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Crash Calestorm

Broken Lizard


USS Comanche Creek NCC-214

Broken Lizard


“What? So the mining site has been abandoned?” Admiral Shauna Coyote had a perplexed expression that equaled that of her senior captain.


Crash responded in the affirmative. “And the area has been that way for some time. According to prelim reports by the Science team that Lieutenant Honor-Scar ferried to the area, the equipment is Klingon-made and hasn’t been used in at least fifty years.”


Coyote looked thoughtful, her attention going off screen before refocusing on the two-way visual communications feed. “Evidence of Klingon equipment doesn’t specifically mean the Klingons were there.”


“Exactly. You and I know pirate factions use caves or mines as a base of operations. They probably got started on the set up and then just cut and ran.”


“And the tectonic problems with the hotel and colony show no relation?”


“The scans of the interior show the shafts are stable and Commander Wesley has Science and Engineering taking a closer look. So the answer is no - we don’t have any solid link with the mine network and the current tectonic shifts.”


Calestorm paused to consult a data slate. “I’d say the Starfleet team who surveyed the initial area screwed up - don’t quote me directly on that - on the location for the colony and the Gannon Corporation made the same mistake for the hotel.”


“Now Crash, let’s not jump to conclusions.”


“I’m a starship commander ma’am, not a geologist.”


“And I see you’ve been getting your usual flight time in.” The raven-haired FTR Admiral indicated the flight suit she was still sporting.


“Is there ever any doubt? Of course I’ve been out and about, taking aerial and recon footage. I had this b*tchin’ orange and silver lizard that got stuck on the camera lens when I did a fly by for some recordings.”


“You were low enough to splat a lizard?”


“Splat is such a definitive term. I’m sure it’s fine now.”


Shauna’s expression was disapprovingly exasperated as she glared at her old friend. “How low were you Captain?”


“Not that low…What?!”

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