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STSF Seiben

"The Fickle Winds of Betrayal"

The Fickle Winds of Betrayal - a log between El’Riov Koga tr’S’Bien and EnArrain tr’Sarlan

(played by KhreRiovtVatrix)


The crew had managed to actually free themselves from the old br’tehh cells, cells that had come to be in poor condition due to infrequent use in this province. The elder t’Temarr had evidently had little use for locking up the local families, unless it be after a night of too much ale and misconduct. It had actually surprised Koga when they had actually managed to kick their way through the wall using only their boots and a few rudimentary tools made from cups and trays.


Once they had managed to escape from their cells, Koga had taken it upon himself to stand guard by the heavy door, and when he heard voices approaching rhae the other side of the door, quickly alerted the others. After the earlier interrogation session, he found himself conflicted as to what his best path would be. Should he chose one direction, it could endanger the crew, but now that he had uttered that phrase, if he changed his mind h’nah, it could only show poorly on his Ri'nanov.


t’Aehjae and t’Ksa had wanted to stay back with him, to help him to hold the door once he had alerted the others that someone was approaching; however, after a few fleeting thoughts, he realized this was the chance that he had been waiting for, a situation that he had only little prior knowledge of, yet had set him up for him to keep him safe as well.


He had insisted that the others go, that he could hold the door as they got everyone else down through to the passageway, and watched as they moved towards where Leah was working on the wall panel. Koga’s resolve began to waver, as he began to question if this was the right path, but knew that he really had na other recourse at this point, the truth already having gotten out, that once the two women were far enough away to have any chance to stop him, he grabbed the large metal handle, threw the door open, and had yelled to alert the guards as to the escaping th’ann. He casually stepped to the side as the guards had been alerted and they had ran in past him towards where he had been pointing them towards.


The last thing he had been able to see past the guards as they shouldered by, was the look that Laehval gave him upon realizing what he had done; yet somehow she had been able to collect her wits and close the secret access panel that they had used to escape before the guards could reach them. If he ever saw her again, he’d have to watch out for her blade for sure. Stab first, ask why later.


Hearing boot steps approaching from behind him, Koga turned as tr’Sarlan entered a siuren later; just as the other guards came back towards the door where they were standing,


tr’Sarlan looked around, seeing the empty cells, and the guards with na th’ann. ““Why did au na alert us in time to stop them?”


“I wasn't aware they had broken through the force fields until it was too late,”Koga S’Bien noted.


“Did they say how they were going to get away? Or where that door went?” as the man pointed to the now sealed secret passage in his br’tehh.


“I heard Laehval say something about a secret entrance in the Eastern corridor, which is when I called for au men, so they could try to stop them. Had I called too soon, they may not have attempted to use the hidden door, and we might na know if it’s presence. Now au do, and hopefully someone with knowledge of the building, may be able to track them down”


tr’Sarlan just nodded, “We will need to go see if we can find the blueprints of this facility, and some scanners. Au can come assist us with that. We can use au muscle anyway.....”


“Very well,” replied S’Bien. He hoped to the Elements that he had made the right decision. it might save his life for now, or at least until another situation presented itself. This could also be another way to find out if the Khre’Riov was being held here as well, or if she had already been sent to the capital. He was the Ops officer, it ‘was’ his duty to collect information, and he had perfected that skill over the years.


tr'Sarlan turned to io of the other guards in the room, “Tobias....go see that we find a proper uniform befitting his new rank. He will now be serving the correct side hrrau this conflict.”


tr'Sarlan waved for Koga to follow him, “We will need to alert our superiors that they have escaped and call for reinforcements until they have been found,” he paused a siuren and turned back to Koga, “How au must have chafed living with that Galae fvai all this time.


As Koga followed along, his mind raced back to the events of earlier in the day, when he had been one of the first removed to be subjected to interrogation…...and when everything for him had drastically changed……..


Earlier that day…..


Standing in the interrogation room just off a bit from the br’tehh, EnArrain tr’Sarlan waited for the guards to bring the one named Koga S’Bien to him. He quickly flipped through the file, suddenly noting the embedded code that this one, was actually a deeply embedded agent, working under the direction of someone in the capital.


Pulling up the embedded file, were the details giving authorization to forego the standard questioning, as he was in actuality, placed in the position to keep an eye on those he served with for those higher up in the government, and that his secrets were na to be casually divulged to the lower echelons. Making a sour face as he did na want to start the day, but finding na answers, as this one was already one of theirs...but then again...perhaps he could be of help.


Hearing the rap on the door, “Enter...bring him in.” tr’Sarlan watched as the large Rihan was brought in, dirty, a bit bruised and wearing some sort of civilian robes that ill fit him. This was a Tal Shiar deep cover agent? He looked like a beggar, except for his size, and the fact that tr’Sarlan had often went to watch Koga fight those many years ago.


“Over there,” tr’Sarlan pointed to the chair across the room.


