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Finishing off a discussion

STSF_Scooter -> ::points at the inner door:: Now what's that?

Shalin -> The door to the Captain's head?

STSF_Scooter -> ::stands and walks over to it...entering:: Sure doesn't look like a head to me.

Shalin -> ... then I don't know, Ma'am. The remodelers came through ... I never actually went in there.

STSF_Scooter -> Understandable then.

Shalin -> :: Peeks behind the Captain, suddenly curious ... ::


The lights came up, revealing the Captain’s At Sea cabin. It wasn’t much anyway, just a single bunk and a locker for spare uniforms; it gave Audraya a place to rest during extended alert conditions or when patrolling a particularly nasty portion of the border. “I guess it’ll do. But needs a different shade of paint in here. The ‘Battleship Grey’ is going to get really depressing, really fast.

“Now then, Mr. Shalin, how quickly can your staff reconfigure new quarters?”

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