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Laehval tTemarr

RES Talon Simlog 03.12.15

RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 051503.12 - Season 20 - Now in disguise, members of the Talon command crew are en route to the first destination they will be scouting. Still trapped within the political schemings of the Tal Shiar and Othan factions, their objective is to find information about other Galae rebels in the area and contact them, if possible. Other, more recognizable crew members, have remained behind at House Temarr's remote vacation estate to provide them with regional support to aid their reconnaissance.


KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> BEGIN SIM


M_K_tKsa -> ::returning to the main room dressed, well, as a civilian and with her new haircut, hardly looks like Maenak Evil at all::

M_K_tKsa -> ::taking a seat at the console:: We're on approach, ie?

Koga S'Bien -> ::helps monitor the away teams::

KhreRiovtRex -> ACTION: Those assigned to the mission have been told that they are heading down to the nearest populated city, to try to get a feel for what is going on.

KhreRiovtRex -> If an opportunity were to present itself to acquire certain influential uniforms, it too, was one of the objectives.....

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Finally getting a chance pilot a shuttle himself :: We are on approach, Ie.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Looks at t'Ksa for a moment ::

M_K_tKsa -> @At least we're na all dressed alike. Like some tourists. Some family group tourists.

M_K_tKsa -> @Well..........?

KhreRiovtRex -> :: turns to look at Laeh:: I suppose I should also find something....less....than this? ::looking down at her uniform::

Lerak trPexil -> @ Au look good t'Ksa. Consider keeping the look when this is all over. :: shrugs ::

Koga S'Bien -> That would be nice. ::monitors the team's whereabouts and activities from a console::

M_K_tKsa -> @What cover name did they give au? ::obvious change of topic::

Lerak trPexil -> @ Jalen tr'Latal.

KhreRiovtRex -> Koga, can au bring those maps we were looking at earlier and spread them on the table fhaen?

Lerak trPexil -> @ We are taking a leisurely approach with the rest of the traffic lanes.

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Laehval moved to the house's main monitor and made a few quick modifications, using the nearest satellite feed to track the away team from overhead. The resolution left something to be desired, but they could still see an indistinct blob of color zooming over the landscape.::

Koga S'Bien -> ::nods:: Ie, definitely rekkhai.

Lerak trPexil -> @ Yours? We are not bonded are we? :: laughs ::

Koga S'Bien -> ::gets up and rummages around for the maps, then spreads them out onto the table as requested::

M_K_tKsa -> @Wyndoe t'Paine.

M_K_tKsa -> @Elements NO!

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Feels a little hurt ::

Lerak trPexil -> @ I'm setting her down. :: looks out the windshield ::

M_K_tKsa -> @I'll give t'A a bit longer to sleep. Perhaps leave her a note? We shouldn't all be traveling together anyway, ie?

KhreRiovtRex -> Ok, if they're going to handle that village, we need to think about a more populated area, or an area where we would expect to find some of our own in hiding. We do know of a few secure location...once Koga gets the maps, we can draw out our plan

Lerak trPexil -> @ Probably not, but how should we travel?

KhreRiovtRex -> Hann'yyo Koga.

Koga S'Bien -> ::finds the remaining map(s):: There we go. No problem. ::nods::

Lerak trPexil -> @ Touchdown in 60 seconds :: Buildings get closer and they pass some of the taller ones as they approach ::

M_K_tKsa -> On our own. However, I would say we need to return to the RAC in an hour to report back with any information we've gathered and then make game plan for further exploration, if necessary.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Sees the hangar ahead, a horizontal slot carved midway in a tall building ::

KhreRiovtRex -> I know Laeh is familiar with this region, what about au? ::looks at Koga:: Surely au toured in the area when au competed?

Lerak trPexil -> @ Ten seconds...

M_K_tKsa -> Under no circumstances are we to reveal we are Galae. Understood? Stick to the cover story they gave us.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Passes the threshold of the bay, sets the shuttle down, an automated system moves the shuttle LL

Koga S'Bien -> ::Studied the map:: Ie.. I fought there 2 or 3 times in my career.

Lerak trPexil -> @ Sure Wyndoe

KhreRiovtRex -> I wonder, if we shaved your head, if au would be as noticeable?

Lerak trPexil -> @ Alright, everyone out, secure anything au don't want found readily.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Gets out of the pilot's seat, heads to the rear ramp ::

Koga S'Bien -> Possibly. Though I imagine my height and build may still make me stand out a bit.