Koga was led into the interrogation room by the guards and noted the officer giving orders at the other end of the room; he seemed to be the one in charge of this place Koga thought to himself. Koga nodded his acknowledgement to the officer and took a seat in the empty chair across the room.


Walking over slowly, the officer took his time as he tried to size Koga up. Would he give the correct authen, or would they be forced to use the agonizer on him? Reaching over, he slowly picked up the agonizer device off the table, and palmed i t into his left hand. Turning back to Koga as he crossed in front of his seated form, “What is au name, and why were au in that secluded house?” tr’Sarlan hoped this didn’t take all day,


“My name is El’Riov Koga S’Bien” he answered. “I was in the secluded t’Temarr residence because my crew and I had used it as a hiding spot, and as well as to bring ourselves into the loop as to what was going on planetside.


“And what exactly do au think is “going on..now that au have come planetside?” tr’Sarlan asked.


“Well…” Koga responded “It seems that the Tal’Shiar has finally took the opportunity to fully assert its power over the Galae and confirm their superiority over ch’Rihan.”


I see, and tell me...why is it that au chose to hide in the S’Temarr residence? Did au expect to find allies there? Galae contacts? A place to further au crew’s acts of sedition against the government?


“That was the reason I chose to stay there yes.”


“Which?” tr’Sarlan replied


“I wanted to monitor their actions, see what they would do, as well as gather information as to the current events. And if my crew managed to ‘further act of sedition against the government’, then I’d gather evidence against them” Koga answered.


“ I see, and what was au part hrrau this? Au file here, it is tagged as io of interest. Na only that au serve hrrau Galae rhae the Talon crew, but that au have family hrrau our ranks. I see that au Ri'nanov, holds the rank of erie'Aendah, and au brother is also io of ours. Why is it, that au are serving in Galae, and na with au family?.”


“That is correct” answered Koga. He paused for a few seconds, not wanting to give too much information to this man just yet. “Nobody objected to my enlistment in Galae, as they realized that my being there could be useful in bringing back information, Intel or the Empire could find a use for.” he said simply.


“ Au have been with them for a number of years now, have au been able to bring anything of note back? Such as this nanogene technology? And for that matter, what information have au amassed about the clone that had deigned to bond with the illustrious Daise’Khre’Riov tr’Vatrix? What do au know of this t’Rexan...though I suppose it’s t’Vatrix h’nah? Is she truly a clone, or just the replacement parts? Tell me Koga, what I am curious about, is what makes io give up a prominent fighting career, to go serve those fvai in Galae?” tr’Sarlan quipped. ::


“Too many blows to the head and concussions” answered Koga. “My maenaks insisted I had to stop fighting to prevent any permanent brain injuries. I decided I might as well leave fighting on top. As for anything else, I’m afraid that I can’t divulge that information to you as much of that information is restricted.”


tr’Sarlan held up the agonizer device in front of Koga, “Au do realize that if I want to know something, with this, I will find out anything I wish au to tell me. Can au give me io reason why I should na use this rhae au immediately and find out what it is au are hiding from me?: He moved his hand so that it was resting rhae Koga’s shoulder, the agonizer mere inches from his neck.


“Ie” Koga nodded.


“Ie, and what would that be? I’ve already wasted more time here than I had planned...tagged file or na; there are others to question. Be quick, au get io chance to convince me otherwise,” the En’Arrain growled towards tr’S’Bien.


“Aren’t the lagga beautiful this time of year?” responded Koga


tr’Sarlan pauses a siuren, surprised to hear this from the man sitting before him, and pulls the agonizer away from his neck, as he had just been about to jam it into the nerve bundle at the base. “The Lagga are indeed beautiful this time of year,” knowing full well, it was the wrong season for the capital to be in bloom.


“I see, then aefvahd to au tr’S’Bien,” tr’Sarlan motioned for io of the other guards to bring food and drink for Koga. “This man is io of us, but we cannot let the others know that yet, na until we can find out more information. Fhaen tr’S’Bien, eat and drink and we will place au back with the others. We are currently holding the Di'ranov of au Enarrain t’Temarr, also down in the br’tehh. See if she can get information out of him, as to the location of any of the heads of Galae. Many have escaped us, so we are willing to put au back in au cover, in hopes that au can find out for us. If something goes wrong, just step back, and we will na harm au. I will also contact au Ri'nanov to let her know au are unharmed and we have au here with us if au wish?” tr”Sarlan was still a bit suspicious of this long time Galae officer, and would na give up his own secrets so fast to him, yet he carried the imperial code of a high echelon officer, he had to accept it until he could verify different. He would give this one some room, yet keep a wary eye upon him.


“Ie, very well. Please do that. I’ll try to find out what I can do, to get information from her” said Koga.

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Muhahahaha.......... oh wait....didn't get a chance to get more out of her yet....darned inconvenient of them escaping when you wanted to ply more info!

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