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Laehval tTemarr

RES Talon Simlog 04.09.15

RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051504.09 - Season 20 - The Away Team has just returned from a recon mission at a nearby village with little news and unwelcome guests. Tal Shiar agents tracked their progress and have now put them under siege in the vacation home of House Temarr. As a firefight would lead to certain death, t'Mahren has concocted a scheme that might save the lives of the Talon's command crew. Posing as a loyal agent of the Tal Shiar, she has 'captured' the crew and will hand them over for interrogation. With a bit of luck, there might be a chance for them to escape Tal Shiar custody before it is decided that they have outlived their usefulness.


KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM


M_K_tKsa -> ::just watching Koga and t'Aehjae's interaction...keeping her thoughts about them to herself::

tAehjae -> :: remaining quiet in their "hold::

Koga S'Bien -> ::rubs chin::

Lerak trPexil -> :: He had started to hum something quietly, an ancient tune centuries old of tales of deception and cunning. An anti-Klingon song.::

tAehjae -> :: blood smeared on her clothing and still a small amount oozing from her mouth , her jaw swollen::

Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> A small group of Tal Shiar agents had broken off from the main and made their way downstairs to find the Talon crew. One of them unbolted the cold storage room and yanked the door open, weapons trained.

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Well, well, well.......now what do we have fahd?

tAehjae -> :: looks up at the open door from her spot on the floor::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> It looks like someone has already tenderized the meat in this cold locker.

tAehjae -> :: glares once again wiping the blood from her jaw:::

M_K_tKsa -> ::tucks an stray piece of hair back into her bun, tries to make it look like she's mildly preturbed by this whole event instead of quaking with fear in her heart::

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Pushes her way into the cold storage room, protesting loudly.:: First they invade my home and help themselves to my food, drink, and clothes. Now they are contaminating my cold storage?!

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: Laughs looking down at them:: I wonder why she just did na yy'a the lot of them, and be done?

tAehjae -> :: so much wants to make a leap at the TS but remains still::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> ::shoved aside:: What !?

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> :: rolls eyes behind her back at TS1::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> ::looks at the prisoners:: Now au are in for it....

M_K_tKsa -> ::raises both brows at the protesting woman:;

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> I demand compensation! ::Hands on her hips, she looks over the Talon crew, slight sneer pulling at her lips. Catching sight of Laehval, she turned green with fury.:: AU! HOW DARE AU COME HERE!

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> :: motions to his partner to back off, for some reason this screeching woman was a trusted informant

Koga S'Bien -> :stands by in contemplation::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: looks at the woman that 'screecher is screeching at::

M_K_tKsa -> (m)Somebody should slap *her*. ::muttering under her breath, wondering if she could instigate that like she instigated the Koga/t'A fight::

tAehjae -> :: looks between the woman and the TS Officers, keeping her mouth shut for a change::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Though wincing at the voice, Laehval rose calmly.:: Jolan tru, ri'nanov. ::She waved a hand at the others.:: Everyone, meet my ri'nanov, Au'rial t'Temarr.

Lerak trPexil -> :: looked at that...that woman with contempt, mutters :: I'll do it

Laehval tTemarr -> Our hostess. ::She smiled broadly.::

M_K_tKsa -> ::blink...blink blink, does a double take at Laehval:: Seriously?

Koga S'Bien -> Hmm.

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1 and TS2 together to each other> :: Her ri'nanov?

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Shrieking, she pointed a finger at the group.:: I want them y'ya! Hnah!

tAehjae -> :: raises a brow at tTemarr::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Llhei, pardon, but that is na our call to make, that decision is solely that of our superior, and at the siuren, he is upstairs with the others, dealing with their target

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Turns to the two Tal Shiar agents.:: Give me your weapon! I will do it myself!