M_K_tKsa -> @::sighs softly, thinking this is going to long mission::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Gets out and breathes in the air ::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::She moved to the map table and planted her hands on the edge, looking over the region. Tapping the corner of the thin, flexible material, she put her hand in the middle and drew up a holographic version of the terrain. Swiping away the landscape, she focused on the town, turning it to have a look at the buildings clustered there.::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: One of the deckhands comes over to register the shuttle ::

KhreRiovtRex -> Hnn, perhaps so. Then again, au may be what we need for subduing some of the others and take their uniforms

M_K_tKsa -> @::following, smoothing her hair, whimpering at the loss of her braid:: Menkha luck on au's business dealings tr'Latal.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Offered his ID, a first test of how good the forgery may be ::

Koga S'Bien -> ::thinks:: Yes, perhaps.

Lerak trPexil -> @ DeckHand> Very good. Enjoy your stay.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Checked his pockets to make sure he did not leave anything behind, waited for the others ::

KhreRiovtRex -> Perhaps another way.......if we were to find someone to barter information for.....someone au might trust. Au family has ties here Laeh? Anyone you could suggest?

M_K_tKsa -> @::hoping the others can act...and can act casual enough, passes through the inspection point without much notice::

KhreRiovtRex -> @ Town guard>:: watching the couple leaving the ship, and noting the sour face she makes at her male companion:: Ie, they are bonded for sure, na happiness left in that union

M_K_tKsa -> @::gives tr'Latal a slight nod to indicate that she's heading north, hoping he'll understand the nonverbal cue::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: turns to Wyndoe, nods :: Jolan tru.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Heads south ::

M_K_tKsa -> @::shakes her head:: Oh elements. ::starts to head north::

Laehval tTemarr -> Mmm, I would na trust any of those that have ties with my family, but I could suggest a source of information or two that might talk if given a reason to. ::She frowned and glanced to t'Rex.:: However, I doubt we'd have enough gold-pressed latinum to satisfy them.

KhreRiovtRex -> Koga, can au pass that bottle over this way....

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: He checked his chronograph, already setting itself to the new timezone. He walked down the series of stairs rather than taking a lift. ::

Koga S'Bien -> Ie of course... ::passes the bottle over::

KhreRiovtRex -> I'm sure Koga could give them a reason....or two ::reaching over to tap his fist::

Laehval tTemarr -> (( Lerak - t'Ksa, either of you have a p'Aypal account au could use for bribes? ))

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: He still, after all these years, did not quite understand t'Ksa. They were cordial, but nothing went beyond that ::

Koga S'Bien -> ::ponders... a possibility::

Lerak trPexil -> (I like to think my looks get me what I need... wait.. oh elements!)

KhreRiovtRex -> ((bit coin!))

KhreRiovtRex -> (Pexil.....after all these years.....NONE of us understand tKsa)

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: After some walking he arrived at the ground floor. He proceeded to head out the doors and south ::

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Looks over Koga, one brow arched.:: He has na let himself to too soft, at least. Perhaps that is an option, but I would suggest we unleash him after the team has removed themselves to another area.

KhreRiovtRex -> (Io siuren, sweet as a laga, next....jabbing au with a sharp needle)

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Continues to walk and looks out ahead ::

Lerak trPexil -> (I've only see the jabbing part.. I swear something was prodding my back as we flew down, probably a bad seat)

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Walking still, but wondering if public transport would be better ::

M_K_tKsa -> ::pauses at top of the boarding corridor, confused about the older holo-video playing advertising the coming attractions at a local theater:: What in the........? ::stares:: Is this what the civilians in this part consider entertainment? Animated....bipedal bears?

KhreRiovtRex -> ((Pandarians!! Ie, they must be in league with the Othan!...silly people)

Koga S'Bien -> ::nods in agreeance::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Passes by a flower shop, and decides to give a look as to not appear too determined ::

KhreRiovtRex -> ::pours a glass for the three of them::

KhreRiovtRex -> A quick toast, I should have done this while the others were here......

M_K_tKsa -> (q)Must be something the water in these parts. ::sighs, continues on in search of either the medical center or government center...or community center if she can get so lucky::

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Catching sight of Pexil checking out her display, she stepped out and hailed him.:: Rekkhai, I see au have fine taste in floral arrangements. Is there something that has caught your eye?

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Enter the shoppe and is assaulted by the fragrant smells of the flora... sneezes ::

Lerak trPexil -> @ Something has caught my nose. Excuse me.

KhreRiovtRex -> May the Elements guide us on our quest to set things right.....and if they see fit to be against us.....I'll see au both in Vorta Vor

Koga S'Bien -> (You sneeze on it, you buy it!)

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Giggles.:: Oh, that happens. They smell sweet, ie? These are as fresh as you will find in this area.

Koga S'Bien -> ::toasts in agreement:: May fortune favour the bold.

Lerak trPexil -> @ There's a flower of a berry plant I hope au have. The berries make various sweets, but the flowers are fragrant too.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Smells ::

Lerak trPexil -> @ Something to bring back to someone... Something to cheer them up, after all of the changes on ch'Rihan as of late.

