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Kelvin-class Life Extension Program






TO: All Sector and Department Commands

RE: Kelvin-class Heavy Frigate Life Extension Program


1. Starfleet Engineering and Bureau of Ships (BuShips) has identified, based on preliminary findings of the Accident Investigation Board into the loss of the USS Kerr, that all Kelvin-class starships have a potential for accelerated stress fatigue in both upper and lower structural pylons. Chief Engineers of forward deployed ships are required to conduct a structural survey of both pylon hard connections to the saucer, secondary hull, and nacelle. Any structural deficiency is to be reported up through the chain of command.

2. Starfleet Engineering and BuShips have identified that the Kelvin-class heavy destroyer design has not stayed consistent with ship classes coming currently online and future designs. Starfleet Engineering and BuShips has determined that the Constitution-class heavy cruiser planform combined with the Miranda-class heavy frigate saucer extension as the optimal planform for the Kelvin-class heavy frigate.

3. Starfleet Engineering and BuShips has also identified that the current nacelle design creates an inefficient warp field, leading to shorter time between refuelings, increased wear on warp field coils and warp plasma conduits.

4. It is the determination of Starfleet Engineering and BuShips that the refitting of Kelvin-class starships will require 12-18 months in drydock for stripping of the existing spaceframe down to the structural members and keel, and replace existing components with all new components. Forward deployed Kelvins are to report to their sector headquarters for refit; Kelvins currently in reserve status will not be subject to this program unless brought out of reserve status.

5. BuShips will transfer the necessary vessels to supplement those departments whose sole or primary assets are Kelvin-class ships with other Starfleet assets.






J. Cheever Driftwood, ADM, SFENG

CINC Bureau of Ships

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