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STSF Seiben

The Wiley General

A Few Days Ago..

Success! Wiley thought to himself as he barged the stolen shuttle out of the Challenger's Shuttle Bay. Typical stuck up, pretentious Starfleet babies, quoting their precious rules and regulations instead of seeing the bigger picture. The bigger picture which lay ahead of him past that wormhole. How he missed the good old days, where officers threw the rule book to the wind, for the sake of exploration.


He sighed at what Starfleet had now become. An organization of timid cowards, hiding behind rules and regulations instead of showing gumption and bravado in the face of fear and the unknown. General Wiley checked his sensors. Challenger was still backing away from the expanding wormhole like a scared little puppy with its tail between its legs. They certainly didn't seem to have even realized he's no longer off the ship.


Wiley sped towards the wormhole as fast as the shuttle allowed. He tapped furiously at the console, diverting all power to the shields and the structural integrity grid -- knowing he'll need every ounce of it on the other side. Wiley nosed the shuttle through the wormhole and was immediately met with violent turbulence. It was definitely more than Wiley expected. He worked feverishly relaying power to where it was needed.


It was a tough few minutes through the wormhole and there were times Wiley thought he wasn't going to make it. Eventually though, after a harrowing five minutes. he found himself on the other side of the wormhole, and was immediately bogged down by the thick gel like substance that surrounding this area of space. Like a car stuck in the mud, all movement was impeded and his shuttle severely damaged in the journey through the wormhole.


Alarms blared everywhere. Shields and power reserves were less than 10%. Wiley scanned the area, but wasn't able to pick up anything on scanners. "Damn" exclaimed Wiley. He put out a general SOS. They had to be nearby, he thought to himself. As power waned, Wiley kept sending out his SOS messages, but due to the gel, didn't go far enough to be heard.


He was abandoned. With not enough power to continue sending messages, he detected a small planet nearby and with the remaining propulsion power he had, set a course for the planet. It was a small M-Class planet with a weird bubble surrounding it. Looked lush, he thought to himself after checking his scanner readings. Soon enough, the .shuttle was picked up by the planet's gravity.


Wiley checked his restraints and braced himself as the shuttle broke through the bubble and entered the planet's atmosphere. He nosed the shuttle upwards to minimize damage to the front of the shuttle. Wiley broke through the atmosphere and looked down at the lush forests below and picked a relatively open area to land.

With no power left in the shuttle's engine, he angled the shuttle to land as softly as it could. Acting like a giant glider, Wiley angled the craft to reduce as much drag as possible and braced himself as the shuttle had a hard impact on the grassy surface. The shuttle landed with a hard thud. Wiley lurched forward and hit his head on the console. Sparks and bulkheads fell around him.


Wiping the blood from his face, he looked up at his new surroundings. Wiley quickly unstrapped himself and checked the shuttle for supplies. He quickly found a first aid kit and tended to his wounds before finding a small survival kit with basic supplies and food. This didn't bother Wiley too much. He still vividly remembers his survival training and numerous missions in areas like this he served during his days in the service.


But supplies were limited and Wiley wasn't familiar with this planet. Wiley wasn't sure what could be lurking around him. He emerged from the crumpled wreck of his shuttle with what supplies he could get from the shuttle. It looked to be getting dark. With no power left in his shuttle, Wiley knew he'd have to find firewood. The shuttle could serve as shelter, for now, but he was injured, middle aged and it had been over 20 years since his days in the field.


He couldn't last too long on the surface, Wiley knew that his only hope for survival was that his contact picked up his SOS messages and was out looking for him. They had to have known he was coming back, Wiley thought to himself. Hopefully, it wouldn't take very long for them to find him.

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