M_K_tKsa -> ::visibly wincing at the shrieking woman:: Some really should slap some sense into her. She's getting hysterical. ::actually concerned about this::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> Stand down Llhei. Au may be working with our superior, however we 'do na' take orders from au

Lerak trPexil -> :: Moving closer to block anything from getting to Laehval, futile as it may be.::

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Seething. She threw Laehval such a look of hatred that it was a wonder that Laeh didn't burst into flames then and there.:: They are traitors. All of them! From that ship. They do na deserve to live.

tAehjae -> :: draws her knees to her chest, then rests her aching chin on them wishing she would stop screaming::

M_K_tKsa -> ::glancing at the two Tal Shiar agents, wondering if she could push them against the other woman as a distraction or a means of escape, looking rather sympathetic to them:: Fvadt. Has she always been like this?

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> The rest of au....sit back down. Ie...au:: pointing his eiyakk at trPexil:: There are plenty to interrogate here. If he does not comply, i doubt they would miss a few of these?

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Na....we were only to show her to them, na to yy'a them. They will be processed shortly. :: turns looking again at S'Bein::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: leans over to TS2> Isn't that?

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> I had heard he was serving with the Talon at some point, how come he doesn't look like he's been hammered in the face?

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She put a hand on Pexil's shoulder, though her eyes remained on her mother.:: tr'Pexil, do as they say. This is na the time for foolish heroics.

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Well, if it is Koga S'Bein, it would make sense.

Lerak trPexil -> :: stands down::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: turns to Koga:: Au....what is au name?

Koga S'Bien -> Me? I am who you think you are - Koga S'Bien. I can't really deny that.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She deliberately took a drink from her mother's favorite vintage and smiled.::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> ::turns to the elder tTemarr:: So these are indeed the ones au had told us about? Au can confirm they are of the Talon crew? All of them?

tAehjae -> :: eyes dart to TS1 when he says Kogas name, then just as quickly looks to her knees::

KhreRiovtRex -> (lol Laeh)

tAehjae -> we're yy'a ::softly::

M_K_tKsa -> ::picks at a pill on her tunic, trying to look bored::

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::She hissed in anger, tearing her eyes away from Laehval to look at the others and then the agents.:: Ie, they are. Every Elements-cursed io of them. I have all of their files. Daise'Maenak t'Ksa. Daise'Dheno t'Aehjae. Daise'Engineer tr'Pexil. And S'Bien, au know.

Lerak trPexil -> ::hes never recognized ::

Lerak trPexil -> Nice to know my work speaks for itself.

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> What of this io? ::pointing to Laehval:: She said au were her ri'nanov?

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Ie, Llhei must indeed be loyal to the cause, if she would turn in her own daughter...

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> ::looks at his ISD:: Ie, this would make her the fugitive first officer of the Talon.

M_K_tKsa -> I'm na sure I'm all that impressed by being recognized by that banshee. ::jerks her head in the elder t'Temarr's direction::

tAehjae -> :: looks up as her name is called out::

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::She spat.:: Daise'Erei'Riov Laehval t'Temarr, a black stain upon the very name t'Temarr. And na daughter of mine.

Koga S'Bien -> ::so cold.. so that's where she got it from::

tAehjae -> :: goes to move to her knees as she speaks:: Aus daughter is io of the best AU should ...

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> They will want her for 'special' questioning as well. We should move her to a separate locker if io is available?

tAehjae -> be proud

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval held up the bottle in toast.:: For once, we are in complete agreement. I am na daughter of yours.

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> :: pistolwhips tAehjae, knocking her back to her knees: I can yy'a au right now if au wish....

M_K_tKsa -> Well this has been a pleasant family reunion ::amused at Laehval's behavior and hoping to share her same spirit::

tAehjae -> :: lands back on her side from the force, her mouth starts bleeding all over again::

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> Au should interrogate them all! With extreme force.

