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Cptn Corizon

A Lot of Nerve

Note: This log occurs shortly before Excalibur embarked on her current mission.

“You have a lot of nerve coming here.”

Ah-Windu Corizon looked, unmoved, towards Misha Abronvonvich. The surly, crag-faced admiral sat leaned back in his chair with near snarl on his lips. Behind him, Avalon glowed slightly and a freighter passed between it and the window.

“Aren’t you retired yet?”

Misha blinked, the snarl nearly disappearing entirely. “Isn’t supposed to my line?”

A fanged grin spread across Corizon’s face. “Well,” he said, “it is technically true.”

Resuming his prior demeanor, Misha leaned back further. “Don’t think I am going to forgive you so easily, Corizon. After everything we’ve been through together for you to just …”

Corizon sighed deeply, his ears falling to either side. He had expected as much. “If you’re going to lecture me about personal loyalty,” he said. “You can just save your breath, and maybe look in a mirror.”


“Oh don’t cop that with me,” Corizon said, making his way to the desk and taking a seat, much to Misha’s very visible annoyance. “First of all, you should have all but expected me to turn over those logs. I won’t apologize for my portrayal of you either, especially since you and I both know it had some merit.

“Second, you and I both know that you didn’t exactly do me any favors when you thought you could escape with just me as the fall guy. And finally, if you had just been honest with me about what was going on, maybe just maybe I could have helped you make sure it didn’t all blow up in your face, but hey, we all make mistakes.”

“You son of a ---”

“No need to call me names,” Corizon said. “Bacco wanted you out and my testimony didn’t make much of a difference anyway.”

“Except for your own career, clearly.”

“Oh don’t even. They only agreed to this because they didn’t have much of a choice and as soon as the peace talks are completed, I’ll be ‘retired’ again. Who knows, maybe you and I can spend some time together back on Earth. Get to know each other again. Have a few drinks…”

“You’re incredible.”

Corizon was grinning, his ears cocked to either side. He was enjoying this maybe a little too much, but there wasn’t much risk. “I try.”

“I should really just kill you. I bet someone would give me a medal.”

“But remember all the paperwork. You’re clearly not retired yet so…”

“I really do hate you.”

“Now, Misha. From what I’ve heard, you also miss me dearly.”

The Russian nearly threw something at Corizon, but instead sighed, resigned to the truth. “Gods wish I didn’t, but…” he looked away. “The last few months would have been a lot easier if you’d still been in command of the Excalibur.”

Ruefully, Corizon leaned back in his own chair. “Why did they assign a science geek to that job anyway?”

“He’s a capable enough commander,” Misha said, scowling. “Don’t get me wrong, but this isn’t his kind of command. You were always trouble -- but I could count on you to do what needed to be done -- even if you didn’t like it.”

“On the other hand,” Corizon said slyly. “Maybe he is exactly the type of person they need in this command.”

“Oh dear lord. I better check to see if it’s snowing in hell.”

“I am serious. Being away from that whole life for a couple years has given me a lot of time to think about my past … our past.”

“And now it’s my turn to tell you to shut up. Listen, I am happy you’ve had some sort of ethical epiphany but…”

“Oh don’t worry. I know why I am really here.”

“Oh thank god.”

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