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Delicate Matters

Delicate Matters

Tr’Korjata, Annisha, and Chirakis


With the runabout bearing the engineers, the security detail, and the remains of two errant droids on their way to Aegis, Captain Chirakis found herself in the security complex, putting out smaller fires that had erupted while they dealt with more life-threatening events. At least, she hoped that they were minor. After paging through the duty officer’s scratch, she made a mental note to order security to a refresher course in Federation Standard composition—Note Taking 101, to be exact.


Two items caught her attention, the first being the suspicious absence of fifteen minutes from security footage in science. Alternate security cameras had shown LtCdr Lawliet entering his office with Midshipman Timir, moving to the isolinear access point, opening the portal, and then… nothing. Fifteen minutes later, the recording resumed, and the expressions of the two scientists were serious, and a bit uneasy. Further investigation was warranted.


It was the second situation that Kirel red-flagged.


A hand-wave engaged one of many screens that lined the walls of the main security office as she approached the screen. The footage that had originally alerted the duty officer to the situation began to roll. Time: 1923—Stardate: 2388.029 displayed across the bottom of the screen.


Two girls, who had gained quite a reputation for mischief among the populace, entered the turbolift on the commerce level and requested the serenity garden just outside the main medical complex. The scene initially played out with Annisha and Alexis exchanging their usual banter. Suddenly, and without any visible cause, the young Rihan shrank against the lift wall. Her eyes widened in terror as she stared at her friend. Taken aback, Alexis rushed over to help, but Annisha fought violently to push her away.


“Na, na!” she screamed, “Koai uæ mh..,” as Alexis struggled to calm her. When the doors opened at the serenity garden just outside the medical complex, Annisha wrenched herself from her friend’s controlling grasp, and screamed, “Au will all die at the hand of the Tal Shiar! Keep away! Au can’t shock me! The desert stands will flow with your blood once my parents hear of this!” A few moments later, Dr. Sandero appeared with the comment that Annisha did not appear cognitively aware of her surroundings. SubCommander Korjata rounded the corner to catch his daughter, who continued to scream and fight, apparently not recognizing him as her father.


Kirel replayed the footage several times, then blanked the screen and settled into her office chair to consider the situation carefully. The mention of the Tal Shiar in connection with her parents could jeopardize Annisha’s safety, as well as the safety of her adoptive parents. However, the girl had made no direct connection to her real parents, so those who heard probably assumed that she meant her adoptive parents, especially because of her questionable mental state at the time.


“Computer, locate SubCommander Korjata.”


SubCommander Korjata is in the arboretum on deck 73."


“Computer, locate Annisha t’Korjata.”


“Annisha t’Korjata is in the arboretum on deck 73.”


After several minutes of thought, the entered her master code, and the security camera revealed father and daughter, huddled together, lost in the moment.


She would tread lightly.



"Annisha," her father started after long moment of silence, "You are going to be alright. There is no planet of sand, no people making you work." He held her tight as they sat in front of a small pond of water-borne flowers. The sound of flowing water emptying into the pond created a calming sound that echoed throughout the small arboretum. He'd never been here before now, but understood why she and her friend made this their destination. They rocked back and forth as she came down from her recent hysteria. Nijil started to hum an old tune.


Having used another entrance, Captain Chirakis strolled in the direction of two familiar voices, but stopped some distance away. Choosing a moment to approach would be a delicate balance. Interrupting their bonding could be disastrous.


But the problem was taken from her hands as a large ball bounced through the brush and rolled onto the pebbled pathway. Not far behind, a young human male charged through the brush after it, stumbled, and landed in the captain’s outstretched arms. Pressed against her chest, he glanced up. His eyes widened, mouth agape. She looked down, her expression stern.


“This is a place of quiet reflection, not a place to play ball,” she said, grasping his shoulders firmly, holding him in the air for a moment, then setting him firmly on his feet. “Retrieve your ball. Take it to the playground in the main arboretum.”


The boy stared for a moment, his mouth still agape, his cheeks pale. Then, without a word, he grabbed the ball and ran off.


"Father," Annisha said still huddled with her father.




"Someone is here." He hugged her tighter, then turned around to see if she was merely joking. He jerked to attention, while still sitting, but Annisha remained clung to him.


Kirel brushed a few leaves and bits of dirt from her uniform as she emerged from the bushes. “Relax, SubCommander,” she said on approach. “Annisha, please excuse the intrusion; it was unavoidable. You were enjoying quiet time with your father, and we interrupted you.” She bowed in sincerity, then studied the young Rihan for a moment, her expression softer than usual. “But my young captain looks disturbed.”


Nijil started to speak, but had to search for his words. "She had some memories come back to her. I was going to run her back to sickbay, but found this place. Taking her here seemed...the better choice." He looked up at Chirakis with a slight frown. "I think the flashback has passed."


“Yes,” Kirel straightened up. “I often come here to relax. It is more secluded than the main arboretum. Not many know it even exists, but apparently a few boys who play ball do. Tell me, Captain...” she looked down at Annisha, then knelt on one knee beside her, “...should I pursue him, or should I let him go in the belief that he was frightened enough and will not do it again?”


Muffled, she emerged from Nijil's arms. "Let him live." He backed off as she took to standing up to address the Captain. For a few moments Annisha stared into her eyes. Then, without notice, she wrapped her arms around the Captain and held her much like Nijil held her.


“Mercy,” Kirel replied, hugging her tight. “Your parents would be proud. They were merciful, as their daughter is merciful, and strong, as their daughter is strong.” Then, very gently, she released Annisha from the hug and pushed her away, to see her face. “I knew them. Did you know that?”


Annisha was shocked, her eyes wide. "Really? Was this before me?"


“Before you. And I did not know they had a daughter until I saw your amulet. Have you put it in a place of honor, as I suggested?”


"It's hanging over my bed, my father," turning to him, "helped me put it up." She turned her attention back to Chirakis.


“An excellent place. They watch over you from Vorta Vor in the long hours of the darkest nights. They were defenders and protectors, and they continue to be. One day, when there is time, I will tell you about them, and the legacy they have left you.


“But now…” Kirel stood and straightened her uniform, “...as your chief of security, I will obey your order to allow the boy to live. If there is nothing else, Captain?” She bowed her head slightly and gave Annisha a Romulan salute.


"Nothing...Captain," she said, attempting a salute, but giving into a bow. Through this exchange Nijil had turned a little pale, knowing full well the truth of her parents' mortal state. Not where, but just that they were still alive, no doubt watching from the shadows.

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