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Capt Rian Kwai

USS Republic - April 27 2015

Republic: USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51504.27 - Season 23

The crew has been frantically sorting through the recovered data and records to help to restore our mutated crew members, along with the approximatly 1700 confined within the facility that were further along than a simple transporter transfer of their correct DNA structure from Starfleet records. We continue to see what we can do for them...


~~~Begin Sim~~~

ACTION:: Bridge sensors show signatures approaching on long range sensors

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Sorting through the data in the Lab::

STSF_BluRox -> ACTION: Acting Ops> ::turns to Blu:: Sir, we have several Star Fleet ships approaching and requesting orbital coordinates

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::has no idea how to help with science stuff so he is keeping out of it::

nhepner42 -> ::organizing papers into two piles: crap and might be helpful::

Ayumu Kasuga ->::Sends DNA stuff and anything medical to Heather`s console::

STSF_BluRox -> Ops....see how many there are, get the medical and science ships into a geosynchronous orbit, and tell them to please contact our security before anyone goes down. I don't want any of them accidently beaming into tha troom full of wasps

STSF_BluRox -> (Hi Tory, we just got started)

Heather Jamieson -> Ah, more data coming in. The computer is taking on large datasets.

STSF_BluRox -> (hi Christina, we're just getting started)

Heather Jamieson ->I'm not sure if the transporters can be used or a more traditional, longer-term solution will be necessary.

Christina_Nickles -> ((hi thanks))

Ayumu Kasuga -> Easier said than done.

STSF_BluRox -> Ops, you have the bridge, I'm stopping down to see LtCmdr Knight.

STSF_BluRox -> +Will+ Will you please bring your team and meet me in medical please?

LtCmdrRobinson -> Well cant we use the transporters in stages, instead of doing it once. Reverse the process in smaller steps, cure them a little at a time?

STSF_BluRox -> :: exits the bridge and heads to the lift::

Ayumu Kasuga ->Ahh. This stuff makes my head hurt. ::holds head::


STSF_BluRox -> +Ayumu+ Have you and Heather found anything of note in those stacks of data that could assist Tory?

Heather Jamieson -> Maybe, or at least part of the way, but each approach has risks.

Ayumu Kasuga -> +Blu+ Yes, we have several petabytes` worth of data which we are currently analyzing.

LtCmdrRobinson -> Nickles, looks like boss wants us in sickbay.

Heather Jamieson ->:: To Kasuga :: One good thing is they are no longer changing. Presumably they would remain in this condition.

STSF_BluRox -> Please gather what you think is important and bring it to sickbay, I'd like for you both to coordinate with Tory and narrow down what you need. anything you think is important that is missing, we're going back down to do another walkthrough

Ayumu Kasuga -> That wouldn`t be good. Ahh.. how did they change them back the last timeÉ

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::starts heading for medical, tags a few extra security along the way in case they are going to deal with Captain Wasp::

Christina_Nickles -> Aye commander

Ayumu Kasuga -> (Keyboard set to French again lol)

Tory Knight -> (( non parlez vous Francais... ))

Ayumu Kasuga -> All right. Let's get our PADDs.

STSF_BluRox -> (you would have that in the files, last time was through a straight up genetic recoding of dna, this time, its different, he made layers of mutations and refined first, so different)

Christina_Nickles -> :: follows Will::

Heather Jamieson ->::Moves the highlights onto a PADD:: I'm glad the medical database can piece together this far better than I.

STSF_BluRox -> (was only a few people, and we were able to use their own DNA patterns and the transporter buffer, however this time, there was evidence that he was also doing some sort of injections to mess with brain chemistry and neural controls, you would have this information from Jas)

Tory Knight -> ::massaging her temples as she's looking at the research notes regarding "chain-linked" modifications to DNA::

nhepner42 -> I'm sure this guy thought of a way to reverse the process. It must be here somewhere ::continues rifling throught papers::

Ayumu Kasuga ->: ::grabs some PADDs, heading to medical:: Yes, well. We're hardly doctors.