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> ::turns on tKsa:: I'll be happy enough to give au the same if au do not shut up...

tAehjae -> :: sits back up sliding back until her back is supported against a wine crate and wipes the blood from her mouth::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS3> :: comes down the stairs:: What is all this noise and fuss? Au should have had them trussed up and loading them onto the transports by now

M_K_tKsa -> Don't worry, I will give au na trouble. As most can tell au, and au're colleague t'Prin can verify, I'm just all talk. ::bats her eyes innocently, picking pills off her tunic from where she sits::

Lerak trPexil -> How predictable the Tal Shiar have become, puppets of some external influence. Pity.

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> Ie, tell the others we will start moving them up. ::turns to the prisoners:: ::points at t'Aehjae Koga and tKsa:: Au three....come with us now...

Koga S'Bien -> Okay. ::heads over there::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval took another drink, offering her mother a rare smile as the woman looked her way yet again.::

tAehjae -> :: slowly gets up off the floor and moves as told, looking to Ksa and tTemarr::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS2> Move it, or I'll vaporize au on the spot and just na worry about au

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Pushed over the edge, she shrieked in anger and jerked a dagger from one of the Tal Shiar agents, charging at Laehval with deadly intent.::

M_K_tKsa -> ::getting up slowly, dusting off her hands;: Ready when au are.

Koga S'Bien -> All right. Where are we headed?

tAehjae -> :: steps in front of the charging woman grabbing her hand with the dagger::

Koga S'Bien -> ::looks back at the lunging Temarr::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Hey!!

tAehjae -> NA au can na yy'a her!!!

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1 and TS2 round on tAehjae, pulling her away from the elder tTemarr and trying to force both of them to drop the blade::


Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Grappling with t'Aehjae, all the while cursing the Talon, her crew, and especially Laehval.::

tAehjae -> :: when she's grabbed she pulls on the blade pulling it towards herself to pluck it from the elder:::

M_K_tKsa -> (m)Like I said, someone should have slapped her to make her gain sense. ::staying out of the way of the maylee::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS3> :: having had enough of this, fires his ieyakk into the ceiling of the storeroom: ENOUGH......

Lerak trPexil -> :: moves closer and awaits an opening ::

Lerak trPexil -> :: moves closer and awaits an opening ::

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::She let the agents pull her way, though was still seething and livid. She turned at the third agent, snapping.:: AU don't have to yell!

M_K_tKsa -> ::delicately waves the dust from her face of the newly disintegrated ceiling::

tAehjae -> :: falls backwards as the shot is fired with the blade in her hand::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS3> I'll shoot all of au..:: boots are heard running down the stairs as reinforcements arrive

Koga S'Bien -> ::like one of the s'Oap o'Peras his mother watched on the holo-viewer::

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::And especially angry about the damage to her house.::

KhreRiovtRex -> TS1> Drop it, or yy'a? :: standing over tAehjae::

tAehjae -> :: lays on the floor opens her hand releasing the blade::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval hefted the bottle in her hand, wondering how much damage it would do to her mother's skull.::

tAehjae -> ::looking up to TS1 :: I could na allow her to yy'a Laeh.

KhreRiovtRex -> Major tr'Danov> :: enters the cold room door:: What is going on here? Can au na move a few prisoners to the ships. Do it....and do it hna. I only need 1 or 2 of them to find out what I need, we can dispose of the rest shortly. Do it...do it now

Lerak trPexil -> :: thinks he left the seat up ::

Laehval tTemarr -> t'Aehjae, give them the blade. It is na worth dying for.

KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks at Au'rial tTemarr:: What has au so upset Llhei? I'm sorry that these....traitors have broken into au home, but we will remove them at once

tAehjae -> :: does na move until the blade is plucked from her hand::

M_K_tKsa -> ::is watching all of this with interest, looking for a way to twist it around in order for them escape::

KhreRiovtRex -> Major trDanov> Move them now, or move their corpses, I do na care. Just keep this io.....:: points to Laehval:: and that io:: points to Koga:: Alive for the time being

Koga S'Bien -> ::Doesn't he feel special?::

KhreRiovtRex -> I expect the transports to be ready to leave in a few siruen:: stomps back upstairs to continue his interrogation there....


KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

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