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Ah! I know just what au are looking for. ::Ushers him over to one of the displays.:: These flower beautifully and their berries are edible and na at all poisonous. To most people.

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: looks :: That's it.. if you prepare them right you can eliminate that threat too. How much for a bunch?

Laehval tTemarr -> ::Lifts her glass to t'Rex's toast, seriously wondering if they'd all be headed that way soon.::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: He studies the flower a bit ::

Koga S'Bien -> ::sips his drink::

M_K_tKsa -> ::finding a bench in a near deserted square near what she thinks, or hopes, to be the local judicial center, t'Ksa/t'Paine Rihan-watch....or na considering how little she sees of pedestrians::

Koga S'Bien -> ::wondering the same, but it's been a good run::

KhreRiovtRex -> ::looks at Koga::: Really? sipping?

KhreRiovtRex -> ::downs the drink::

Koga S'Bien -> Sorry... maybe I have gone soft. ::Downs the rest of the drink::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Hopes the shop girl can lead him to a place to eat while catching up on the local news scene ::

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Only two bars of latinum for this bunch (or 7,537,234 bitcoin).

Lerak trPexil -> @ Two bars? Him. What is that in credits?

KhreRiovtRex -> Alright, once they find out what they can we need to spread to this next province. I know there was a small Galae remote training site here. We might find some more of our ranks that still hold with us. It may be the best chance we have

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Ah, let me do the conversion. ::She checked her ISD and then offered it to Lerak. It was a reasonable sum, for someone with money to blow.::

Lerak trPexil -> @ If au accept credits I'll take it... :: looks :: That's fine.

Lerak trPexil -> @ Oh, where can one go when they want to sit, eat and catch up on the local news? I've been out of the news cycle.

KhreRiovtRex -> Koga, if we had to drop au into that terrain, would au be able to traverse it and reach some of our operatives that we last knew were there?

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Excellent. Let me wrap it up for you. ::Beaming at Lerak, she took the plant and wrapped it so it wouldn't leak before handing it to him.:: Ah, well, au should probably try the market. That's usually the best place to catch up on news...

Koga S'Bien -> ::Looks at the map again:: I should be able to, ie. I have visited the area a few times both in my fighting days and during Retor training.

KhreRiovtRex -> (pex, you are all out of "get out of peril" cards if I remember......._

M_K_tKsa -> @(q) Lack of traffic here. ::glancing at her chrono, deciding to hang out through the mid-day break to see if anything happens::

Lerak trPexil -> @ Sounds splendid.

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Makes the transaction on the ISD and offers it to Lerak.:: Just press your thumb print to complete the transaction and transfer the credits. A receipt will be sent to au electronically. To your home.

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> And indicate whether au would like to sign up for our special advertisment service, too.

KhreRiovtRex -> Flower> :: smelling really good::

Lerak trPexil -> @ Ie of course. :: Presses his thumb, yet another ID test ::

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> We have some great specials. Au do live nearby, ie?

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Would au like these to be delivered?

Lerak trPexil -> @ If they put au in the advertisements that would surely be good for business. :: turns green when he realized what he said ::

Koga S'Bien -> (lol, oh Pex. Such a ladies man )

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Giggles and blushes.:: Au honor me, sir. Would au... ::Blushes deeper.::

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Would au mind if I take a holo with au? This was my very first sale, all on my own!

Lerak trPexil -> @ At the transit station I can place them in stasis. Er, why sure.

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Pulls out holo-camera and flips it on to take a selfie with Pexil.::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: Smiles more than he should ::

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> ::Snuggles up close with Lerak, pressing her cheek to his, and holds the camera up to catch them both. They looked very cute together. Snap!:: Oooh! That's a good one!

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> I promise to put it on display so everyone can see!

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: nods :: Very well.

Lerak trPexil -> @ I best get to the market..

Laehval tTemarr -> @ Shop girl> Bye! ::Giggles again and goes to print out the holo and hang it up.::

Lerak trPexil -> @ :: waves :: I did not catch your name.

M_K_tKsa -> @::trying to blend in the best she can, noticing a bit more traffic but na as much as she' would expect on a day like today::

KhreRiovtRex -> Ok, so it's decided. Once we hear back from the other team, we'll try to insert Koga into this location.

Laehval tTemarr -> ACTION> Somewhere, on a Tal Shiar station, Pexil's unaltered thumbprint and credit transaction just pinged a search program looking for rogue Galae crew members.

Koga S'Bien -> ::Nods:: Very well. Hopefully the team is laying low and staying out of trouble.


KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

KhreRiovtRex -> PAUSE SIM

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