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Capt Rian Kwai

USS Republic - May 11 2015

USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51505.04 - Season 23 The crew continues to search through the samples has broken up into teams, each working to find a cure, and helping the incoming ships from Starfleet to give us a hand doing so. Will and Christina have found one of the Lab Coated Lizards that has offered to help in return for helping him change back as well. Meanwhile, Holly has now terrorized the crew of the Lexington with her holo-image of Captain Kwai, in all her giant Spider-wasp glory.




STSF_BluRox -> #LtCdr Dade> ::crawling out from under the conference room table:: What the hell was that thing!????

Christina_Nickles -> [email protected]#$%^&*() :: with Will and the first of the coated lizards::

STSF_BluRox -> Blu> That Commander, is my unfortunate first officer

Heather Jamieson -> :: Sorting through a small mountain of data, trying to officer some type of solution that can utilize the transporters ::

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() ::makes sure Nickles gets the lizard out of the holding area before anything else goes wrong::

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::yawns and begins to awaken from her nap, looks around::

STSF_BluRox -> [email protected]#$$#%^%$()> Other Lizards start blocking the way... Traitor!! Sellout.. Hissss!!! ::several rush at the door that the security team is heading for

Christina_Nickles -> [email protected]#$%^&*() ::escorts the lizard out the doorway:: Do you have a name? I mean what’s your name

August Jax Robinson -> ::has food transported in to Kwai:: Still here... trying to help


[email protected]#$%$^&*() ACTION> Several rush towards the door to follow Several of the sentient lizards begin yelling at Will and Bauer that they had best return their coworker, that they are forcing them to go


LtCmdrRobinson -> ((Someone check Nickles for Kbear disease, quickly))

STSF_BluRox -> (and evidently some have bitten off Christina's typing fingers)

Capt Rian Kwai -> ::is doing some property destruction of her own, looking for a way to use what she has in her perceived cell to escape, at best, and at worst, defend herself::

Christina_Nickles -> (( no comment))

STSF_BluRox -> (lol)

Ayumu Kasuga -> (It's contagious that. lol)

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Looks at the time:: Better head up to the bridge. My shift starts soon. ::replicates a coffee, hot, black and heads out::

STSF_BluRox -> # LtCdr Dade> Is that what we're going to find down there?! These mutated monsters he bred?

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() Balls. ::phaser out:: Well I asked for a larger group of lizards to relocate with him and none of you wanted to go.

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() So now he gets a room with a view, and ya'll can stay here and stare at a rock wall till the next shuttle.

STSF_BluRox -> # Blu> only some have been bred, the newer wasp guards may have been or just transformed differently in their cocoons

nhepner42 -> [email protected]#$%$^&*()::draws phaser:: This is just great

Heather Jamieson -> :: Keeps her distance from the 'cell' Kwai is in ::

nhepner42 -> [email protected]#$%$^&*() I'm not afraid to use this, so don't try anything

August Jax Robinson -> ::Turns on some Bach:: calm down..

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Drinks the coffee on the lift ride up and heads into the bridge to start her shift::


August Jax Robinson -> Kwai... look at me!

STSF_BluRox -> # LtCmdr Dade> Cocoons? And you expect us to ....to what? You said to heal them.....just how the hell do you heal that? if anything, shouldn't we ...I'm sorry I know you said it used to be on your crew, but what if these things got loose, or worse...of this planet..

Heather Jamieson -> :: Watches Jax speak to Kwai ::

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() ::gets Nickles, Bauer and the lizard out the door, and holds the rest of the lizards back with his security team::

nhepner42 -> [email protected]#$%$^&*() At least we've got one lizard willing to talk

STSF_BluRox -> # LtCdr Dade> I'm going to recommend to StarFleet Science that we quarantine this entire planet at the very least, and possibly, think of some sort of way, for those that can not be helped....to be....

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Settles into her seat.. it was nice being on the bridge again::

Christina_Nickles -> [email protected]#$%^&*() What is your name?

STSF_BluRox -> Blu> :: stands again, towering over the little man with the tiny pencil thin mustache:: Don't even think of suggesting what I think you were going to....

