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Laehval tTemarr

RES Talon Simlog 04.02.15

RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051504.02 - Season 20 - After witnessing an increase in Tal Shiar activity around the village where t'Aehjae, t'Ksa, and tr'Pexil were exploring, those aiding in recon support have given the recall code to bring the crew back to the safety of their forest cabin refuge. The Away Team has taken extra precaution in piloting the RAC back to their hideout, hoping to throw anyone following them off the trail. Thus far, it seems they have been successful in escaping without notice. As we begin, the Away Team has just arrived back at House Temarr's vacation home in preparation to debrief on what they've learned.


KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM


KhreRiovtRex -> :: pacing back and forth, very much feeling trapped in this house like some sort of caged animal, when she wanted to be out doing something.::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval opened the front door to greet the team as they landed, waiting for everyone to come inside for a debrief.::

KhreRiovtRex -> :: Preferably.....making those responsible for this, and for what they may have done to her family, and ...all of their families::

Lerak trPexil -> :: Goes inside ::

M_K_tKsa -> ::dusts herself off, muttering something about wanting to y'ya t'A as she follows tr'Pexil inside::

KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks up and across the room at Laeh opening the door::

Koga S'Bien -> ::looks at readings::

Lerak trPexil -> Sorry about that cross traffic thing, but au wanted a non-direct path back.. :: sits ::

KhreRiovtRex -> ::glanced over at t'Mahren, then back to the others::

Laehval tTemarr -> Better you take the round-about way than lead sometime back. Still, there is no guarantee either way. From our sensors, the village is now swarming with Tal Shiar agents.

M_K_tKsa -> Fvadt. ::exhales:: We're going to have get moving somewhere else soon then.

KhreRiovtRex -> Why is that Morgana?

Koga S'Bien -> ::rubs chin in contemplation:: It's not good to stay in one place for too long.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She secured the door behind them and strode into the living area, hands behind her back.:: Did any of au see or hear any sign of the Galae rebellion?

Lerak trPexil -> I did na, but this was only one place.

EvietMahren -> Especially when some of our number haven't the slightest understanding of the word covert. ::cutting her eyes at Pexil::

M_K_tKsa -> Because if the Tal Shiar is swarming, that means that t'A's run in with those kids is a bigger than she led us to believe.

Koga S'Bien -> ::nods::

M_K_tKsa -> ::shakes her head;: The closest I came to spying anything resembling a Galae presence was a man who was in the government...seemed to be military. Or at least that's what I gathered from his shoes....he had very distinctive shoes.

KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION: Suddenly, a loud klaxon begins to sound

Lerak trPexil -> Perimeter alarm? :: looks up ::

EvietMahren -> ::mutters a curse in Standard::

EvietMahren -> ::nods::

M_K_tKsa -> Well, this party is apparently over.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval jerked at the alarm and slapped the exterior visuals onto the main viewer.:: That was the alert from the mouth of the canyon.

tAehjae -> ::nods:

EvietMahren -> ::pulling up her ISD:: Five minutes. Six, if we're lucky.

KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION: The proximity alarms indicate a number of ships approaching both from the pass, and long distance indicating more on the way from town.

Lerak trPexil -> :: Gets up :: Time to go. RAC is on standby.

EvietMahren -> ::looks to Laeh and t'Rexan, eyes steely:: Do you trust me?

EvietMahren -> ::glares at Pexil:: No time.


EvietMahren -> ::looking back to the CO and XO::

M_K_tKsa -> ::snags her bag with her belongings, then looks up:: What the--. ::scowls:: Oh Elements.

KhreRiovtRex -> It would seem we have no other choice. but perhaps you better quickly explain, just what this trust was...

Koga S'Bien -> Ooh. ::looks around::

Laehval tTemarr -> Fvadt! ::She ran to the panel at the door and activated the screen, tapping rapidly to no avail.:: I had disabled all of the emergency lockdown procedures!

KhreRiovtRex -> Fvadt... we should have spread out.

KhreRiovtRex -> ::turns to Laeh:: Isn't' that only triggered from inside here

tAehjae -> Great. :: utters a few curses to herself:::

EvietMahren -> I need every in the storage room, in the basement.

M_K_tKsa -> So we can na get out and they're coming to get us. This is....perfect.

Laehval tTemarr -> Ie... who activated it? ::She turned and looked at the others, knowing it couldn't have been any of them. Her eyes fixed on Evie.:: Cold storage? There is na way out through there. What do au have in mind?

Laehval tTemarr -> Our weapons are limited.

