "So what now, head back to Aegis? I'm not entirely sure how this all fits into what's been going on."


“The pieces will fall into place eventually. It’s just a question of whether we see it as it happens, or simply the results after. And yes, I believe we’re likely heading back toward Aegis,” she replied.


"Like the reservations I placed for our honeymoon, those will just fall into pla-" he stopped. "You did not hear me say that. This Rihan said nothing."


“Mhm. Nothing.” Jylliene took another sip of her coffee, a relaxed grin on her face. With a slight sigh, she added, “We should hurry.”

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