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Laehval tTemarr


RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.26 - Season 20 -


In disguise, t'Aehjae, t'Ksa, and tr'Pexil explore the nearest village in hopes of finding Galae allies they desperately need in the fight against the Othan fleet and the Tal Shiar. t'Ksa's and tr'Pexil's trained eyes have spotted a male near the government center that looks vaguely military, but neither have approached him. While remaining with the shuttle to offer flight support to the others should they need it, t'Aehjae has been discovered by a pair of nosy children, one of which has fled to tell the nearest Tal Shiar officer of the hidden Galae RAC. The others of the Talon's command crew have remained behind within the (relative) safety of t'Temarr's family vacation home and are ever watchful for hints of Tal Shiar activity in the area.

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