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Where in the 'verse is Audraya? Or How I spent my refit

Moonshines Diner

Dusty Ford, New Topeka

1130 hours, local

SD 2261.362


Audraya slid into the booth and settled down on the vinyl-covered bench. Moonshines, in Dusty Ford (a misnomer of a town name, since it was on the coast), was your typical, cliche’d 1950’s diner- good, cheap food; decent service, lots of shiny chrome and easy to clean vinyl. She’d found the place while scoping out sites to retire to. Audraya was, as she was fond of pointing out, not getting any younger. She was a week into her three week leave before going TDY to one of the Epsilon stations.


The waitress, Margo, had just placed a mug of coffee on the table, after taking her order. A sip passed Audraya’s lips, the hot caffeinated beverage waking her up even more than the early morning call from the realtor’s office. “Commander Wesley?”


She looked up from her mug, and narrowed her eyes. “Major Mulder, I see Starfleet Office of Special Investigations has gotten a new tailor. What do I have the misfortune of your visit this time?”


“We want you to return to T’tooine.”


“Excuse me, Major, but I recall barely getting out of there the last time alive. And with two members of my crew kidnapped by my late brother. Which,” Audraya’s voice dropped since she wasn’t sure how much of their rescue mission was and/or wasn’t classified, “resulted in our ‘participation’ in Operation Whiteout. And let’s not forget the last time you came to debrief and interrogate me.”


Scully spoke up. “Commander, we’re not sending you in to be an agent. We’re sending you to bust J’bba’s wide open. Mareena, and some local assets, have provided quite a treasure trove of information about that establishment. Slavery, narcotics, weapons trafficking, fencing; you name the vice, J’bba has his hand in it. We believe that your aunt wants him shut down.”


With the a snarl forming, Scooter looked at the two OSI agents. “I don’t care what Mareena wants. She and I haven’t seen eye to eye since Commodore Wesley rescued me, considering my own family sold me as chattel.”


Mulder tossed a tablet on the table. “You remember Juverna?” Audraya nodded. “Seems J’bba’s got something in store for her. And it’s not pretty. That Augment you were working with, Log’n, tipped us off that there’s to be an auction in a few weeks.”


Dos srowSscha*,” she growled at Mulder in Low Kolari. “How dare you bring that up.”


“Commander,” Scully said, placatingly, “my partner wanted to make you aware of J’bba’s trafficking. We want you to lead a crack team of agents to liberate his sentient merchandise, destroy his warehouses, and bring him back for trial.”


Senger vel'bol oolos nindolen dhynen tlu*” Audraya muttered. “You think it’s going to be that easy? Walk in, capture J’bba, free the slaves, and destroy the warehouse? By the old gods, you people live in a white tower.”


“Commander, your current orders have already been rescinded as has your leave. There’s a Vanguard-class shuttle waiting to take you and the team you’re to lead at the airport,” Mulder said.


“Do I at least have time to tell Commander Kvar what’s happening?”


“You do,” Scully said. The redhead did understand, even if it wasn’t 100% protocol for this.


“Thank you Major.”


Mulder looked put out as he retrieved the tablet from the table. “Shuttle leaves at 1330, Commander, pad 34. Stay in your civilian clothes.”



Scooter sat in the parking lot of the local coastguard station, tablet in hand. “Dearest Tifa, I don’t want you to worry about me. OSI is really starting to annoy me; they’ve ‘volunteered’ me again for one of their operations. It’s a planet that we both know far too well, kind of a white out world. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’ll still try to write while I’m gone.

“The ship, I don’t know if you’ve heard, is in spacedock for a full rebuild. Hopefully, you’ll be assigned to Wile E.’s office for the duration. She could probably use the help.

“Your ever loving,



Dos srowSscha- You scumbag

Senger vel'bol oolos nindolen dhynen tlu "Lord what fools these mortals be!" Puck,A Midsummer's Night Dream, III.ii

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Malcolm Reed Memorial Airport

Dusty Ford, New Topeka

1315 hours local


With heels striking the duracrete tarmac, Audraya strode towards the shuttle, the breeze coming off the bay ruffling the hem of her skirt and hair. She paused when she heard “Commander Wesley, I presume?” coming from from behind her. A redheaded Vulcan was catching up to her.


“I am Commander T’Mir, your medical officer for this mission.”


“Pleased to meet you, Doc. Kinda surprising to still see a Vulcan in Starfleet; I only know of two- Commander Spock and my own ship’s surgeon, Dr. T’Aral.” The two officers continued to walk towards the shuttle, watching the MACOs loading the underslung cargo pod with gear.


“There are still some of us who feel that the needs of Starfleet outweighs the needs of our own people. Ambassador Spock is very instrumental in reminding us of that.” The two continued to walk towards the shuttle. “Commander, may I ask you a question?”


“You just did, but feel free to ask another,” Audraya replied.


T’Mir raised her eyebrow. “Why were you accepted for this mission?”


“I wasn’t. I was ordered on to this mission by a pair of OSI agents who seem to enjoy harassing me when they find it convenient. The last time they sent me to T’tooine, it was without so much as a ‘by your leave, here’s your contact, be safe and don’t do anything stupid’. There are times I really wonder just who is running Starfleet.”


“Nominally, it would be the Commander in Chief, Admiral Mendez if I’m correct. However, the undercurrents of just who, as you asked, is running Starfleet does make our orders illogical.”


Audraya nodded. “On that, I heartily agree Doctor. Especially since OSI is the one who approached me, although I do feel someone completely outside the chain of command is pulling even more strings. From what I remember of J’bba, even if he’s got his pudgy fingers in everything, he’s still small time. Not even enough of a threat to my...loving aunt, the Syndicate as a whole, or the Federation…”


T’Mir held her hand up for a moment. “Your aunt?”


“Mareena. She’s taken over one of the organizations, the Black Kris. While she’s moving them away from all the usual Orion trades, I still hold no love for her, or her daughter. Litasha, her daughter, hounded our ship and crew and with my late brother, kidnapped two members of our crew for processing.”


T’Mir nodded. “I’ve had my own experience with Orion slavers when I was aboard the Hood. It was not a...pleasant experience. Nor is it one I like recalling.”


Audraya nodded again as they approached the ramp. “I’m sure you don’t. There were many experiences during my time as a slave that I don’t enjoy recalling. I do, however, prefer to recall the times I spent with my adopted family on Earth, even if Commodore Wesley spent most of his time away with Starfleet. His loss at Vulcan was a shock to our family; so much so that Bruce resigned, and joined the relocation and rebuilding efforts on New Vulcan.”


T’Mir nodded. “About this mission, are we going to launch straight to T’tooine?”


“I doubt it. And if we try to, as mission commander, I’ll push for several training opportunities. You’ve never experienced ground combat, other than the usual landing party shenanigans. My ground combat skills are, in general, rusty.”


“That is logical,” T’Mir replied as they boarded the shuttle. The two senior officers headed forward into the cockpit and buckled in.


“Ensign,” T’Mir asked as the shuttle lifted off, “what is our initial destination?”


"Sorry, ma'am, I'm not able to disclose that location." With that, he clammed up, and jumped to warp as soon as the shuttle was clear of the atmosphere.

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