M_K_tKsa -> ::glances as the chrono:: We don't have much time here.

EvietMahren -> They think I'm still one of them.

tAehjae -> Lets give her a chance.

EvietMahren -> ::looking to Laeh, waiting for the lightbulb moment, if she catches on, or needs more explanation::

KhreRiovtRex -> I've been down this road before:: turns to look at Laeh:: It didn't' turn out well for me that time

KhreRiovtRex -> and I presume, that this will have pretty much the same outcome

KhreRiovtRex -> Very well. If it must be, it must be.

KhreRiovtRex -> Everyone...do what she says, downstairs.

Koga S'Bien -> ::Nods:: Right.

Lerak trPexil -> :: Heads with the group ::

tAehjae -> :: opens the door to the stairway::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She fingered the dagger at her belt, thinking on the past. Her head swung to the console.:: I can activate the external defense system, but they will likely be able to disable it remotely. It will give us a few more minutes to plan.

KhreRiovtRex -> If she's locking us up, they are not going to believe her if we have weapons...everything in a pile over here as well

KhreRiovtRex -> if you have something small that you 'might have slipped past her' then keep that on you

tAehjae -> :: sighs tossing her weapon on the pile but keeps her dagger in her boot::

EvietMahren -> ::nods to Laeh::

M_K_tKsa -> ::hides whatever she had weapon-wise down in the basement before she enters the cold storage facility:: Huhboy.

EvietMahren -> ::looks to t'A::

EvietMahren -> ::shakes her head::

Lerak trPexil -> :: Puts a couple of items on the pile ::

EvietMahren -> ::holds out hand for the dagger::

EvietMahren -> You're security. If you think that I wouldn't search you completely, you're quite mistaken.

tAehjae -> :: looks to her and sighs:: Very well. ::hands over the dagger::

M_K_tKsa -> ....the maenak on the other hand ::shrugs::

EvietMahren -> ::takes the dagger, nodding::

EvietMahren -> ::hand waves to Morgana:: This is not the weapon you're looking for? ::wry grin::

Koga S'Bien -> ::checks his weapon::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::As Laehval only had her dagger and disruptor, neither of which she could easily hide. She discarded them both with the others before venturing to the security panel in the basement to ensure the auto-response system was active. As it had not yet been disabled, she left it as is and walked into the cold storage death chamber with the others.::

M_K_tKsa -> My weapon is in here ::taps her temple:: And you know how well most of that worked out for t'Prin.

EvietMahren -> Perhaps the scariest weapon of all.

M_K_tKsa -> :;winces:: We're going to be so.....cold. ::does na like this io bit::

KhreRiovtRex -> :: hands her weapons over to t'Mahren:: I'll assume, that for this to look like you have control, you'll have separated us at one point. Lock them in, you can bind me one of the chairs upstairs, presumably to question me separately from them? Besides, I should draw their interest enough that they may be distracted enough not to just kill them

EvietMahren -> ::glaring at t'Rexan::

KhreRiovtRex -> It's what I would have done....

EvietMahren -> ::lips thinning, recognizing that, as Varlon's mate, she does have a point::

M_K_tKsa -> Au know, in that case, we could slap each other to make it look like we've been questioned.

EvietMahren -> ::looks to Morgana:: I'd gladly assist.

EvietMahren -> ::jerks her head to indicate the stairs, looking to t'Rexan:: Study. Upstairs. I'll be there presently.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She turned to Lerak.:: I need au to slap me.

Lerak trPexil -> :: blinks :: What?

EvietMahren -> ::moving over to the replicator, pulling up a program she'd hoped not to use::

KhreRiovtRex -> Do not take too long, this has to look right, and you clearly would have heard them coming and be ready to meet them, na surprised by their arrival.

Lerak trPexil -> Are au serious?

EvietMahren -> ::over her shoulder:: Take care of the abuse once you get downstairs.

EvietMahren -> We don't have time to discuss this in committee.

M_K_tKsa -> ::facepalms::

Laehval tTemarr -> Slap me. In the face. As hard as au can. Au know au want to. Think of every time I've struck au or questioned your ability as an engineer.

Lerak trPexil -> But I.. :: Without pausing, he slaps her as hard as he can, thinking of her offing herself and standing him up ::

M_K_tKsa -> tr'Pexil, I didn't know au had it in au.

KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION:; POW!!!!

Koga S'Bien -> Wow. Nor did I.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Her head snapped to one side and she righted herself, eyes watering. She touched the blood at her lip and smiled.:: Very nice. Now my turn.

Lerak trPexil -> I have years t'Ksa. :: he brushes his hair back ::

Lerak trPexil -> What?

KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION:: Ships can be heard coming in for a landing nearby

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She punched him in the jaw.::

EvietMahren -> ::pulls out her disruptor::

tAehjae -> :: thinking this is her fault since she was the io that had the encounter with the kids::

Koga S'Bien -> What was that?

EvietMahren -> Beautiful. Now get downstairs.

Lerak trPexil -> :: Not expecting reciprocation, he falls back onto the floor ::

EvietMahren -> ::clenching teeth:: Now.

Koga S'Bien -> ::Heads downstairs::

M_K_tKsa -> ::tucks her head into a bun like creation so it does not seem so obvious that she's actually cut off her hair::

Lerak trPexil -> :: Picks himself up ::

EvietMahren -> ::seeing everyone is down and closed in, closes the door and powers the lock::

M_K_tKsa -> If I'd know that this would have turned into a cage fight, I would have placed wagers.

EvietMahren -> ::muttering a few choice words, shaking her head as she rushes upstairs, grabbing her replicated item on the way::

KhreRiovtRex -> :: in the study, glancing out the window at the ships that are approaching, evidently someone was very serious and that their position most decidedly had been given away::

Lerak trPexil -> :: Nurses his bruise ::

EvietMahren -> ::entering the study, gesturing to the chair::

EvietMahren -> You're going to have to sit.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Helps Lerak to his feet and takes hold of his chin, turning it so she could see her handiwork.:: A few more and we could have au looking like io of Koga's opponents.

KhreRiovtRex -> Walks over :: I will, I've also been through this many times. Remember my position, they usualy save the physical abuse, for those higher up...and there aren't many fortunately for me::

EvietMahren -> ::pulling out a hypospray::

Koga S'Bien -> ::Raises brow, follows the others::

M_K_tKsa -> ::finishes tucking in her hair, dusts off her hand:: t'Aehjae, au might wish to acquire some battle scars of au's own, considering au are dheno.

EvietMahren -> Yes, I am aware of standard procedure for higher ranking detainees.

Lerak trPexil -> :: The pain was a little more than he expected, a tear running down his cheek :: Ie

Lerak trPexil -> Just like old times Laehval?

Lerak trPexil -> :: Looks Laehval over ::

KhreRiovtRex -> :: looks her in the eye::: If this end poorly for me, try to get them out. If you get out, if you are able to talk to Var'lon, tell him I'm sorry I failed him.

tAehjae -> :: steps up to Ksa:: If au will?

EvietMahren -> I will do what I can.

KhreRiovtRex -> I'm taking you at your word, and trusting you.

M_K_tKsa -> If I will what?

Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> Another klaxon sounded as the Tal Shiar arrived at the house and began disabling the security systems and lockdown procedures.

EvietMahren -> You know where my allegiances lie.

KhreRiovtRex -> Then do it. Time is up

EvietMahren -> Now, please...

EvietMahren -> ::nods:: ::hits her with the hypo::

Lerak trPexil -> :: Looks up again :: There here...

tAehjae -> Hit me Rekkhai

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She smiled at him and brushed away his tear.:: Ie, like old times. ::Giving him a soft slap on his cheek.:: Buck up, Daise'Engineer. Au just might live through this.

M_K_tKsa -> Na. I'm a maenak. We do na "hit". ::motions to Koga:: He's au's most likely candidate. ::sits primly on a box::

KhreRiovtRex -> :: feels it instantly hit her, and her head drops uncontrolled, but she is na totally out. ::Curses to self:: Fvaht.....na this....

EvietMahren -> ::then binds her to the chair::

EvietMahren -> ::sitting, waiting::

EvietMahren -> ::walks over and pours herself a drink::

Lerak trPexil -> I should reinforce my place after this.

tAehjae -> :: steps over to Koga:: Hit me now Create a good amount of damage

KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION:: The security systems locking the doors and windows release and several heavily armed Tal Shiar kick in the door and stream into the room...

EvietMahren -> ::one leg on the desk, one foot on the floor as she regards her::

Lerak trPexil -> :: Really did put some frustration into his hit of Laehval ::

Koga S'Bien -> Uhh... okay... ::doesn't want to punch t'A in the gob but no time to argue and lands a hard right hook to her face, but not hard enough to break her neck or cause permanent injury::

Laehval tTemarr -> High pitched voice from outside> Na io told au to break down the door! Replacements are expensive! I am na made of money!

EvietMahren -> ::rolling her eyes at the voice she's hearing::

KhreRiovtRex -> (omg Koga...you're a professional fighter...a slap would have been sufficient!)