STSF_BluRox -> # LtCmdr Dade>I'm sorry Admiral, but that's my recommendation

Capt Rian Kwai -> No....you're with him. I know you're with him. He's doing it again. All over again and I'm not going to be a part of it.

STSF_BluRox -> # Blu> First....You LtCdr...are just that... a Lt Cdr. I however, happen to be a Rear Admiral. I hereby override your suggestion and order you to assist my crew tih tackling this issue. You will make available your crew and computers and you will help with the security of those on the planet still

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() ::pushes a few overeager lizards back and squeezes out of the holding area safely with the rest of his team::

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() ::seals it back up:: Thought I was going to have to use a photon grenade to get out of there.

nhepner42 -> [email protected]#$%$^&*() ::shrugs:: I wouldn't have minded. Bastards nearly killed me the last time I was here


TSF_BluRox -> [email protected]#$$%^%^&*()> Dr Hentris....that's my name. I had worked with J'Rom many years ago as a research assistant, but...he became a bit radical, and the lab made him shut his work down and leave. then I heard what he had done and had been put in the penal colony. We thought he was dead after the Breen attack. Then one day, he was there in my lab...asking me to help him with a project

Heather Jamieson -> :: Scans and moves a bit closer to Kwai ::

STSF_BluRox -> [email protected]#$%$^&&*()> Dr Hentris> ::turns to Bauer:: You are lucky they didn't. I could only guess it was a newly transformed person, or else they would not have missed....

Capt Rian Kwai -> ::catching movement out of the corner of her eye, whips her head around to see what's going on and then buzzes angrily at the being coming closer to the stasis field wall::

August Jax Robinson -> ::Sighs. walks over to Heather.. moving her back:: you are not helping

nhepner42 -> [email protected]#$%$^&*() I'm glad my luck hasn't run out yet

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() Ok, we can just use portable transporters to beam anyone else we need out of the cell and into the main hall here, one at a time. Less mess that way.

STSF_BluRox -> # Holly> :: stops and turns to Blu:: Excuse me, think we've found something in the data and I want to talk to some of the others quickly about it, back in a few

Christina_Nickles -> [email protected]#$%^&*() Have you been working with him this go around also??

Heather Jamieson -> Nor am I hurting.. I need to measure any rate of further mutation.

August Jax Robinson -> Blu asked me to try and reach Kwai... you are not helping me at all

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() For now lets get Doc Hentris here up to the ship and safe.

Heather Jamieson -> :: looks at her :: It is us that is not working Commander. That much is obvious.

August Jax Robinson -> you don't need to be closer to get those readings, she is scared.

Heather Jamieson -> :: folds up her tricorder ::

STSF_BluRox -> # Holly fades out and onto the bridge to see Ayumu

August Jax Robinson -> ::hands on hips:: her life is in danger. I need to try and reach her

Christina_Nickles -> [email protected]#$%^&*() Yes sir.

STSF_BluRox -> (Perhaps if you fed her one or two of your children maybe she'd trust you>)

Capt Rian Kwai -> ;;watching the two creatures, trying to figure out what dubious plan they have for her this time::

Heather Jamieson -> :: Looks at Kwai, then at Jax :: I think the real problem is she feel trapped. No manner of how close or far I am will change that.

Heather Jamieson -> :: Goes to a console to share the latest readings with others ::

STSF_BluRox -> # Holly> Ayumu...you awake or sleeping again?

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() ::starts heading back up to the shuttle area:: So Doc, you think you can reverse the mutation process?

Heather Jamieson -> :: A genetic scan from each of the times they were performed appears on screen, the computer is looking for differences ::


STSF_BluRox -> #Holly> ::makes a random alarm go off on Ayumu's station to get her attention::

August Jax Robinson -> Then leave the area and I will lock myself and her in here and open the cell

Heather Jamieson -> She would open you up like a replicated turkey.

STSF_BluRox -> (that's a bad idea!!)

August Jax Robinson -> maybe.. maybe not

Heather Jamieson -> But maybe.. :: grins ::

STSF_BluRox -> (uhm, ok...brb, getting my dice bag)

LtCmdrRobinson -> (no, we are sure its a bad idea)

August Jax Robinson -> then you can make your move on Will.. I will be dead

STSF_BluRox -> (need the ones with the skull and xbones on them)

Heather Jamieson -> Can we get her a larger protective area?

