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Dark Moon Rising | Season 21

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Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 12 August 2016

13 February 2388 - Stardate 2388.044


TBS is 5 minutes.

The time is 1330 hours (1:30 PM) Aegis local.


Aegean continues to direct action in defense of Aegis. If Aegis falls, one of the most strategic sectors of space will become a staging area for the Alien Alliance.


Captain Ramson’s priority targeting strategy has worked well, but the Alliance has mysteriously redirected USS Missouri’s D-7, has broken through and has taken down Aegis’ shields.


With Aegis in their crosshairs and under fire, it appears that the Alliance will prevail until a fleet of Romulan ships enters the battle, appearing in unexpected positions, firing on the Alliance, then disappearing under cloak. The Mithraan fleet should soon appear. However, a second wave of Alliance ships looms on the horizon.

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