EvietMahren -> ::muttering something about uncivilized idiots::

M_K_tKsa -> ::folds her arms, na sure if she should be amused or ashamed by the manipulation she pulled to watch t'Aehjae and Koga's fight::

tAehjae -> :: head snapps back and a trickle of blood comes from the corner of her mouth as she hits the floor::

Koga S'Bien -> (Old habits die hard)

Koga S'Bien -> Sorry... maybe I shouldn't have hit so hard.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval took a seat on a crate of protein and snagged one of the bottles of chilled vintage from the shelf.:: While we're in here, might as well enjoy something good... ::She unsealed the bottle and took a swig, offering it to Lerak.:: Careful, it is strong.

M_K_tKsa -> Really Koga, was *that* necessary? ;:raises a brow::

tAehjae -> :: remains on the floor for a moment before she stirs::

Koga S'Bien -> Sorry, sorry....

Lerak trPexil -> :: Takes it :: I have a line of spirits myself...

Lerak trPexil -> I think au know the inspiration.

KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION:: Troops spread out, ieyyaks leading, heading into each room to secure it

Lerak trPexil -> :: drinks and winces ::

KhreRiovtRex -> and find Evie in the study, with a prisoner

EvietMahren -> ::arches her brow as the Keystone cops enter::

tAehjae -> :: sits up slowly and looks to Koga with a very slight nod::

tAehjae -> :: remains on the floor leaning against a crate::

KhreRiovtRex -> :: another figure starts up the stairs, dressed in a mostly black, well tailored uniform and enters behind the others and stands looking at t'Mahren::

KhreRiovtRex -> Au have io siuren, to explain.....

M_K_tKsa -> Well, isn't this cozy? ::wiggles in her seat to get comfortable:: Shall we sing campfire ditties while we wait? Or act like we're scared, confused and angry?

EvietMahren -> ::arches a dangerous brow::

Lerak trPexil -> I can sing...but na io wants to hear that.

EvietMahren -> I could ask you the same question. Hasn't anyone ever taught you to knock?

EvietMahren -> ::her disruptor still trained on t'Rexan::

Laehval tTemarr -> Au'rial t'Temarr> ::Shoulders her way in between the Tal Shiar officers, waving a hand to shoo them out of the way.:: I told au they were here! I TOLD au they were the ios that set off the internal sensors! Where is she? ::She caught sight of t'Rex and her sucked in a gasp.:: Her! The clone! Kill her!

tAehjae -> :: reaches up touching her jaw that is swelling nicely and changing color::

tAehjae -> Ow ::softly::

KhreRiovtRex -> Au had best watch au tone, and perhaps identify auself. I command this province and I have na had the pleasure of meeting au

EvietMahren -> ::still not looking impressed::

Koga S'Bien -> I didn't mean to hit au so hard... sometimes one doesn't know his own strength. ::contemplatively::

EvietMahren -> Eviess t'Mahren. And au...?

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Takes her bottle back from Lerak and has another swig, then grins.:: Au, sing? Please save it for the torture chamber.

KhreRiovtRex -> ::hears an annoying voice in her head, but unable to do much else than mumble :: veruul woman

Lerak trPexil -> I had time on my hands to brush up... it was my mother's insistence.

Lerak trPexil -> Helpful to listen to components that emit hums.

KhreRiovtRex -> (3 hours later, all the guards have joined them, are holding hands and having a drink with Pexil)

M_K_tKsa -> ::muttering to herself;: When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?

Lerak trPexil -> (Do I need to write a Rihan song now

Lerak trPexil -> ?)

tAehjae -> :: takes her hand and rubs the blood from her face smearing it and wiping her hand on her uniform::

KhreRiovtRex -> Daise Enarrain tr'Gralik. I have heard of au. Now...au prisoner here...I presume... :turns to look at the screeching tTemarr woman screaming about clones::

KhreRiovtRex -> I presume this is.....the Khre'Riov that we've been looking for...

Lerak trPexil -> It's na like I wrote a song for t'Temarr.

EvietMahren -> ::glaring at the t'Temarr woman, wondering how the @#$% she could be related to Laehval::

Lerak trPexil -> :: Thinks of that poetry.. :: Hmm

EvietMahren -> I thought she might lead us to her beloved.

KhreRiovtRex -> (omg yes pexil...)

EvietMahren -> One way or another.

Koga S'Bien -> hmm

KhreRiovtRex -> (OMG..yes...start reading them poetry Pex)

M_K_tKsa -> ::facepalms, again::


KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

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