STSF_BluRox -> ::enters Sickbay:: How is it going Tory. Need to take a break and come down to look around the lab? Perhaps fine some clues we missed?

Tory Knight -> ::wondering if she should have gone to medical school...::

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Wonders the same thing::

Heather Jamieson -> :: Placing the brain scans on the PADD. If computers could feel this picture would look worried ::

STSF_BluRox -> (so basically, everyone has been requested to join me in sickbay)


Heather Jamieson -> Let's go Kasuga...

nhepner42 -> ::regrets failing chemistry...::

Christina_Nickles -> Anything Specific I need to get to take down with us Mr Robinson?

Heather Jamieson -> Takes her PADDS with her and goes ::

Ayumu Kasuga -> Yes, let's.

Tory Knight -> ::arching a brow at Blu:: I've narrowed down some rather... esoteric research on DNA modification which seems to be the basis on which the good doctor worked.

Tory Knight -> The white papers are buried -- writing about Eugenics will do that.

LtCmdrRobinson -> Not sure what she needs yet, so no. Might just be a meeting, could be a epic life or death battle. Thats why I love this job.

STSF_BluRox -> Besides the fact that the guy was a total psycho

Heather Jamieson -> :: Enters the lift with Kasuga :: Computer, sickbay..

Tory Knight -> A psychotic genius, but yes.

STSF_BluRox -> I see Jas finally decided to take some sleep, and it appears Rian has settled down finally too.

Tory Knight -> ::looks over her shoulder at the two mutants::

Christina_Nickles -> Aye ::follws Will to Sickbay::

STSF_BluRox -> Frighteningly so. Who knows what whould have happened out here, if his plan had went unnoticed longer

Tory Knight -> Yes... Though I suspect that they may eventually succumb to a cascade failure of systems as the biochemical processes are, in the end, incompatible.

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::enters Medical::

STSF_BluRox -> I've asked a few others to join us here in a moment, I have some news I need to share with you all

Tory Knight -> ::nods, pinching the bridge of her nose::

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::follows Heather into Sickbay::

nhepner42 -> ::follows evveryone into sickbay::

Christina_Nickles -> :: follows behind Will into medicaL::

STSF_BluRox -> Good, I see everyone I called for pretty much has arrived. :; looks at the tired exhausted faces::

Heather Jamieson -> : :: Enters sickbay ::


STSF_BluRox -> : First I want to apologize for working you all so very hard, I know this has been a very trying situation, and I've not been very accomodating about it, it's just vital that we do all we can for those people, and for our own:: nodes over to the sleeping lizard and spider wasp:: I know you are exhausted, and I appreciate just how hard you are working.

Heather Jamieson -> :: Places her PADDs on a table ::

STSF_BluRox -> I wanted to inform you that the first of the Star Fleet ships that have been dispatched to assist us have arrived, and more on the way. Sadly, many of the medical staffs on those ships are still working with that epidemic outbreak that our medical staff had also been called to help with, so the work you've been doing is vital.

STSF_BluRox -> They have sent along their science teams to help take over the process of trying to cure each and every one of these people, though having seen this before, I think we all know what the odds are of helping everyone

STSF_BluRox -> I want to do a quick rundown of where we are, what each of you have found, and what we propose that we may still need. We will all then go down to have another look around that facility to seee if we can find anythign we might have missed.

STSF_BluRox -> Also, Will, I'll need your people to help coordinate with the other ships security for the confinement of these people until it's safe to allow them to roam around.

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::pretty sure this ship has more experience with mutations than the whole of starfleet::

STSF_BluRox -> Ayumu, Heather and Nick, please tell us anything important in the files that you might have found?

STSF_BluRox -> ::looks at Tory, afraid she's going to fall asleep any moment::

STSF_BluRox -> Holly....please..something to eat for everyone, just something quick with some sugar and a drink...everyone, please be seated..

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::nods at Blu:: We've already prearranged some mobile confinement units, and we have some plans in place to use the structures down there to aid in that.

