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Kansas JoNs - Executive Officer

= = Starfleet Service Profile = =

= = Omega 13 Clearance = =

= = Begin Transmission Stream = =


Name: Kansas Vacer (pronounced Vayser) JoNs

Mission Call Sign: Taboo Cat


Species: Caitian

Tribe: Honor-Scar

Clan: Shadow Pride


Age: 40 Standard Years

Height: 5'3

Weight: 132


Physical Characteristics: Earth Leonine feline in appearance, very fast and agile. Her fur color is gold with an auburn mane/hair and green eye color. The Light auburn striped pattern on forehead and forearms is due to Kzinti genetics within the JoNs bloodline.


Medical Considerations: Preventive flea treatment drops every four months as needed, meat protein booster shots every four to six months as needed, regular monitoring of heart to prevent the onset of the common heart defect disease associated with the Caitian genetic code


Personal Background: K. Vacer JoNs was born on the planet of Cait in the year 2221 to a middle-class family with a history of military service roots in the Caitian Ground Militia (CGM) and the Caitian Sector Patrol (CSP). Early generations in the CGM were of the enlisted ranks, though later generations would begin to transition service to the CSP as the Cait government authorized advancement of the planetary space exploration program.


She is a distant relative to Shaow Seval JoNs, originally serving on the UES Challenger under the Interspecies Officer Exchange program in the 2150's.


The tribal name of 'Honorscar' tribe name can be traced to Shaow, owing to a scar sustained to her left eyebrow while serving on the Caitian militia vessel CMS Howl Cry; Shaow put herself at risk when rescuing two fellow crewmates during a ship to ship skirmish with frontier smugglers and was caught in a blow out when one of the secondary auxiliary consoles blew. In keeping with Caitian custom, her vessel's commander and the ships complement - and later with her own family in a separate ceremony - took part in a naming ceremony to bestow this title, informing all Caitian tribes that the scar was received for an honorable act. Any succeeding generations in her direct bloodline will carry this tribal name.


There is a maternal cousin, Jagrissa Shaow Thracer Honor-Scar, currently serving on the USS Comanche Creek.


Education: JoNs received a college education, choosing to major in combined studies of Galactic History and General Communications. To meet the requirements for the Reserve Officers Training Corps, she completed a two year work study course assigned to the CSP Howl Cry CX-01A at the rank of cadet. The young Caitian accepted an assignment to the beginning studies within the field of security.


She attended Starfleet Academy under the Interspecies Exchange Program, continuing her studies in security and tactics. Upon completion of the four year course curriculum, JoNs was assigned to the USS Farragut for her senior cadet deep space assignment, receiving advanced training in sniper, hand to hand combat and small unit tactics.


Starfleet Special Operations Background/SEAL (Sea/Space, Air & Land) Division: K. Vacer was approached and recruited into the SEAL program under the Starfleet Special Operations Command program in 2247. Upon completion of the BUD/S she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and assigned team lead of Seal Team Raptor. As a Caitian felinoid, she is well suited mentally and physically and cleared for most environments though she is not overly fond of swamps.


Service Background:


2249: SS Tironium Mule: A marauder faction not affiliated with the Klingon government attacked and breached a civilian cargo ship contracted by the Starfleet Colonial Division. Infiltrating the compromised cargo vessel, JoNs and her team managed to extract all crew with the exception of two officers; the first officer succumbed to wounds received and the chief engineer had been executed early on in the situation.


2254: Omega Delta: Orion scout raiders descended on the civilian held research station, taking hostages and stripping the station for parts and supplies. The station, located along a much contested area of the Federation-Outlands border, has long been a target for thieves. Lieutenant Commander JoNs was deployed with her team to infiltrate, rescue any survivors, and given the full authority to dispatch any hostiles. The Caitian and her squad encountered a higher estimate of opposition numbers then originally reported. The majority of the station staff and civilians had been rescued and accounted for, though not all had been rescued. Unable to re-take the station without the risk of unacceptable casualties, JoNs gave the order for her team to retreat. A Starfleet Inquiry Board investigated the incident as the lieutenant's original orders were to sweep the entire station for survivors. Squad testimony and combat scanner recordings of the mission were reviewed and the feliniod officer was exonerated from any possible charges.


2258: Battle Of Vulcan: At the time of the Nero attacks, JoNs was serving as the Chief Tactical Intelligence Officer (CTIO) on the USS Fort Mifflin, a Saladin class scout vessel attached to Starfleet Special Operations Command. Most of the ships 80+ crew, along with the other Starfleet vessels who responded to the planetary distress call, managed to survive the initial onslaught of the Battle of Vulcan. The command officers made the decision to shut down all non essential ships systems on the critically damaged patrol vessel and drifted among the debris of the battlefield. Only by maintaining silence was it possible for the crew to survive until the Starfleet rescue teams mobilized.


2259: USS Washington’s Crossing: JoNs was tapped for command and promoted to the rank of Commander. The SpecOps vessel remained attached to the First Threat Response Program under the direction of the Starfleet Border Patrol for the duration of JoNs’ command. She and her crew were most often assigned missions involving reconnaissance and


Psychological Profile: K. Vacer JoNs is in her element with field operations or situations that require an officer able to take a situation as it comes and to think on their feet and not constrained by regulations as to be unable to function. As a felinoid descended from plains dwelling forebears, her brain and reflexes are hardwired into thousands of years of feline evolution. JoNs is a natural predator, athlete and hunter and built to stalk her prey and then take down the target in the most efficient manner possible. She can be moody, exhibiting the usual outward signs associated with felines and felinoid species: ear movement, growling, or tail lashing and the like when she is angry or frustrated, or purring when she is happy. She is territorial, and this predilection is purely an animal instinct. While not easily provoked or angered, there is a flash fire of a temper lurking under the surface and this is also the result of her animal instincts.


Her 'Taboo Cat' mission code name is the result of an early assignment with the SEAL division. While on route to a drop zone, the communications technician of the infiltration team jokingly noted that in some cultures, having a cat was considered bad luck. When then Lieutenant JoNs pointed out that she was not a black cat, another teammate commented that she was probably a taboo cat all the same and the name stuck. While not generally pleased with the development at the time, JoNs understood that it was a natural development for teams, especially Humans, to bestow nicknames upon one another. She has grown fond of ‘Taboo Cat’ over the years.


= = = = = Audio Addendum = = = = =


Doctor Puri recording…there has been no notable changes to K. Vacer JoNs's psychological profile. Commander JoNs is cleared for service as of November 24, 2257. End profile record, case number SC9393. Signed, Doctor Puri*, M.D., Starfleet Medical Command, Earth


= = = = = Audio Addendum = = = = =


Current Assignment:


Posting: USS Comanche Creek, Starfleet Border Patrol First Threat Response Program Rank: Commander, O-5

Position: Executive Officer


= = Starfleet Service Profile = =

= = Omega 13 Clearance = =

= = End Transmission Stream = =


**Copyright Notes


- Caitian heart defect information copyright FASA Star Trek RPG source books (1983)

- Dr. Puri is copyright Star Trek 11/CBS; I don't own the character, I just play in the universe.

- Character biography information is copyright by the author 2011-2016

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