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(After the events of the log “Leave It”, between sims of 6/5 and 6/12/15)


While Nijil may have been more worried at her disappearance, Jylliene was more worried after what would have appeared to have been the most dangerous part was over. During the moments following the transporter, while she was being dragged to Ramson’s location, she was focused on the immediate situation - there was no time to think of anything else.


But once she was inside the room with Ramson, and had started to relax, the Aegean was in the back of her mind. What would they be doing? Still, with the conversation she, Ramson, and the planetside officials were in, even those concerns were kept at bay. When she and Ramson were released, that’s when things began to sink in - when she was able to simply follow the commander as they made their way back. Would the Aegean be waiting? Would the team have already been picked up by the ship and left?


Somehow she doubted that. Orders or no, the best Jylliene could guess, she hadn’t been gone long enough for Nijil to have picked up the team and left, even if it was what by orders he should have done. For that matter, had the roles been reversed, she couldn’t be certain she would have left very quickly.


So now that everyone was back on the Aegean - now she couldn’t get the possibilities out of her head. Jylliene lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Where could this mission have left Annisha? Where might it still leave her? After all, she and Nijil were still here, and the Trill knew better than to assume that all would be well. The situation here at the planet was still a bit too unknown, though she did generally feel that the government would not want to risk conflict with the Federation.


After tossing, turning, and replaying scenario after scenario, Jylliene eventually snuggled closer to the Romulan beside her, allowing his rhythmic breathing to lull her into sleep.

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