LtCmdrRobinson -> (someone please stop my wife from being stupid :P )

August Jax Robinson -> ((Noooooooo))

Capt Rian Kwai -> ((LOL))

Ayumu Kasuga -> I'm here.

STSF_BluRox -> (I think Ayumu either went for a beer or dozed off)

Heather Jamieson -> I think I'm the last person he'd look upon for a shoulder to cry on.

STSF_BluRox -> (or not)

Capt Rian Kwai -> ::stalking the end of her stasis field, trying to figure out what's going on::

Ayumu Kasuga -> (Sorry, bathroom break lol)

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() ::Gets back to the shuttle:: +Republic+ We are returning with a guest.

August Jax Robinson -> ((awww, I miss drunk Hans Sims LOL.))

STSF_BluRox -> (ah, result of choice 1)

STSF_BluRox -> (he needs to come back and visit)

Ayumu Kasuga -> (lol.. that he does!)

Heather Jamieson -> :: Looks at the cell area :: Does seem small...

Heather Jamieson -> Would a holodeck work? Sure makes it seem larger than it really is.

nhepner42 -> [email protected]#$%$^&*() ::to himself:: Finally brought Jas a playmate ::chuckles::

August Jax Robinson -> I think it would be better then this cell..

August Jax Robinson -> ::Shrugs:: I don't know what else to do

STSF_BluRox -> #Holly> Ayumu....Those Starfleet ships were supposed to be bringing the medical records for as many of the missing colonists from the worlds we had searched as well as the listening posts that we had found attacked as well. I will need you to work on those records and try to cross reference them with those that we’re found below. Those records will be needed to try to reverse if possible what's been done to them

Heather Jamieson -> Let's give it a go.. Let me set up the protocols so the holodeck safeties will remain safeties... :: types ::

STSF_BluRox -> (yes, Kwai has that lighting bug in the jar look to her at the moment)

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Nods:: All right. I'll get right on it.

Heather Jamieson -> Should be only a moment.

STSF_BluRox -> # Holly> I"ll be down in medical

Ayumu Kasuga -> Okay..

STSF_BluRox -> #Holly> Oh..Ayumu....I think you have a call there...from Will .::points to the board::

Heather Jamieson -> There... holodeck 2 is cleared and ready to go. I picked a similar environment she's used to, or her current form is.

Ayumu Kasuga -> Oh, do I? +Will+ Hello, Republic bridge

Heather Jamieson -> All we have to do is lower the shield, then beam to the holodeck

STSF_BluRox -> #Holly> Guest?

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() +Ayumu+ Returning with one Lizard Scientist. Alert Medical/Science that we are bringing a smart and useful person back.

August Jax Robinson -> there is a safety area for us, right?

Ayumu Kasuga -> +Will+ Acknowledged, will do.


STSF_BluRox -> # Holly> Wait, I thought we already had a smart lizard...now we have another?

Heather Jamieson -> Yes, oddly enough we are going to be in a small cell...together..

Ayumu Kasuga -> Yes, a lizard scientist as opposed to a lizard engineering officer (I think)

August Jax Robinson -> ::Sighs:: alright, lets go

Heather Jamieson -> Let's leave the room, lock the door, lower the shield, then beam her to holodeck 2.

Heather Jamieson -> :: goes to the door ::

Capt Rian Kwai -> ::slips a piece of metal from the tray she was given into her sleeve, not that she'd need such a weapon with her stinger, but just in case::

August Jax Robinson -> +Blu+ Admiral, I am having Kwai moved to the Holodeck. I am hoping a less prison cell type place might relax her

Ayumu Kasuga -> +Heather+ Away team returning with a lizard scientist from the surface

Heather Jamieson -> :: Closes the door after Jax falls in behind her ::

Heather Jamieson -> +Ayumu+ Understood, there will be extra room soon.

