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Laehval tTemarr

RES Talon Simlog 03.26.15

RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.26 - Season 20 - In disguise, t'Aehjae, t'Ksa, and tr'Pexil explore the nearest village in hopes of finding Galae allies they desperately need in the fight against the Othan fleet and the Tal Shiar. t'Ksa's and tr'Pexil's trained eyes have spotted a male near the government center that looks vaguely military, but neither have approached him. While remaining with the shuttle to offer flight support to the others should they need it, t'Aehjae has been discovered by a pair of nosy children, one of which has fled to tell the nearest Tal Shiar officer of the hidden Galae RAC. The others of the Talon's command crew have remained behind within the (relative) safety of t'Temarr's family vacation home and are ever watchful for hints of Tal Shiar activity in the area.


Laehval tTemarr -> BEGIN SIM

Laehval tTemarr -> BEGIN SIM

Laehval tTemarr -> BEGIN SIM


M_K_tKsa -> @::at the government center, watching and trying to learn::

Koga S'Bien -> ::brings up all the maps and things that Laehval and t'Rexan might need from the vacation home::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Feels he's not safe, but he has felt that way since he landed. At the edge of the government center... ::

KhreRiovtRex -> %Kid 1> :: moves towards the ship:: I thought I told au to move off. Au are trespassing in 'my' salvage

M_K_tKsa -> @::munches on a handful of nuts as she watches the military-like pace of the man walking across the center, wondering which branch he's in::

Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> Koga's holomaps show some activity in known Tal Shiar buildings. It doesn't look like much, but there appeared to be at least one or two vessels leaving, heading for the village where the AT was investigating.

tAehjae -> %::: looks back to the kid:: na I am sorry I found it first.

tAehjae -> %Wanna see if she runs?

tAehjae -> %:: thinks I hope the others heard my message::

KhreRiovtRex -> % Kid 1> Rhae my father's lands. he will be here shortly....tr'Jren has went to fetch him......

KhreRiovtRex -> % :: kid (looks to be about 12 ish) waves the stick at her..you best go before he gets here. He might shoot you.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Listens for keywords as he moves about the crowd. Much talk about the weather, the local issues.. ::

tAehjae -> % :: can risk being caught steps up to the kid lifts him off his feet na worried about a stick and places him so hes hanging on a branch in a tree:: Sorry I can na allow aus father to see me.

Laehval tTemarr -> @ ACTION> The "Galae" man that tr'Pexil originally spotted in the marketplace stopped in the plaza outside the government center near a cluster of other rihans. By their clothing, any of them could have been villagers, but the way they carried themselves was definitely familiar. They were in a tight group, speaking quietly with one another, throwing casual glances about now and again.

KhreRiovtRex -> % Kid 1> Hey!! Put me down!! I mean it...I order au to get me down this instance

M_K_tKsa -> @::picks up her belongings and heads towards the main town hall building to see if there's any notices or alerts::

tAehjae -> %:: turns and hurries back to the RAC and closes the door::

tAehjae -> %+Ksa+ tAehjae to tKsa. Rekkhai I am needing to move the RAC I have been found

KhreRiovtRex -> @ Security officer> :: walking around the Government center spots t'Ksa and walks over towards her:: Papers....

tAehjae -> %:: starts up the RAC and readies it to be moved to a different location::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Stops by a fountain, places his hand in the water. Cool. While he liked the structure, the sound from the crashing water made hearing the murmurs of others difficult ::

M_K_tKsa -> ::pinches her elbow in to mute the comm, looking around as if she's wondering what that noise was as pulls out the papers for t'Paine, tight smile as she produces them::

KhreRiovtRex -> @SO> ::takes the papers and looks at them, then looks at her....then back to the papers:: Another refuge from the Capitol.......who many are they planning to dump here?

KhreRiovtRex -> @SO> Have you found accommodations yet? :: looks at the papers again:: Hospital support...I suppose they can use au at the medical center. They will put you up there if you can earn your keep. Move along

Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> Another satellite scan updates on Koga's map, showing another two vessels leaving the Tal Shiar HQ, also headed toward the village where the AT was currently investigating.

M_K_tKsa -> @Had that many of us, ie? ::taking the papers back:: And I was on my way there shortly.

Laehval tTemarr -> @ ACTION> The small group at the government center breaks off and scatters in different directions, each headed for a different part of the village. The original man heads for the business district.

KhreRiovtRex -> ::MEANWHILE....Back at the tTemarr complex.......

KhreRiovtRex -> :: returns to the main room looking for tMahren and the others:: Any word yet from the others? I hope they've been able to find out anything we can use to contact others n our situation or find a way to get back to the Talon

Koga S'Bien -> Seems busy there. ::Enhances the images:: Wonder where they are going...

tAehjae -> %:: lifts off moving the RAC to a new location in the direction to remove it from the Kid's father land. ::

KhreRiovtRex -> :: looks at the overlay that Koga has put on the map image:: Hmmm, coincidence, or have our people be noticed?

tAehjae -> % ::lands on the adjacent farm this time turning on the cloaking device to hide the RAC::

M_K_tKsa -> @::taking a few moments to find a quiet private space before responding to t'Aehjae's comm:: +t'Aehjae+ I hope that the next time that au attempt to contact me au have a better cover or timing or.....good sense na to mention the fvadt RAC in the middle of a comm without knowing whether or na it is safe for me to talk. I could y'ya au for almost getting me y'ya'd!