STSF_BluRox -> Excellent Will, please have Christina and Nick work with the other ships to coordinate which habitats will be needed

STSF_BluRox -> (Welcome PHoenix)

STSF Phoenix -> (Hello Republicans)

Heather Jamieson -> We have a lot of data, as you may know. DNA comparisons have tracked the changes between Jas and Kwai. We believe there are two approaches.

nhepner42 -> I found a pretty torn up notebook and it seems to have something written about the first set of trials. I didn't understand it, but it may be important.

STSF_BluRox -> Nick....that sounds very promising...good work

STSF_BluRox -> Please Heather, tell us your thoughts?


Heather Jamieson -> FIrst, transporters. The process is risky and if I would work they'd be back to normal quite quickly, but...

Heather Jamieson -> we don't think they can be restored in that manner, at least not all of the way.

Heather Jamieson -> The second is a more traditional and slower therapy over time.. alter a little, watch results, alters some more.

Tory Knight -> I concur. It would have to be a step-by-step methodology, slowly peeling back the alterations, as they seem to be designed to build upon one another.

Heather Jamieson -> But the changes are more than simple DNA code swapping, there are chemical interactions we don't understand yet.

Heather Jamieson -> Right Tory, the order of the alterations are as important as the alterations themselves.

Tory Knight -> At the same time, it's the chemical interactions which are acting as something of a timer on our solution -- the doctor's work was thorough but incomplete.

Ayumu Kasuga -> (Back... needed to get medicine for my coughing)

Tory Knight -> As a result, the chemical alterations are slowly decaying to toxins their bodies cannot process.

Christina_Nickles -> :: To Tory,:: Kind of like how a Lizard and a wasap shead their skin to mutate? Only backwards

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Listens::

Tory Knight -> It's one of the reasons they're resting now -- their systems are being slowly overwhelmed by the chemical processes.

STSF_BluRox -> Ioh, canada is sick too)

STSF_BluRox -> Mr Bauer, any thoughts on what you've seen?

Ayumu Kasuga -> Hmm.

STSF_BluRox -> I know you were in the facility longer than we were, did you seen anyone of note that we should be looking for to help us?

nhepner42 -> Hmmm

nhepner42 -> There were lizards in lab coats. Presumably they would have maintained some control of their minds

STSF_BluRox -> Alright, we've got some good information here. Now down to the real problem we have.

nhepner42 -> They could be useful

nhepner42 -> Plus, I saw mutants at various stages which supports Tory's theory

STSF_BluRox -> Star Fleet Medical and Sciences want us to transfer Jas and Kwai over to them to take back to be studied.


LtCmdrRobinson ->: Well I doubt he had reversal plans for these mutations. His entire goal with making them happen as efficently as possible, he wouldnt want to reverse them

Christina_Nickles -> Why do I think that might be a bad Idea. Im afraid they may not help them.

STSF BluRox -> I would much prefer that we try to cure them. Their thought is she's had this done before, but the preliminary info we sent, they were so excited about how some of this science could be used for curing diseas, I'm afraid they'd forget what we really want to do, and use her as just a sample to test on, same with WIL

STSF_BluRox -> and you Will....they are also interested in you returning with them as well, to find out why you did not change...

Christina_Nickles -> :: nods

STSF_BluRox -> I refuse to give up our crewmembers and friends to be studied. even it it is to "supposedly help transform the others" this is Rian, Will and...the new guy....Jas right?

LtCmdrRobinson -> Starfleet finally wants me back? arnt they still afraid I'll shoot more Admirals?

STSF_BluRox -> As for Will, are we sure he's stil not going to transform.

LtCmdrRobinson -> Boss, our ship has the most experience with mutations, we can handle it ourselves

STSF_BluRox -> They want you to take samples and to try "TO' change you again, to understand why you are not

Heather Jamieson -> They would likely have resources we do not, so we should not dismiss the offer out of hand,.

STSF_BluRox -> I agree, and I want to delay them as long as possible

LtCmdrRobinson -> They can give US the resources to use and command.