August Jax Robinson -> ::Lifts finger, giving the hold-on a sec que::

Ayumu Kasuga -> +Heather+ 10-4

Heather Jamieson -> :: waits

STSF_BluRox -> +Jax+ She's not a zoo specimen. If you move her there, make sure that she can still be contained, that there would be no possible way for her to escape, in other words..make sure that enough force field is in effect

Christina_Nickles -> [email protected]#$%^&*() :: enters the shuttle with the coated lizard man::

August Jax Robinson -> +Blu+ Aye Ma'am, Heather is assisting me. lets hope she does the math right

Heather Jamieson -> :: nods :: Door is sealed.

nhepner42 -> [email protected]#$%$^&*() ::follows along after Christina and Will::

Heather Jamieson -> :: taps a command :: Lowering shield...

STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Appears in Medical...ok, we've done some work and I think...::looking around not seeing the people she was looking for, but seeing the forcefield drop..whoa there....

Capt Rian Kwai -> ::very nervous now, those pesky creatures have disappeared, starts pacing and pacing and looking for a way to escape::

Heather Jamieson -> Locking onto Kwai...energizing...

LtCmdrRobinson -> [email protected]#$%^&*() ::powers up and heads back to the ship::

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::begins analysing the medical records::

Christina_Nickles -> [email protected]#$%^&*() Dr how long should it take to turn our Captain back to herself instead of that Wasp creature?

Heather Jamieson -> :: Looks for confirmation :: She's in the buffer, not to place her in holodeck 2... lock there confirmed, rematerializing...

Heather Jamieson -> (not to now,, geez)

STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::sees Kwai being transported away:: Whoa.... where are you going missy..?

STSF_BluRox -> (leave he rin the buffer! it's safer!)

LtCmdrRobinson -> ((this is not going to end well for us))

STSF_BluRox -> Holly sees Heather and walks over :: Uhm...so why did you move the big bug?

Ayumu Kasuga -> ((Uh oh))

Heather Jamieson -> :: Watches the dematerialization :: And there she is... safe in holodeck 2.

LtCmdrRobinson -> ((I can hear blus dice cackling right now))

Ayumu Kasuga -> ((Ahh, is that was it is? Sounded like thunder)


Heather Jamieson -> The area we had her in was too confining, we are moved her to a larger and perceptively larger holding area. We need to go there now to our little cage.

Capt Rian Kwai -> ::now she knows something is wrong as she didn't move here by her own power, frantically looks about then starts to run, looking for an exit::

STSF_BluRox -> You do realize that the medical force field was the safest place for her to be. The holodeck has much more surface area, so m any places for a weak point to be found and exploited. And how are you going to work on her in there now that you've set her loose? She's still intelligent, she can think. she'

STSF_BluRox -> may still know how to override the holodeck safeties and lockouts


ACTION: The security shuttle has returned to the ship


Ayumu Kasuga -> Ah. ::Monitors the shuttle's return::

STSF_BluRox -> @!#$$%^&*&^() Dr Hentrik> I'm not sure, I'll have to look at the files to see what batch she was exposed to and her mutation path

Heather Jamieson -> There's risk in helping her yes.

Christina_Nickles -> [email protected]#$%^&*() The good thing is we have all of the files.

Heather Jamieson -> :: Starts heading down to holodeck 2 ::

Christina_Nickles -> :: exits the shuttle behind Will:

August Jax Robinson -> ::Follows behind Heather and Holly. Keeping back..not in the mood for Holly::

LtCmdrRobinson -> Lets head up to medical, let you get a quick look of things, and then we can get you settled and comfortable.

nhepner42 -> [email protected]#$%$^&*() There better be something useful in all those files, considering how much we brought back

Heather Jamieson -> You know Holly, you could help calm her down. She’s in your native world, as it were.

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::motions for an awaiting security team to fall in behind them, just in case::

STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::grins:: I could make the entire holodeck one big fly tape!, But let's go see

Heather Jamieson -> :: Walks and arrives at the holodeck entrance :: Let me peer inside with this :: holds up an eyepiece, places it inside a slot on the door ::

STSF_BluRox -> Holly heads to the holodeck...

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::rides the lift towards medical:: After we fix her, maybe we can find out why I wasnt mutated like everyone else.