Koga S'Bien -> Probably more than a coincidence, I'd say. I really hope nobody did anything they shouldn't have...

M_K_tKsa -> @+t'Aehjae+ Or use my given name.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval was busy at the monitor that showed the sensors around the cabin, still wondering how t'Mahren's contacts got past their security. And worried about it. She turned when t'Rex entered.:: t'Aehjae made contact briefly about the RAC being discovered by children. She should have handled the situation by now.

tAehjae -> % +tKsa+ My apologies rekkhai

KhreRiovtRex -> Perhaps we should pull them out now, before it's too late

tAehjae -> % +tKsa+ A Tal Shiar son found the RAC location I have moved it to an adjacent farm and turned on the cloak. The child had sent for his Father to come back.

Koga S'Bien -> Could do. The RAC isn't that far away.

KhreRiovtRex -> ::turns looking for tMahren::

Koga S'Bien -> ::Sips a glass of tea::

M_K_tKsa -> +t'Aehjae+ Fvadt. Well, do the best au can. And be more careful! This isn't a game.

tAehjae -> %+tKsa+ Ie rekkhai

KhreRiovtRex -> Laehval, perhaps we should see if t'Mahren's contacts can take us to the rest of thier group, to perhaps join some others from Galae or even some of our families

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Moves from the fountain to another group of people huddled around the glow of a small viewscreen. Either a sporting event or... ::

tAehjae -> %::closes the com and sets the RAC down in amongst a bunch of trees on the adjoining farm::

tAehjae -> %::this time cloak in place.::

EvietMahren -> ::enters the room, looking about and hearing the alerts from the monitors::

M_K_tKsa -> @::scrubs her face with her hands, then tries to relax and heads off towards the medical center, hoping that the cover story of "nurse" for t'Paine will hold up::

tAehjae -> %+Koga+ tAehjae to Koga.

KhreRiovtRex -> Evie, menkha, I'm glad au are here. Koga and Laeh are monitoring some activity that headed into that village our AT is gathering information

EvietMahren -> ::mutters a few curses in a very different language::

Koga S'Bien -> Hmm. +t'A+ Ie? Go ahead?

EvietMahren -> ::pulls up her small ISD and tries to garner some resources to assist the AT::

tAehjae -> %+Koga+ I have moved the RAC to an adjoining farm, One of the kids fathers' was a Tal shiar and he had sent the 2nd kid to fetch him. I now have the cloak active. Can au send a silent message to the others of my location?

EvietMahren -> ::muttering something about amateurs and cursing the fact that she had other work to do, other than getting out into the field and playing tour guide::

Koga S'Bien -> +t'A+ Is this channel secure?

tAehjae -> %+Koga+ Ie Rekkhai

KhreRiovtRex -> ::hears tA and shakes head:: She needs to hold off on those transmissions. if we can hear her, it's a good guess if someone suspects someone has come into town, that they'd be monitoring the frequencies

Koga S'Bien -> +t'A+ Okay, I'll send the message.

Koga S'Bien -> Indeed.

M_K_tKsa -> @::stops to read a random messaging board, frowning at the results::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She joined the others at the holomap and leaned over.:: What sort of activity? Are those ships heading for the village? ::Watching the signals grow closer.::

KhreRiovtRex -> I'm not liking this..I think we need to pull them out, and try that Galae training location instead. tMahren, Laehval, thoughts?

Koga S'Bien -> It looks like it, rekkhai.

EvietMahren -> I think it's well past time that the field trip was over.

KhreRiovtRex -> tA did mention that she had been found by someone affiliated with the Tal Shiar

EvietMahren -> Provided, of course, they can get back without getting themselves killed.

Koga S'Bien -> Or caught.

EvietMahren -> ::lips pursed as she reads reports from assets in place::

Laehval tTemarr -> I would agree. If the Tal Shiar is heading for that area, it probably is not happenstance.

KhreRiovtRex -> Koga....send the recall code. Hopefully if they've been found out.......they won't be followed back here

EvietMahren -> ::looks to Koga:: Same difference.

Koga S'Bien -> Ie.. sending recall code now. ::sends the code to the AT over a secure channel::

KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks at Evie:: Ie, that's true...

M_K_tKsa -> @::feeling her comm vibrate this time, thanks the Elements it was a silent signal as she pulls it out and reads it:: Oh Elements. ::tucks it back into her cloak and then works on her own extraction plan back to the now moved RAC::

EvietMahren -> Perhaps they should use the alternate rendezvous point before returning back to the compound?

tAehjae -> %:: gets the recall code:: I hope Koga got them the message of my location.

KhreRiovtRex -> I agree Evie, please send the appropriate code so that they do so.

EvietMahren -> ::nods::

EvietMahren -> ::sends additional signal, notating a secondary rendezvous point must be used::

Laehval tTemarr -> @ ACTION> The entire Away Team receives the signal to retreat -- danger imminent -- gather at the alternative rendezvous point.

tAehjae -> %:: gets the message and powers up the RAC to move to the secondary location as ordered.::

EvietMahren -> ::getting data feed from assets in place, finally getting information about Galae holdouts in specific areas::

Koga S'Bien -> ::Monitors the teams' and the Tal'Shiar's progress::


KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

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