Ayumu Kasuga -> YEs they could. Or even someone over to lend a hand?

STSF_BluRox -> so I want Security to cooperate as much as possible getting them to handle the many colonist on the planet, there are many fo rthem to work with to try to save. I honestly thing many are too far long to help, but ...

LtCmdrRobinson -> But I dont like the idea of just handing everything over Boss. We know some of the dark corners of starfleet would like to weaponize this information. They wont have our crews best intentions at heart.

STSF_BluRox -> Nick...do you think you could find these other mutants you saw before? I had read in both yours and Jas's report a pair of them in lab coats talking to you, not hissing

Heather Jamieson -> Some resources are not moveable Commander Robinson.

nhepner42 -> I might be able to recognize them. Those two we saw had some pretty unique markings. One had a scarred and blinded left eye, the other had a damaged hand

STSF_BluRox -> Will, you are thinking exactly what I'm thinking...I want the main cure dealt with here. I want you to request anything we need from them, and have it sent here. They are welcome to help you, but make sure you do it down on the facility. but mainly...they are not to have any access to Captain Kwai, Jas or..

STSF_BluRox -> as for Will, you please do assist with letting them examine you, but we can give them the data we've already collected on you.


nhepner42 -> I think I should leave all they science-y stuff to all of you. Perhaps I should return to the facility soon? Give me a better chance of finding those lizards

STSF_BluRox -> Nick...that might be the most important find yet. If they helped the psycho with the transformations and preparations, they may be able to tell us how, and help us. Tory, any thoughs on this?

STSF_BluRox -> Yes Nick, I want you, Christina and Will to go down, coordinate with the other ships, try to match mutants to their DNA scans Star Fleet has provided, and find those lizards

Tory Knight -> The problem is that loyalty has been programmed in to the chemical alterations.

Tory Knight -> Any information they feed us will be suspect; we simply don't have time to verify.

STSF_BluRox -> Ayumu, you will need to help as our OPs officer to coordinate with the other ships, you are hearby rescued from data mining...

STSF_BluRox -> Heather, you work with Tory and try to figure out how this

Tory Knight -> So... while the information gleaned from the doctor's staff might be taken into consideration, we're more likely to find results by directly utilizing his research notes and papers.

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::nods:: Aye aye

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::yay::

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::looks at Nickles:: We just cant get away from that planet, can we? Field trip time.

STSF_BluRox -> We'll have to do the best we can. They knon he's dead, we have the Queen, we can use that for motivation if we have to

Heather Jamieson -> Aye

Christina_Nickles -> ::nods::

STSF_BluRox -> Will, I'll be giving you all a good vacation once this is over,

STSF_BluRox -> I promise..

LtCmdrRobinson -> Our vacations are usually worse than our work, but I'll take it

STSF_BluRox -> Ok people, I think we're moving in the right direction, we know the earlier procedure, we have this nut job's notes....and I have total faith in you to help save these people...and Rian.




Christina_Nickles ->: ::paused::

Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Paused::

nhepner42 -> ||

LtCmdrRobinson -> ::psd::

Heather Jamieson ->: Good sim and night :)

Tory Knight -> Night, folks!

STSF_BluRox -> Good sim everyone, thanks so much...I appreciate you working around my illness of late

Ayumu Kasuga -> Goodnight.

Ayumu Kasuga -> No problem. Hope you feel better .

nhepner42 -> Night all

STSF_BluRox -> So next week, we'll be going ful steam ahead on finding those lizard scientists, hopefully figure out how to help Jas and Kwai

STSF_BluRox -> we will of course, experiment on Jas first...lol

STSF_BluRox -> rank and all...lol

STSF_BluRox -> any questions or comments for tonight?

Ayumu Kasuga -> That's what ensigns are for lol.

STSF_BluRox -> I just want to say again, you guys are fantastic I love simming with each and every one of you. You all are a blast!

STSF_BluRox -> Ok, if nothing else then we'll close up for tonght and let you get some sleep

STSF_BluRox -> Night all, Crew Dismissed!

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