STSF_BluRox -> (Heather..you said you put her into her type environment...please describe here, what exactly you just made for her please, it will be important)

LtCmdrRobinson -> (everyone on the ship dies in the next 5 minutes, I just know it)

Heather Jamieson -> ( The same area we found down on the planet surface )

Heather Jamieson -> (the caves and if needed, just outside it's exit)

STSF_BluRox -> @!#$$%^^&*() Dr. Hentrik> Nervously.... I hope I can help, but I'm not sure...I was more of a planet and environmental terraformer, but did help with some of the earlier easy transformations he made us do

Christina_Nickles -> :: stays with the Dr and Will::

Capt Rian Kwai -> ((Like that's gonna calm Kwai down...))

Heather Jamieson -> ((yep, should have kept the buffer a spinnin'))

LtCmdrRobinson -> We can always bring up some of your coworkers to assist you. But anything will help.

STSF_BluRox -> (oh no...he just put her into a series of caves and tunnels, very much like a hive....that should help us observer her! Yikes)

August Jax Robinson -> ((But that isn't *her* type of environment... that the Bug in her type::

Christina_Nickles -> ((UT OH))|

Ayumu Kasuga -> ((Like an ant farm? Except she's a wasp))

STSF_BluRox -> (her environment last time was the ball and cinnabon store)

Heather Jamieson -> (Aw that would have been more tasty)

STSF_BluRox -> Flying and tunnels don't work well, she'll be mad at banging her wings! this will be fun!)

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::arrives in medical:: This is our medical area, and our holding area where we keep her is...empty?

August Jax Robinson -> ::Glances at Heather:: you are a Science officer.... right?

Christina_Nickles -> Where is she??

STSF_BluRox -> (to be fair to Heather, science is a wide range of disciplines..)

STSF_BluRox -> Dr Hentrik> Where is your specimen?

Heather Jamieson -> (Right, I work with star maps, so I could have placed her there)

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Oblivious to all the drama downstairs, she begins the cross-referencing process of all of the different patients::

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::looks around but doesn’t see any dead bodies:: +Blu+ Boss, did someone move our Wasp Captain or is she buzzing around the ship eating people right now?

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::draws phaser:: Nickles...

Heather Jamieson -> :: Looks :: Our protection is in place. It's real and not part of the hologram.

Capt Rian Kwai -> ::panicked because she's back in that same place where he tortured her into such a creature, knowing he's still somewhere around here......and starts to run to find him so she can tear him limb to limb::

STSF_BluRox -> Blu> +WILL+ Heather and Jax called to say they were moving her to a larger confinement area in the holodeck, I'm assuming she's still under watch

LtCmdrRobinson -> She shouldn’t have been moved, this was the safest location on the ship.

STSF_BluRox -> (::facepalm::: the worst place to be!!)

Christina_Nickles -> I agree Sir.

Heather Jamieson -> If anything goes wrong she will be beamed back to where she was.

LtCmdrRobinson -> +blu+ And I wasn’t notified ahead of time?! We had a containment plan that is not being followed here.

Christina_Nickles -> :: hears Blu and heads for the holodecks::

STSF_BluRox -> +Will+ Your wife is the acting XO, I would assume she should have this under control, please follow up with her, as I’m meeting the Lexington and a few of the other ship's captains that have joined us

Heather Jamieson ->:: enter the holodeck, only to enter a small room, sealed, surrounding the entrance ::

Ayumu Kasuga -> (Lucy! You have some 'splaining to do!)

LtCmdrRobinson -> Nickles, I want all the areas around the holodeck, and the deck above and below sealed off. I want patrols in those areas, constantly.

Christina_Nickles -> Aye sir

Heather Jamieson -> :: Gets a pair of binoculars, looks for Kwai-oid ::

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::starts heading that way with Nickles, bauer and the Lizard Doc::

STSF_BluRox -> (two minute warning...a bit late..wrap up last words)

Ayumu Kasuga -> Hm. ::Matching up medical records with Starfleet files::

STSF_BluRox -> (would not binoculars be better off in field or woods, have you ever been in a cave?) lol

August Jax Robinson -> ::follows heather in::

Capt Rian Kwai -> :;stalking the area now::

Christina_Nickles -> :: :: calls to several security teams giving the orders o=and locations to report::

Heather Jamieson -> (These are space binoculars from the future)

LtCmdrRobinson -> (lol)

nhepner42 -> ::patrolling the area::

Heather Jamieson -> Well, she's there.. can't tell if she's any calmer.

