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Trading Places

(Just before the sim of 6/19/15)


Another away team mission down to the planet, but this time, without the subterfuge - save perhaps for the dual-approach as they considered both the Horta and the new government. And this time, Jylliene was at Ops, not in the chair. That was a bit of a relief, though she knew that the opportunities to command were good ones for her continued career.


And the way things had gone so far, she could definitely understand why Chirakis had kept a stock of Romulan Ale in her office.


Jylliene wondered how well - or poorly - this mission was going to wrap up (though she was confident in the abilities of the team members to come to the best resolution possible, anything could happen). And in the back of her mind, she also wondered if perhaps she and Nijil needed to have a conversation about arrangements for Annisha - a thought that had been in her head for a few days now. There would be more missions in the future that they would both be on; some they may know in advance would be risky, and some that may run into unforeseen circumstances. For that matter, even on the station, an attack could endanger both of them. They would need to consider what they would want for their daughter should something happen to them. At the same time, they should consider what would become of any future children of theirs. Annisha would not have to have the same arrangements as their biological children, but it would probably be better if she did. Or would it? All something to discuss with Nijil.


The past few days had been too quiet. With Annisha on Aegis, and Nijil on the away team, the quarters felt empty. She missed both of them. She hadn’t slept as well - well, okay, the first night, she slept very well. But the next two, not so much. Which is why she was awake already, at 0430. With no decent chance of any further useful sleep, Jylliene got up, got ready for duty, and made her way to the mess for coffee.

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