STSF_BluRox -> Dr Hentrik> What is all the fuss about. What species did they let loose in here? One of my fellow lizards? I was told you had a doctor up here. Or one of the mugato-mix?

Heather Jamieson -> From what I saw I think she still wanted to eat you or both of us.

LtCmdrRobinson -> Oh nothing much, just your run of the mill Spider-wasp Queen.

August Jax Robinson -> shouldn't you have used her home world environment, A place that would reminder her of Kwai.. and good feelings?

STSF_BluRox -> Dr Hentrik> WHAT!!?

Christina_Nickles -> YES

Heather Jamieson -> Who is she now, Woman? Or insect.

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::sees security teams putting up more forcefields in the corridors surrounding the holodeck, passing through them::

Heather Jamieson -> These caves structures are larger than what we left..

STSF_BluRox -> DR Hentrik> No..you didn't!? I've changed my mind. Take me back to the planet now.....I want nothing to do with this, No way, I can't do anything about that, that was his "Special Project" we were not even allowed to look at her afterwards, we were not worthy

August Jax Robinson -> She is Kwai, our friend. She needs our help, not a science class lesson

LtCmdrRobinson -> You can look at her all you want. No one is here to tell you no.

Heather Jamieson -> We can change the environment if needed Commander./

Christina_Nickles -> You said you would help. You are just as worthy as we are She needs your help.

STSF_BluRox -> Dr Hentrik> Don't you understand...she is like the ultimate killing machine? He's mixed the most vile, vicious and evil types of Hymenoptera and Arachnids knows in the Galaxy into her DNA.

Heather Jamieson -> I was told I should teach once..

August Jax Robinson -> ::nods:: I am ready when you are

LtCmdrRobinson -> Well see you are helping already.

Christina_Nickles -> Good then you know what needs to be extracted.

STSF_BluRox -> Dr Hentrik> If she's not kept under the right dose of the long lasting psychtropic drugs until she's ready for the reversal, she's going to go mad and kill us all. when was her last dose?

LtCmdrRobinson -> Also, *I* am the ultimate killing machine, she might be 2nd place. I have a coffee mug that actually says I am.

STSF_BluRox -> Dr Hentrik> no..we will die.... You have to take me back to the planet!!!!




Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Paused::

nhepner42 -> ||

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::psd::

Heather Jamieson -> Working with Jax feels strange and may not be in my contract.

Christina_Nickles -> ::paused:

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::golfclaps::

LtCmdrRobinson -> One request boss. When everyone dies, can we make it August and Heather first?

STSF_BluRox -> Well....I will say, the early rolls I've made....it's going to get exciting around here very soon

Capt Rian Kwai -> Ruh roh

Heather Jamieson -> Pre-rolling?

Christina_Nickles -> ut oh

August Jax Robinson -> ME!!

Heather Jamieson -> Heather gets... :: rolls :: three gougings

STSF_BluRox -> (situational which way does this go.......can't follow up until I see what else you do)

Ayumu Kasuga -> oooh!

Heather Jamieson -> Will talk to A9 and see if rolls we can't verify are allowed :)

August Jax Robinson -> if I do die... then Will has 13 kids to raise by himself

Heather Jamieson -> A positive...

LtCmdrRobinson -> :P

STSF_BluRox -> (::makes note:: Heather dies first. I rule my sim, not A9) lol

Heather Jamieson -> I always expected to go first, the pretty ones always do.

STSF_BluRox -> Ok, we're very late tonight..so I'd best let you get going, hope Jas and Tori are with us next week

August Jax Robinson -> you signed the contract Heather... you signed away your free will of death, or contol over it

STSF_BluRox -> and the rest of you as well

STSF_BluRox -> Crew Dismissed

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